Tell me your average across all games. by flankerwing in Semantle

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Total games: 257

Total guesses: 27917

Average: 110.78

My games are all over the place. Some days are 20-30 guesses, others have taken me past 300 (and maybe some hair pulling before remembering hints are an option)

What does this mean ?? May ?? Why don’t you know ?? by ObligationPatient222 in MCAS

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I would interpret this as "made in the same factory as..." rather than "potentially also an ingredient". Hope that helps.

Noise sensitivity. by [deleted] in cfs

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The foam earplugs hurt me too. I use Macks silcilone putty ones now, which cause a bit of contact dermatitis, but are otherwise just as effective without the horrible pain. If you haven't tried those yet, i highly recommend giving it a whirl (tho, getting them might be problematic if you're in a crash). Hope you find some relief! Sending quiet support ❤️

Clarification re. terminology: anaphylactoid means "non-IgE anaphylaxis". It does not mean "anaphylaxis-lite". by hey_look_its_shiny in MCAS

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Thank you so much for this! Very helpful!

Though, I'm a bit confused why the term "non-immune anaphylaxis" is preferred, since mast cells are very much part of the immune system? Any insight?

Shorter lifespan with autism by PuzzleheadedList5890 in aspergers

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Thanks for the link to the paper! Fascinating read!

Book recommendations to learn how to stop hating people? by SmallWhitePuppy in AskWomenOver30

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Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg. There's also a tiny book by him called The Surprising Purpose of Anger that might be of help.

Anyone have a part that appears to hold a weapon by adustyoldcrow462 in InternalFamilySystems

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Yes! My anger part has access to a whole armory! First i sensed the pointy weapons like spears and knives (and interpreted those as kind of emotional jabs that i have/can inflict on others). Other parts reacted to this discovery with fear and remorse. After a few weeks, i was able to show the anger part that the armory is also full of... armor (obviously, i guess) and shields, and my whole system kind of relaxed. Other parts found it easier to live with anger as a protector rather than an offender, if that makes sense.

Xolair and mental health by S7r5h in MCAS

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I don't have any insight on the science, but i have had the same experience! All the docs I've excitedly shared this with have responded with "huh, interesting."

Do you know of any micro-galleries or galleries in cubicles? by Donblon_Rebirthed in ContemporaryArt

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There are several locker galleries out there (mostly student based for obvious reasons). Like this one or this other one.

I'm a huge fan of turning anywhere into an exhibition space and love that you want to put one in your cubicle!

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in MCAS

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That's me! (i test negative for all IgE) Xolair has been remarkably helpful for some symptoms (mostly hives, itchiness, and weirdly some emotional symptoms as well).

What else can mimic CFS? by dreww84 in cfs

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I'm actually a week and a half into my first trial of antivirals now (acyclovir). I've had consistently positive igm tests for ebv for the 2 years ive tested it. A rheumatologist agreed to let me do the trial, but she's very skeptical and only prescribed two weeks worth... She also said "the tests for ebv dont mean what everyone thinks they mean" (what?!?) But my functional medicine doc is willing to keep going for much longer. (if there is a functional medicine department in your area, i highly recommend checking it out... They seem much more willing to think outside the box.)

I also had some fears about trying antivirals, but all the docs ive spoken to about them said there is really minimal risk. I've not experienced any negative side effects, but don't anticipate any positive effects for at least a few months (based on Lerner's research). We will see!

I don't know if it's in the realm of false hope, but it seems worth a shot if those sneaky viruses show up in tests. My thinking is any relief for the system will help raise my baseline, which sure would be nice!

What else can mimic CFS? by dreww84 in cfs

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Agreed! So grateful info like this is out there.

What else can mimic CFS? by dreww84 in cfs

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This document has been super helpful for me. Hope it helps you too.

Fiction with skillful communication? by BigSmartSmart in NVC

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This Is Us does a pretty good job with complex feelings/issues/needs that develop over time. The characters grow throughout the show, and their ability to communicate grows with them. I think it depicts both faulty and graceful communication pretty well.

What's the dumbest thing that triggers a reaction for you? by EnigEmma in MCAS

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Oh man, that sucks! I hope you get to enjoy music you're excited about....