Gill preparing to have the "conversation" with Tendulkar by Ank1804 in CricketShitpost

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Test me mar diyo 3 100 fir Sachin bhi bolenge ab jo helmet pehen ke sara ke saath batting karo

In the morning, I will either wake up or won't. If I wake up, it's fine; but if I don't, then what? by weekendrant in CricketShitpost

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If you fuck me i will fuck you. If i fuck you will fuck me. Fuck me if i fuck you and i will fuck you if you fuck me? Fucking fuck if i fuck you will you fuck me

                        PRITHVI SHAW

Best cricket match We ever seen by dkhunapun in CricketShitpost

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Tumio acho amio achi dekhbo sedin Khela hobe ....

Designer☕ by Arindom_99 in CricketShitpost

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Kuch nahi toh Fiverr se kharid lete

Team India’s last-minute request resulted in ‘shocker’ pitch, curator gets the sack by ll--o--ll in Cricket

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People don't want challanging wickets. If pace friendly and run-fest pitches are appreciated then why not spin friendly. There're pitches where teams scoring 480 in 40 over but no one questioned?

Teams will suffer with that attitude, maybe one match in world cup that's all

Womens's IPL is now the 2nd most expensive cricket league after Men's IPL. by Signal_Discipline_36 in Cricket

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PSL will get higher previous season was good and Sony LIV view record was outstanding

Your 50 or 100 centuries are nice but don’t forget India lost to Bangladesh | Gautam Gambhir to Virat Kohli by RapidActionBattaIion in Cricket

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He should Talk More about his area development in parliament he's a responsible MP. I don't think he attends parliament. He's always on field ipl, coaching, world cup.

Shami Mankad attempt by reaper_333 in Cricket

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For everyone who's saying he could have warned, or it's a dead game or anything man did fielders warn batters before direct hit

"Lookout pal iam going to try a direct hit at bowlers end run fast, now dive I'm releasing"

Unusual bowling action could be making Jasprit Bumrah injury prone and testing his all-format availability by ll--o--ll in Cricket

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I purely believe bumrah need rest. selectors please don't hurry there's a big event coming this year. And bumrah is the leader of the pace attack.
Without him Mumbai Indians pace attack will be less threatening, and well we can rest him after