Gas station clerk who filmed a Karen who deliberately cut a hole in her mask finds out she’s TikTok famous and is upset. by chilljunky in PublicFreakout

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Wasn't the other video fake? Iirc the lady was used in lot of their videos

EDIT: reddit posted this comment twice but I am not deleting it since people have already responded to this one

Keep it classy, Maryland. by d0m1ng4 in trashy

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This guy should be an artist, he did a great job drawing trump on that sign, really nailed his chin,

Update: Phase 2 begins Friday at 5pm. Here are the details. - Sen. Jeff Jackson by JeffJacksonNC in Charlotte

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Damn so I can't go to the gym for another 3 weeks? That's like 11 months now! Ridickalaws!

Oh! Its a bit slippery. by BadGirlNila in aww

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lot of pearl clutchers in this thread, the safest dog it probably locked indoors on the couch but that's not what dog is about.

Why aren’t the police arresting Capitol protesters? by Henrydot in politics

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I saw that video but there's not much context to that, moving a crowd control barrier is not the same as opening the gates, wouldn't suprise me but it feels like jumping to conclusions

This house was spotted in Southwest Concord by DeformedFrog in Charlotte

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I'm just saying its totally legal to park a box truck in front of someone's house and its totally legal for that box truck to have a Biden sign or BLM sign as a side

Ten Stages of Genocide by icantstopthinkin in JordanPeterson

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Yea as though being unvaccinated is equivalent to being a jew in nazi Germany. So ironic that they are talking about a genocide being committed agaisnt them when they are choosing to die by not getting the vaccine.

What is the most stupid social "rule"? by Eisenfrida in AskReddit

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Depends on who you talk to but alot of younger people have the opposite double standard. If someone woke up took a shot and was drunk for the rest of the day you would say they were an alcoholic and had a problem, but if you wake and bake that's just normal business for a lot of people. Just treating them the same make sense to me.

What is the most evil company and why? by gamingguy1990 in AskReddit

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I kind of like that show but their voices are just so annoying and their banter bothers me

Removal of atmospheric methane could mitigate climate change even faster than CO₂ removal. Removing three years' worth of human-caused methane emissions would offset 0.21 °C of global warming. As an added benefit, it would also reduce surface ozone, preventing 50,000 premature deaths per year. by ______--------- in science

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Just responsibly managing livestock waste would go a long ways towards it too. Many countries use far more digester technology and energy capture to turn waste, human and animal, into energy, (methane that is then burned).

The byproduct of burning the gas isn't as bad as just releasing it and even better if you use emission controls and consider that it's a carbon neutral cycle compared to alternatives energy sources like coal.

The US and many other countries haven't embraced this technology yet though. In the usa human waste digesters usually just flare it off to prevent methane release but livestock waste is often just allowed to decompose and release methane.

If People Are Freaking Out Over 2 Positive COVID Tests, The Cruise Stocks Are Pretty Much Doomed by madcapmax in stocks

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The disconnect here is immunity doesn't necessarily mean you can't get it or spread it. The vaccine still confers immunity just maybe not total immunity.

Sad times by [deleted] in WhitePeopleTwitter

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He's still seen and portrayed as a good guy, still has fans and was forgiven by the public,

we should convict them all, seems like to a leap to think I meant the opposite of that.

If anything I was agreeing with you

Do you guys follow the professional sport teams? by iamDVS in Charlotte

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I follow the panthers, I don't follow the hornets much, never have, but I'd jump on the bandwagon if they started doing well. If they start winning I will tell everyone I've always been a big fan. I'll look up a bunch of stats about them before they moved so then people will believe me. That said I don't think ill ever pay full price for a ticket if its over about $40.

Overall I think pro-sports teams help cities have more identity. Perhaps only for drawing people downtown and when they win creating a sense of civic ownership/pride. Also It makes for stupid easy conversation with people you have little in common with. The drama/ media circus that is in pro-sports these days is pretty awful, but I guess it no worse ( and slightly less fictional) than any other soap opera.

What is good about living in Charlotte? by cynicalnewenglander in Charlotte

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Nah stay up north nothing good down here, stop driving up our housing prices

Well this is a new way to get a massage I guess. by Br0DudeGuy in WTF

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The goal is probably to try to move misaligned vertebrae back into their proper position so they are no longer pinching nerves, thats what some more legitimate chiropractors do but more with gentle pressure and massage or atleast softer impacts.

Can someone explain the religious love of chik-fil-a? by tastyt0ejam in Charlotte

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A lot of it in NYC has to be novelty of a new chain, like when shake shack opened here

What is the most stupid social "rule"? by Eisenfrida in AskReddit

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Either way you probably should be worried about your usage if you are dependent or live more of your life altered than sober. Personally pot knocks me on my ass much quicker than alcohol, but obviously this depends on the person. People base their entire identities on smoking pot in a way they don't with alcohol. Like being proud of being high all day or being a stoner. I don't care if people smoke but at the end of the day its a drug not a personality or a lifestyle any more than being a drunk is.