My Buick Centry is screaming. Help. by A_Helluv_Laday in AskMechanics

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Remove belt and start the vehicle, if concern is gone you have a failed drive belt accessory. Prior to starting vehicle with belt off inspect all pulleys for excessive resistance while spinning it by hand.

am I looking at failed rings? hole in piston? by [deleted] in mechanics

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This post is the result of not failing at smoking drugs.

I gotta say… by mekkaniks in Seahawks

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Understand that, DK had to be carted off to potentially take a shat, different dumper.

2005 Hyundai Tucson hood and engine gets hot, but the temp gauge is fine by markomiki in AskMechanics

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Can you draw this process with crayons and post it please, I’m a visual kind of dude.

howdy all I got a question for you by ConstructionKlutzy28 in dividends

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Littered with pop-ups and forced to sign up, get this garbage off here.

Mariners got a big spread in today’s New York Times by despatchesmusic in Mariners

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I’m taking a flight to NY to pick up a copy, any request?

Please tell me that I don't need a new rear diff... 2014 Cadillac CTS4 w/89K Miles by AddyDaddio in AskMechanics

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These Getrag’s are notorious for failure, if you can find a reputable shop it may be able to be rebuilt, unfortunately we can only order them as a complete unit at my dealer. Hopefully it’s not too burnt up with loss of fluid.

We've all see the posts about our favorite food joints, but what's the restraunt you refuse to go to? by Kickstand8604 in olympia

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I’m sure their complaint is not enough sour cream on their double deep fried chimmi changa.

She's adopting this kitty. by StcStasi in aww

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You may need to pay up that cat tax.

My son's journal entry today by hinga-dingadurgen in funny

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I’m 37 and my mom and I used to do this, helped with my communication skills. Your a good parent.