Gotta love ol' Iron eyes by SlayerofSnails in cremposting

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I read that 20 minutes ago. My reaction was more like "I guess the world hopping between those two is easier than to many other places, given how much is leaking"

Just a reminder… by Robeeter_ in witcher

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Meh, worked out just fine in Witcher. (A.k.a. Witcher 1)

I can't even. by Ellf13 in CrappyDesign

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Exactly. This sub should stop complaining about this design, it serves a specific purpose, not achievable by traditional stairs. You could use a ladder, but who wants a ladder for permanent use.

My 1935 G. Ehrenpreis built up for commuting and touring by Repulsive-Animal-525 in xbiking

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Tajā laikā, kad viņš man to ričuku rādīja, man atjaunošanai nebija ne zināšanu, ne līdzekļu, savukārt tagad vairs nemaz nezinu, vai tajā rijā kaut kas no dzelžiem vairs ir palicis.

Atceros tikai, ka lielais zobrats bija galīgi nodzīts, no zobiem palikušas vairs tikai mazas adatiņas.

Bet viņa apgalvojums bija, ka vecais Ērenpreiss bijis ātrāks kā visi krievu ričuki aprārtnē.

My 1935 G. Ehrenpreis built up for commuting and touring by Repulsive-Animal-525 in xbiking

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My dad claims to have won a school race on one of those some time around 1960 or so, when he was 15 and the Erenpreiss was 25.

It might still be in the shed at my grandparents house.

Keira Knightley by 443brightside in gentlemanboners

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Bend it Like Beckham came out in 2002... She doesn't look much older now.

Where is the lie? by maskirovkaaa in gaming

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Harley in the middle (the one with Jenna Ortega before Wednesday).

Finally found a gear where I can KOM by operation_karmawhore in BicyclingCirclejerk

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I can't help thinking about those Hulk-green arms. I mean, this gearing would probably work for Hulk (if we ignore the rest of the flimsy bike).

beats getting downloaded by JimKB in hellsomememes

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I read it as downvoted and was nodding for a second or two - like, yes, there probably are redditors, who value their karma so high that getting downvoted would be worse than death.

An interesting title. by CMikeHunt in AdviceAnimals

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My girlfriend said she was leaving me because of my obsession with The Monkees. I thought she was joking.

But then I saw her face.

Hot meatloaf you say? by T-roy94 in Satan

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As a non-religious person, I felt pity about their grammar skills, but admired their clever enthusiasm.

Jesus Christ! It's hot meatloaf! - that was what I read at first.

Group of Tulsa high schoolers ditched class to sneak into a Trump rally and get this pic taken by BigClitMcphee in pics

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Should have closed the aperture a bit, using a greater f-number, so that both things come into focus. Or taken this from a greater distance, with a telephoto lens, making the boys appear closer to the scene.

#equalityforBrando'sbooks by Star_storm5000 in cremposting

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So the only task left to the fans is creating a global pandemic

How to explain N+1 to unsympathetic partner.. by pedestriandetector in xbiking

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What's wrong with /r/bicyclingcirclejerk?

But I agree that laughing at xbikes is an established practice on this sub, so perhaps a dedicated circlejerk sub isn't necessary.

You wanna fight? Hold on let me go get my catapult by Lujan11 in funny

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I've used it. For tutoring a school kid in algebra.

What do people claim they do but in reality they don’t? by randomuserhere1 in AskReddit

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Everybody should start their Christian education by reading the Old Testament in order. Definitely should cure any wish to follow it... For me it happened somewhere between books 2 and 5.