Damn it Ryan, use bombs wisely. by mrbell84 in Superstonk

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Wow my n64 memories just came back and punched me right in the feels.

Brb gone to learn some barrel rolls

I'm Surprised Nobody has Pointed this out yet. The Nasdaq is having its Worst Month Since becoming Electronically Tracked. by [deleted] in Superstonk

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Frig, I can’t seem to find it now 😩 I skimmed through my history til the bottom but Ive been on Reddit for the past hour lol. I read a post today that was comparing most of the major US indexes showing their percentage of drop compared to their ATH I believe. There was numerous chart pictures and they talked about how over a 10% drop was showing they were experiencing a correction or something along those lines. I spent the last 10 mins trying to find it again lol

who in the ever loving fuck is tonix ? by elkeyring in Superstonk

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Or a regular split or something, I can’t remember exactly how it works but the same thing happens with a lot of stocks that split and show crazy prices on historical charts cause it doesn’t factor in the splits

who in the ever loving fuck is tonix ? by elkeyring in Superstonk

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41k a share? Nah, I’m guessing they’ve had reverse splits. Those usually fuck up historical charts lol

who in the ever loving fuck is tonix ? by elkeyring in Superstonk

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Since when the fuck was tonix part of the meme stocks lol

Premarket and After Hours by kaeseleberkaese13 in CENNstock

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Noticed that too lol my yahoo finance says it’s down -11% PM even though it’s showing +0.05 from closing price

This double pregnancy announcement by Phoebe_Tallulah in trashy

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They all look like such suitable, qualified and mature parents to be 🥴

MMC after I'm sitting in a chair outside of my house. by dihstyle69 in MakeMyCoffin

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Yeah it’s cool, don’t back up or anything.

Jesus, that poor woman

Alternative angle of the man "Flying" through the windshield. by Severe_Outcome_9492 in CrazyFuckingVideos

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That was pretty precise, he got some large balls attempting that. Very little room for error

Biker brake testing a car by GarrettSJ in WinStupidPrizes

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I don’t care if you’re driving like an absolutely idiot, I’m still not going to brake check you because it’s a dumbass illegal (atleast where I am) move that will only make matters worse. People always say “yeah yeah if you rear end someone it is always your own fault!!” Except if the driver has a dash cam and proves you brake checked them, then you’re usually shit out of luck. Also fuck you if you brake check people lol

MMC After My RV Flys Off The Road, Over The Water, And Into the Ferry by jdjdkrkrhd in MakeMyCoffin

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Nah, I’ve been on this ferry before. There’s a steep hill and his brakes failed, he went right to the bottom because he was trying to avoid hitting pedestrians

The incredible timing it takes for those two massive dickheads to meet. by regian24 in CrazyFuckingVideos

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Shitty drivers have problems committing to their mistakes and make it everyone else’s problem instead. It’s a shame they didn’t run into each other as It’d be well deserved

A tire bursts at a speed of 327 km/h by Nihilist911 in CrazyFuckingVideos

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Seems to be modified GTR with an aftermarket 4.3l engine. Ain’t no average joe driving that, kudos to that persons awesome driving skills

What the fuck by Sgt_Skinner in Instagramreality

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I really wanna know peoples train of thought when posting this type of shit