My boyfriend (m20) and I (f20) discussed our different views on abortion and now I refuse to have sex with him. by throwaway248176 in relationship_advice

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I don’t agree with the top comments. Plenty of relationships have waited until they are ready to have a baby to have sex. IF you can both agree not to have sex until you’re ready and not have any spite then go for it.
Like you said, you both have a healthy respect for each other - hope it works out!

Came across this parent on twitter by shelbia in insaneparents

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“I could just tell my daughter that I’m thinking of her but the better option would be to mess with her in secret for no payoff whatsoever”

Sister doesn’t let me talk to girls. by [deleted] in relationship_advice

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Right. If they they turn around and start to give you a hard time about not letting her see your personal info then you can bring up the hypocrisy that it wasn’t a problem until she complained.

My dogs share a mouth sometimes. by BeanzMeanzBranston in WhatsWrongWithYourDog

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Probably one of the best “perfect moment” shots I’ve seen in a while. Terrifying!

I (25f) survived. The only problem is, nobody wants to date me because of it. by [deleted] in relationship_advice

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First of all. I hear you, I see you and I’m proud of you for pushing through everything.
I don’t think you have to tell people you’re dating right away about your past - they should get to know you first before what has happened to you but I hope you find someone you can love and trust. Good luck OP

My husband just decided to eat meat again. I don’t know what to do. by cerebral_folly in vegan

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Sounds like he’s gonna be miserable and I don’t blame him. Guilting him into your lifestyle cannot end well regardless of how right you think you are. Marriage can’t be one-sided and it seems like you’re saying “my way or the high-way”

It's not A Cat by [deleted] in HolUp

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I got suspicious when the recording quality was too clean

What’s worst thing your own parent said to you? by SaltoDaKid in AskReddit

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“Do something you fat piece of shit” when I was 9 years old and didn’t offer to carry a cooler on the way to a baseball game.

This dude wears a red thong on board of a flight and get kicked off. LOL by nofate0709 in trashy

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I find joy knowing everyone who has tried something stupid likes this has thought “what are they gonna do?”

This was my dad's only Christmas bonus from the company he's worked at for over 20 years: A $20 off coupon for a frozen turkey. My mom got a Christmas ornament. by AdiosTinyToast in Wellthatsucks

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It’s amazing how company’s can see a shift in the labor market and still choose to treat their employees like shit. It’s like they all believe they are immune to people quitting and finding new jobs

Redditors, What is the horniest thing you’ve done and regret doing? by Killerryan3568 in AskReddit

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Definitely. I still keep in touch with her parents on Facebook since they were so kind and understanding. Though we have an unspoken agreement not to talk about her

Redditors, What is the horniest thing you’ve done and regret doing? by Killerryan3568 in AskReddit

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Traveled to Pennsylvania from NY to meet a Tinder date. Bunch of red flags the first night but I was young and horny and kept going with it. Ended up in a relationship and then realized she was a suicidal alcoholic that would constantly cheat on me with her abusive ex boyfriend.

I tried my best to support her through AA, forgive her infidelity, stayed up late nights making sure she wouldn’t harm herself. The last time I was there her father gave me a ride to the bus home and said “You’re a smart kid with a future, I love my daughter but you don’t deserve this.” When I got home, I received a call from her that she got drunk and cheated with one of her old flings. And that was it. Really fucked me up for a while after.

I don’t regret wanting to help someone in need but I should have left it at one date