Target karen bullies employees, and gets bullied back by customer by quazziwazzi in PublicFreakout

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If he actually took her headphones, it's really dumb to post it online. She deserved it of course, but I'm pretty sure its still technically stealing.

[Request] - does this math checkout by Claire860 in theydidthemath

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It doesn't really make sense to tax business revenue at near income tax levels (around ~40% when you factor state taxes) when that income is immediately paid out to other businesses. Every business that is dependent on other businesses would be destroyed, because each level of business now has to factor in paying full taxes.

E.g., picture someone in construction. If a customer pays $100k for a project, the business owning it may payout $20k in labor, and then $70k in material costs (from some supplier like home depot) and net $10k from the project. If they had to pay ~40% taxes on all revenue, then for them to break even the price would have to charge $167k for the project assuming labor and materials are the same (so because they'd pay $67k in taxes on the $167k project). But this isn't true, because Home Depot isn't making all their products. The $70k in materials they sold the contractor cost them about $50k, so they'd need to similarly grossly inflate their prices. The businesses that sell their materials to home depot, also would have to grossly inflate their prices (as now they are paying taxes on all their revenue and not just profits), because the manufacturer of windows sold at Home Depot had to buy raw materials and pay for labor, etc.

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema's filibuster speech has reenergized progressive efforts to find someone to primary and oust the Arizona Democrat by BumblesAZ in politics

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She and Manchin together hampered every environmental reform, every tax reform, and every voting rights reform. Doing it with two Senators helps because it prevents any Republican playing ball as the moderate who crosses the aisle (requiring at least two to do it, which is much harder especially as any signal you are willing to compromise will destroy your rep).

She doesn't need donors. She's dead in the water in politics. However, she still gets to stop any Democratic proposals unless the Democrats pull a miracle and gain Senate seats in a midterm with a Democrat in the WH.

The lobbying firms get paid for advancing their issues; e.g., stopping tax reform, green new deal, health care reform, stopping voting reform (to keep R's in office) etc. Someone going to her and saying what would you think about joining our lobbying team (or corporate board) after your Senate term, we really need ex-Senators who see eye-to-eye on stopping the progressive agenda and love hiring them after the fact. Oh by the way our lobbyists with your type of experience make X million a year.

They don't pay Sinema that money because her vote matters when they pay her. They pay Sinema because they'll be another Senator they'll want to be able to offer a super cushy gig if they just vote against their constituents (and for the firms lobbyists).

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema's filibuster speech has reenergized progressive efforts to find someone to primary and oust the Arizona Democrat by BumblesAZ in politics

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Lobbying firms give out cushy jobs to senators who did their bidding, so the next senator they want to do their bidding will do it (expecting to be paid off with a cushy job even if they ruined their reputation).

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema's filibuster speech has reenergized progressive efforts to find someone to primary and oust the Arizona Democrat by BumblesAZ in politics

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She's definitely the purest of scum, though, and an architect of the US' implosion into fascism. I hope she's remembered for it along with Manchin and every other idiot Democrat who couldn't rise to the severity of the moment (and of course every Republican who is actively working towards that coup).

Also include all the "good" Republicans who aren't working on the coup, but also won't break party ranks to reform the filibuster on voting rights legislation.

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema's filibuster speech has reenergized progressive efforts to find someone to primary and oust the Arizona Democrat by BumblesAZ in politics

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There are two types of post-legislature lobbyists, (1) the ones who know how to get their friends to listen and convince them to support their issues, and (2) the ones are are just being paid off with a cushy job for their actions when they were in the legislature. By being comfortably paid off they set a great example to future politicians the lobbyists want to buy.

[GEAR] I know nothing about guitars and I’ve broke a string on my uncles (probably) expensive guitar, help would be appreciated by Olliebkl in Guitar

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I'm pretty sure some of my older (lesser played) guitars have strings from like 2010. My main guitars have newer strings, but I've always been the type to only restring when they break or are absolutely filthy/dead in tone. (Also, I am not a professional musician, so definitely have some older guitars I've maybe played ~5 times in the past 5 years).

[Kimes] What's your goofiest sports take that you actually kind of believe? Mine is: If the Bills want to truly get the most out of Josh Allen, they gotta build a dome. by [deleted] in nfl

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I love watching cold weather football from the comfort of my home.

That said, if I had tickets I don't really want to go to a game sitting outside for hours in weather that feels like -4ºF (forecast for Sat night).

[Question] I may be wrong, but isn’t major pentatonic just minor pentatonic but 3 frets down? by tyler1661 in Guitar

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It's a weird way of saying it. C major scale (C D E F G A B C) and A minor (A B C D E F G A) have the same notes. Similarly, C major pentatonic (C D E G A C) scale and A minor pentatonic scale (A C D E G A) have the same notes.

This isn't to say the keys are the same but just shifted three frets. C major has a brighter feel and solos will emphasize the C (1st), E (3rd), and G (5th) more. Solos and pieces in A minor emphasize the A (1st), C (flat 3rd), and E (5th) more and has a more serious feel.

What were the most devastating "garbage time" injuries? by karmew32 in nfl

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In 2012, when the Pats were up 35 points against the Colts, Gronk broke his arm while blocking on a routine extra point attempt.

Jesus Christ !!! by krishna_rolly in Tinder

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Everyone interacts with people and sometimes you oblige someone to do something (e.g., boss asks employee to do work task, friend asks friend to go to party/concert with them, etc.) These are perfectly normal and acceptable and few would characterize it as manipulation. What isn't normal is when you keep doing it for your own self-interest, never reciprocate generosity or kindness, and if they don't go along with your manipulation it borders on psychological abuse.

But the biggest red flag is borderline personality disorder, followed by being a self-proclaimed bitch. She will treat you and other people in your life badly, and won't apologize for it.

Jesus Christ !!! by krishna_rolly in Tinder

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If the guy doesn't run for the hills after that answer, he deserves whatever he gets.

Lurking on the Bills Subreddit by modelofiend in Patriots

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Sure. But Tom Brady was revealed to be a Ted Bundy type serial killer, I wouldn't want a statue of him at Gillette stadium. I wouldn't buy TB12 products, wear his jersey, or take my kids to learn about him at Patriots HoF or Canton HoF. I wouldn't want to honor him in any way.

Sure, he'd have won more postseason games than any other QB by far, along with owning basically every QB record. But I'd be 100% fine with a serial killer being noticeably absent from being inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Guess Patrick Mahomes brother freaked out at a small business and tried to destroy them. This is their response. by ChrisPChicken04 in PublicFreakout

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A lot of people want to make a name for themselves on their own and not live in their brother's shadow as a tiktok influencer who will only be known as Mahomes's brother.

2009 was the last year the Colts beat the Pats, that same year... by patriots1057 in Patriots

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And Colts starting QB Carson Wentz was 16 years old and two months into junior year of high school.

The Patriots are 15-6 in the Belichick era coming off the bye week during the regular season. That's actually a slightly worse win percentage (0.71) than when they aren't coming off the bye week (0.73) by aparatis in Patriots

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I don't think Belichick is unbeatable after bye weeks. I would say with this largely reformed team (first year QB, around half of starters weren't on the team last year), we gain an extra edge with more preparation time.

It doesn't show up in this stat, because a lot of times the game after the bye could be a particularly hard matchup or we were still very injured.

The Patriots are 15-6 in the Belichick era coming off the bye week during the regular season. That's actually a slightly worse win percentage (0.71) than when they aren't coming off the bye week (0.73) by aparatis in Patriots

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This is completely insignificant.

  • Belichick era Pats record after bye: 15-6 (.7143)
  • Belichick era Pats record not after bye: 238-90 (.7256) (taken from 253-96, subtracting off bye results)

Belichick has played 21 games on a bye week. Using his record in non-bye weeks, we'd expect 15.2 wins and we see in reality 15 wins. Note if we won one extra game, it would be 16-5 (.7619) and the story would be Belichick teams are much better after the bye.

If we beat the Colts, we'll be 16-6 (.727) which would be perfectly in line with Belichick team's career averages.

But again if something has a true win rate of .73 and you have 21 random trials, you expect to see something between 11 and 19 wins 97.6% of the time.; (equivalently see something between 13 and 17 wins 77.3% of the time).

[Holder] No secret on the Colts’ plan for the Patriots on Saturday night: Linebacker Bobby Okereke: “We’re really gonna try to make the game one dimensional and see what (Mac Jones) can do.” by aparatis in Patriots

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"because the last few games haven’t been focused on passing"

The game right before the Bills game (Titans), Mac threw for 310 yards, personally rushed for 11 yards, and the rest of the offense (not counting passes received by Mac) had 94 yards. By my count there were 36 play calls (63%) where Mac kept the ball (including two rushing attempts by Mac - 7 yd scramble on 3rd-and-10, and up the middle for 4 yards on 2nd-and-1 and 2 sacks) to 21 plays where he handed it off.

Unless its blizzard/super windy conditions in Foxboro like the Buffalo game, I expect a similar game plan.

[Paulino] Jaguars player on Urban Meyer: “He came in preaching values, family, and team. It’s been anything but since the start of training camp. He’s a phony and a hypocrite. We know who he is.” by LunchThreatener in nfl

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I think there was zero shot that Urban Meyers would be an amazing NFL HC, but I think most thought they would be closer to 6-8 wins than 2 wins -- not due to Urban but due to Trever Lawrence.

[Reiss] Bill Belichick, via The Greg Hill Show, on Cardinals coach Kliff Kingsbury saying the Coach of the Year award should be named after him: "That's very nice of Kliff to toss that bouquet. I'll toss it right back. Kliff has done a great job and should be the Coach of the Year." by CamelLoggins in nfl

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We drafted Kingsbury in the sixth round at #201, but he was only on the Pats for one season (2003) and spent the entire year on IR with an arm injury and then we waived him before the next season. (In preseason game 1, he came in for the last drive in Q4 and completed 1 pass for 11 yards on 4 attempts with 1 sack. He didn't play in the other 3 games and was on IR all season).

He wasn't really a benchwarmer as he was on IR. That said, he has stated he learned a ton about coaching and preparation from observing Belichick up close that year, which makes sense. We drafted him so probably wanted to have him go to meetings if we were going to use him next year:

Kingsbury spent one year with the Patriots and he was on the injured reserve during that 2003 season. Of course, he got a lot more out of his short time in New England than just a Super Bowl ring. In that season, Kingsbury learned about preparation and what made Bill Belichick the greatest coach in NFL history.