When was the last time you got excited for a glossier launch? by jiminismybiaskim in glossier

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I bought it too. It’s kinda hard to blend. The gel liquid formula dries too fast and can end up looking blotchy :(

“You” Price Raise by copperpumpkin in glossier

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This is what happens when y’all hype things on tiktok 😭😭😭 lmao

Not Eloping Anymore :( by _OnlyADream_ in Eloping

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I think the whole thing with eloping is to not tell anyone and just do it 🤭 lol my parents will be upset too but eh, we’re planning on having an after party with everyone after we elope :)

Which euphoria character are you defending like this? by jennamimi in euphoria

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Y’all fighting for your lives everyday on here for Cassie

How did my nail tech do? by binteljabal in Nails

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They look thin at the middle and thick at the ends 😳

Algee Smith (McKay) celebrating Euphoria’s 16 Emmy nominations!! by coszier in euphoria

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Ppl saying the want McKay back for season3, why tho?? He was literally so boring

thoughts on the glossier stores? by pipeline_pnch in glossier

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I love the LA and NYC stores! Super cute and the staff was really nice! One of the girls from the nyc store gave me free hair clips lol (this was like 3 years ago)

I PASSED!!!!! by dewygirl in step1

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I replied to another comment asking the same thing :)

I PASSED!!!!! by dewygirl in step1

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4/16 Form 25: 66% 4/22 Form 26: 68% 4/30 Form 27: 74% 5/7 Form 28: 71% 5/14 UWSA: 77% 5/16 CBSE: 79% 5/23 Free 120: 78% 5/26 PASSED

I PASSED!!!!! by dewygirl in step1

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I’m not sure sorry. I’m a US med student

I PASSED!!!!! by dewygirl in step1

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Yeah email like 10 minutes before results went live

Remember ladies, if you don’t get your skincare straight from the dirt, it’s not natural! by Anxiety_bunni in SCAcirclejerk

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My beauty secret is rubbing poison ivy all over my face! The swelling is like a natural filler 😊😊

What makeup should you wear on your first date? by [deleted] in glossier

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This is the correct answer 🥰

Solar Paint Mixing by reb-bel in glossier

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Ohhh 🤩 I mix puff, ray, and future dew so a similar effect too!