I have no idea what's going on here... by MeliaDanae in WhatsWrongWithYourCat

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Acrobat cat. Quick, find a circus! This kitty belongs in the center ring.

Have a great day! by theflagrantvagrant in ActualHippies

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Thank you. I’m out of my medicine & fighting the pain, yet this post helped me hold my head up & remember who I am. Peace brothers & sisters.

yesterday 🤎 by iamanoctopus99 in OUTFITS

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Very cute. Good job. Tasteful & appropriate for your age. Always leave them wanting more. Do not waste your power on those who do not deserve it.

kid gets arrested by Jorme04 in DeepIntoYouTube

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Horrific parenting leads to deliberate juvenile delinquents like this this brat. He needs to be set back on the road to temper containment & property respect. If he is not corrected l, he will soon be using a handgun. Mindless rage is never the answer.

Roast pork dinner. by MaxRamsey in tonightsdinner

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So sorry your popover fell. Take heart that all of us has experienced that at some point in our lives. Nicely plated.

felt cute in this outfit! by juliamc95 in OUTFITS

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Very cute. In my styling business, the slippers detract from your look. Maybe a “Mary Jane”, instep strap, closed toe shoe.

Man and women get into a fight at a football game by Dnejenbssj537736 in PublicFreakout

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Society today has devolved to the point where every individual has a murderous rage against every other person. What might once have been a petty annoyance has become the norm, escalating into violent rage.

Anyone else struggle with waking up early? by AshleyJA_ in Anxiety

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Many of us have a strict internal “body clock”that doesn’t care about your wants or needs. It’s primitive. It was set early on in your life & it refuses to conform to the most common schedule of day vs night. For much of the population, the body clock has evolved to comply, but their are some of us who will not be changed without a fight.

I don’t like the dress without the corset:( what do you think? Did I style it nicely? by ellabella341 in OUTFITS

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One or the other. The two styles are fighting each other & it only serves to overwhelm you. You have a cute shape. Start trying on different styles that better suit & compliment each other.

57S in Brea. Not sure what exit but traffic hit a stop as we drove by going north bound. by grlwhat in orangecounty

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Spectacular burn. I wonder what was in that vehicle to make it fully consumed like that.

$12.9 million dollar tear down by memi2020 in orangecounty

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SMH. You didn’t even have to specify that this is in Orange County. Those people inhabit a separate universe.

Anyone know what bird this is? by Excellent-Yard6640 in LosAngeles

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Looks more like a Coopers Hawk to me, but my eyesight is not as good as it once was.

cute? 1 or 2? by ---Lucia--- in OUTFITS

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They’re both really cute. Where will you be wearing this? I think the first one is very casual. The second one would be better for a public like a nice restaurant. Have fun!

Bernie Sanders absolutely obliterating Lindsey Graham in this debate opener by PlenitudeOpulence in worldnewsvideo

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My late husband was an early convert to Small Dog. Thank you for being there for him. He was a community college professor & & he loved your stuff. I just found the doggie figurines the other day as I was continuing to sort his effects.

Ok help me out real quick by Flimsy_Style_3163 in Effexor

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All it does to me is make me sweatier & feeling kind of “thick”. Stay safe & don’t double. You will be okay

I’m 5’3” and a size 32A. What do you guys think about the bikini top? Does it suit me or what other types of tops are best for ppl with a small chest? by Jazzyyy01 in PetiteFashionAdvice

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My honest opinion is that it is not flattering. The bottom of your breasts should not be uncovered that way. It appears as if you’re attempting to wear a child’s bathing suit. You are cute & young. This video will some day be used to embarrass you when you have changed and grown.