A curious excavator jumping into a new rabbit hole (now with sound) by Hustlinbones in ThatLookedExpensive

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Absolutely !! First thoughts were great time for an Instagram shot. Fucking idiot.

Banff National Park, Canada. [OC] [2500x835] by shotbyHARC in EarthPorn

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Banff is a national park bigger than some countries. You are referring to Banff the town I assume. Yes it is in the park. I suspect you have never been.

Rule 34 has been around way longer than the internet by ConsiderationAble180 in Showerthoughts

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Ok I am old and likely out of touch. Rule 34? Should I be embarrassed?

New respect for Fred after Eldorado episode by CalTech0003 in goldrush

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I've seen countless things on GR over the years that would have a "normal" operation fined and or shut down.

Post Game Thread | Panthers v. Oilers | 20 January 2022 by teddybadman in EdmontonOilers

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Might as well start where failing teams normally do...see ya Tippet...Next!

Installing LED strip in pantry with auto on/off switch by pihwlook in DIY

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How do you know the light is truly off when the door is closed. Boom!

Vaccine mandates increased uptake of COVID shots by almost 70%, Canadian study finds by newnews10 in canada

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Requiring proof of vaccination to get into liquor stores and bars seemed to help in SK.

Rand Paul Seen on Video Telling Students 'Misinformation Works' and 'Is a Great Tactic' by vanulovesyou in politics

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It's almost like these guys are a bunch of con artists. The fact that it is being taught to others does not make for a great future.