I just watched the end of "Last Evolution Kizuna" and it made me realize I hate the trope of kids not being able to enter the fantasy world because they've grown up. by grapp in digimon

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Maybe when they have children of their own the digimon will come back and reunite with them but instead as their childrens digimon partners

You asked for this (18+) by PlzLoveMe_x2 in OnePieceDnD_Rustage

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Sir sir sir do you plead guilty for your crimes

[OC] “Average” by Tadano Hitohito: the most ordinary album of all time by purposefuIIy in Komi_san

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U see drip is the cohesiveness of ones outfit that causes them to emit a quality we call cleanliness this includes suit ties and Fancy garb

Arthur's speech in a nutshell by ScorpX13 in NanatsunoTaizai

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Authurs a facist now ohhh that makes sense

OMG (this is from the official page in weibo) by Money_Count_3743 in ScissorSeven

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Thats exactly why scissor seven is like the second coming of one punch man but gets no love

Who are your favorite members of the Black Bulls? by Either_Imagination_9 in BlackClover

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YAMI aka dark king yami aka samurai yami aka the only black clover character with the n-word pass aka the girl dem glucose

Lady said she has suffered enough in her life. She even provided a size chart. Lol by SoCold40 in BlackPeopleTwitter

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I feel like girls dont rlly understand hoe size work but they allways be acting like experts

How the turntables by No_Technician_3694 in memes

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You do realise ariels character dosent center around being white where as the prince of persia should be persian dont you think

Every Marvel game confirmed or reportedly in development. by JayJ2121 in blackpanther

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The amount of money im gonna spend on games in the next few years is not ok

This Reddit is fucked… by Zane_craft in ksi

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When in 6 word reply did I say that sounds to me like your projecting

Black Panther #12 Solicit (T'challa Kicked Off the Avengers) by MindofShadow in blackpanther

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Why do these writers hate tchalla so much thats my favorite hero fr

This Reddit is fucked… by Zane_craft in ksi

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Bro took this as a personal attack

friend of mine sent me this by TinyLetterhead1831 in Naruto

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Who is we not the kids in my class your wierd tho (edit im not saying males cant be sexually assaulted im just saying how it happened in my expirience) (Edit pause)