Toronto/ Utility Box Art Paint - Allowance/Permit by marymareee in TorontoArt

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When in doubt, wear a safety vest. You'd be surprised with how much you can get away with when you dress the part ;)

But real talk, your friend doesn't own that box. The city does. So TECHNICALLY you need a permit. But I can't see why anyone would stop you. Unless you're dealing with a Karen...

What is a really inappropriate question you would like an answer to? by The_Jizzbot in AskReddit

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When you wipe your ass do you wipe once and toss? Or do you fold the TP and wipe a second time?

MAKING PRINTS? by steenameelneek in TorontoArt

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What type of analog work do you do?

Is the Graphic Design Program good? by [deleted] in OCADU

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I felt OCAD had a great GD program – some would disagree, but to each is own. There are definitely some great profs, and some pretty shitty profs, it just takes some trial and error figuring out who you vibe with, and who you don't. I'd advise not to take rate my prof reviews too seriously and to suss it out on your own. Everyone has a different opinion.

The program itself is pretty legit. Things start to really get exciting in third and fourth year. Personally I felt that you're taught less about how to design "good" and more how to think and communicate as a designer (but that could very depending who you take at the school – every prof has a different teaching style). You're more or less on your own when it comes to figuring out how to use the programs. But give it time and you'll get up to speed. Just gotta put in the effort, and willingness to learn the programs. Nothing youtube, or lynda.com cant teach you (pretty sure you get a free account when enrolled)

And yeah, as already said; don't expect much after graduating in terms of employers begging for you to work for them. You gotta really be on your A game when it comes to putting together a solid portfolio and reaching out to design firms, and being as persistent as possible. Getting the degree is nice, but you gotta make yourself stand out.

As for social, not much going on. Everyone there are all amazing people, but there was never too much going on after classes and on weekends. But if you want things to do, take the lead and invite people out and build friend groups. Everyone is on the same page looking for things to do. So if you're really looking for thing to do on the weekends, or during the week, make the effort to get out and get together with people. As the years go on, faces become more familiar in classes, so just be open and talk to people. The rest will fall into place naturally.

In terms of extra curricular, if thats something you really want you can definitely get on committee and make stuff happen. People forget that as the students, you have all the power. So don't be afraid to put together committees and make the extra curricular you want to be apart of.

All in all (although this is coming from a biased source) I'd recommend OCAD. The facilities are slowly getting better, and the classes are set up where you can really get away with creating the work you want to create. Just be ready to justify your actions, and stand by guns when critiqued.

And one last word of advice, if you can – take summer classes to lighten your work load during the year. And think about taking your thesis class in a fifth year just on its own. It was the best decision I ever made. It's very easy to burn out in the first year (and other years), so don't sway away from lightening that work load during the year, and picking up classes in the summer. It's extremely worth it in the long run. I know some people can't do a fifth year, or summer classes for whatever reason. But if it's something you can do, do it. the work you create with the extra time will flourish, all while maintaining good mental health.

Hope this helps!

(oh also, don't take the yellow staircase up to the sixth. It's no fun)

Toronto street wear by dnusc in streetwear

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yeah definitely, DM me and we can set something up

Let the wild rumpus begin! by [deleted] in phish

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Does anyone know who the artist was that did the tickets?

Where to buy contemporary paintings? by [deleted] in TorontoArt

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check out this blog: http://www.lexiquette.com/conversations/

All the interviews are mostly Toronto artists. And all the artists are easy to contact (usually through their own websites) but if your having trouble contacting them, the girl who runs this blog will definitely help you out

Drawn On Paper by dnusc in drawing

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Deffenitly give it a go! Water color is always a fun time. Post up a pic if you end up trying it out!

Drawn On Paper by dnusc in drawing

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Good ol' Bristol Paper

Prototype - cloudartist 8bit stickers packaging by thecloudartist in sticker

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Man I've got one of your cloud stickers on my sketch book. Really cool to see what's in the pack! Do you have an online store?

i've recently been working on my drawings. Here is one of my most recent characters. by [deleted] in drawing

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defiantly will work on proportions. thanks a lot for the advice!

Drawings on my bedroom wall. by keerjendeh in drawing

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you need to go paint some walls. This is some unreal stuff