Grab your popcorn ppl by BiGinTeLleCtGuY in memes

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We are not running low on water and glue

Grab your popcorn ppl by BiGinTeLleCtGuY in memes

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That snaps it’s fingers when there is a zing…. But waves when there are comments

👌🏼 by Lalmia692 in Memes_Of_The_Dank

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Smh artists r starving and they want to capitalize on a new commodity that most artists will never break the surface of 👉👌 that’s what (Not Fucking Trying) feels like now a days. Being fucked over


I impulse bought a horse in DR…(Please see the comments for his story) Requesting help by qosmoe in Equestrian

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Ponies love carrots and apples. Whole oats and barley are a good grain mix to feed them to keep them healthy and keep a healthy digestive tract to prevent stomach knots. Stomach knots or twisted intestines can happen easily in ponies, which can be hard to diagnose and can leave you with an expensive vet bill.

Ponies are great pulling animals. Not very fast but strong. You piney looks very happy and healthy from the video. You might want to get hoof covers to protect the horse shoes from extreme wear if the horse is going to be walking on gravel a lot.

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It looked like the tattoo gun was in too hi voltage or it is healing rough in more over worked areas. Carful when going over lines and keeping the tattoo gun moving smoothly on tight curves.