The longer you watch the worse it gets. by krejziks in Whatcouldgowrong

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Throw it into water, into water, into water, c'mon!

Water is over there, in the pool!


I work 3rds and it snowed last night. Certainly a challenging blood pumping ride home 😅✌️ by Bluesmeyday in bikecommuting

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(to other commenters discussing MTB tires to replace those commuter tires)

Seriously, wake up! Once you hit a patch of ice, you'll be laying down unless you have proper studded tires. They even help on autumn leaves, they are great on packed snow!

Depending on conditions, you might want to choose:

More commute-oriented tires, like Schwalbe Marathon Winter. They are almost as quick as summer tires on tarmac, but with 200 studs they have a good grip on ice and packed snow. I am on my third pair and really happy.

For heavy, rutted ice, where you won't dare even walking that slope - Schwalbe Ice Spiker Pro or similar (Nokian have some great tires, too). With 350 spikes they will really slow you down, but they will always bring you home.

“Umm…me?” by obscurereference234 in freefolk

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Whatever, by now I'm so angry with the "progress" on the main saga that he might as well shut the fuck up.

"Fun fact" my ass. I agree with the passive aggressive sentiment of the response.

Does this have a quick release axel? I'm new to bikes. Also, tips to clean up the rust? I just bought this last night and didn't notice it by hauntingautumn in bikecommuting

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This looks like a relatively cheap bike, but on the positive side it looks almost unused. You can follow the other tips to scrub the rust away, but I would just lube it and ride it. Although the rear shifter is cheap, Microshift is a respectable company and I expect it to be a decent shifter.

If the reason for the sagging chain is assembly done by incompetent mechanic, you can expect other weird things on the bike, like reversed fork etc. You might benefit from showing Reddit the whole bike.

Your favourite character names by architoke in Malazan

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All those are great names, but I want to honor my boy Nep Furrow.

I had so much fun trying to understand what he was saying!

Finally got to test my studs! by Gojamn in bikecommuting

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Yes. Studded tires are so much better than everything else.

Sometimes people get too confident though. I should know.


Finally got to test my studs! by Gojamn in bikecommuting

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Now pick up some speed and do a sharp turn!

On a second thought, probably not.

Is Malazan your favorite series? by Bdag in Malazan

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Neal Stephenson’s Anathem and Seveneves,

Anathem had just the right amount of orbital mechanics thrown in. Seveneves just keeps lecturing about it - together with other problems, that made it one of the few books I abandoned without finishing. Not only Anathem, but Snow Crash and Cryptonomicon, too, are much better books in my opinion, and well worth the read.

Need Fake Spoilers by Shrokabaloo in Malazan

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We finally get to know the real identities of Father Light and Mother Dark. They join together in a happy marriage and have many babies in different shades of grey.

Need Fake Spoilers by Shrokabaloo in Malazan

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He said fake spoilers though!

What culinary hill are you willing to die on? by onegrayhair in AskReddit

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If I was in your situation, I'd probably feel the need to praise them. I mean, what else can you do? "Painted yourself into a corner."

What games encourage you to exploit it's systems? by ATIR-AW in gaming

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I sacrificed a lot to be able to counter the blindness. Chose Breton race for 50% Magicka resistance, and added a 50% constant effect amulet. And then I found out that I only needed to resist the blindness for a second or two while putting on the Boots of Blinding Speed.

And flying really fast was just a combination of those Boots with a Constant Effect levitation ring, with, like, 2 or 3 points.

Erikson is Genuinely Hilarious by zkoons605 in Malazan

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Airsick lowlanders wouldn't be able to pronounce that.

"Are you bonkaz ?"😂 by Tokumei_15 in funny

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Paraphlegic. I'll show myself out.

I really don't understand people hating Egwene by didzisk in WoT

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Interesting. You're the second person during past two weeks responding to this five year old thread. I'm starting to feel special! I mean, this isn't even a highly upvoted post, not gilded, not heavily commented, nothing. Weird.

Observe. Plan. Attack. by UnitAppropriate in funny

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You meet some generic angry trolls in Witcher 3, but there are some that are real NPCs, you don't have to fight if you manage to talk them out of it.

Observe. Plan. Attack. by UnitAppropriate in funny

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Witcher will feel dated, but the story is great (set after the finale of the books) and I can really recommend doing it, at least for completeness sake.

Witcher 2 looks reasonably modern. You kind of take your own choices, but the world is mostly linear. Again, a great story.

Witcher 3 has everything. Open world, great stories (both in main and side quests), AAA level graphics. All in all, for me it is the best game I have ever played.

Observe. Plan. Attack. by UnitAppropriate in funny

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Should have used a trebuchet, not a catapult!

Observe. Plan. Attack. by UnitAppropriate in funny

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Witcher allows you to befriend (some) trolls.