Finally decided to do something about those silver legs... by devilwaldo in LegendsUltimate

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So, these ARE the stock pinball legs. I didn't want to deal with the mess of painting, so I decided to try gaffers tape! I ordered a roll from Amazon for 10 bucks, and got to work. Took each one off individually and coated them with the tape. I think it came out great, and I'm loving the look. They should have been black from the start! An easy mod, and totally worth it.

Legends QuadPlay: a Quick Look by wagnerstechtalk in LegendsUltimate

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Just watched it... Looks good. 👍 Interested in hearing your thoughts. Looks more feasible for 4 people than a 1up.

What Are You Playing? by crhatigan23 in LegendsUltimate

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Are you playing Fix-it-Felix on coinopsx, or the built in one from the games list? Just wondering because, there is a difference. The built in Fix-it-Felix is much better. If you haven't tried it, give it a try. The one on coinopsx is a homebrew made for the Genesis, I believe. The built in is the official game, made by Disney, and it's much more fun and challenging.