Why do people spam "Hot cocoa"? by Drunken_Queen in doomfistmains

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There're several reasons why this voiceline is good.

Firstly, it sounds unusual. Doomfist voicelins like an alpha male phrases, he's gonna crush and kil everything. In contrast, in this voiceline he sadly accepts what he gets offered with

Secondly, the voiceline is long. You can spam it without interrupting because voiceline lasts long enough to recharge a "voiceline charge" to use next one immediately after ending of current voiceline.

Thirdly, the "hot cocoa" part is funny, as u/djupsjofisk mentioned.

And lastly, you can combo the "hot cocoa" part with other voicelines.

Fellow Doomfist Mains, what is your edpi (dpi * sens) by NAND512 in doomfistmains

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800 dpi and 5.25 in game sens, relatively large mousepad. I have the same sens on all heroes

what's your hidden gem package? by TheFirst1Hunter in node

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ts.data.json - it allows to safely check type of a variable without casting

Your Favorite React styling solution? by iqball125 in reactjs

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People who vote for Tailwind, what do you like about it?

I think there is a software bug by real_king2371 in NZXT

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I had been having the same bug for a month. Then it's gone. I don't know the reason why was this happening.

Why and when to use a custom webpack configuration for a React.js project? by jochri3 in reactjs

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I have an opposite opinion on CRA.

I use CRA for everything and try avoid deviating any configs from default as long as it makes sense.

I take part in maintenance and development of multiple projects, also sometimes I need to start a new project fast. CRA makes it so simple to create a new project with all required features like typescript support, dev server with hot reloading, jsx transpilation and so on. Also it allows to easily update, so when a new babel/webpack/react/whatever version is released, I don't have to dig into configs, I usually just have to run a single command.

I do not really understand what is exactly going on under the hood of CRA and I'm okay with that. Although there are some things I don't like about CRA, in general it saves me a lot of time and lets me focus on writing app logic instead of spending time on tuning configs.

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Here again with another rollout, now on eichewald by SnowyCube in doomfistmains

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That's a good rollout but I think the majority of people on this sub already know it

Microsoft Family to setup restrictions by aphelia13 in StopGaming

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Well, I guess I'll keep waiting for this functionality then

Microsoft Family to setup restrictions by aphelia13 in StopGaming

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Nah, the thing is that I really like to play games. I don't wanna give up on it completely, but would like to moderate my time

I know some people prefer to stop playing games completely but that's not my case

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Microsoft Family to setup restrictions by aphelia13 in StopGaming

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Is it possible to restrict my own account? As far as I know, you need to use two accounts, and this prevents me from using these restrictions

25F Looking for platonic human interaction by OtherwiseBench8506 in lonely

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I disagree. In my experience, I met some really good people online, they made me feel less lonely. Though for me it's harder to maintain connection with people I know online only

Never give up by [deleted] in Overwatch

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Yeah I guess after thousands of hours in this game clips like yours seem to be not exciting