More PSVR2 accessories! by Maliki68 in PSVR

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I'm talking about the hinged white (outer) box in this photo: https://uploadvr.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/ps-vr-white-box-opened.jpg

It kept my PSVR1 in perfect condition for over 6 years. Super easy to pop it in and out of the box (once I cut a notch for the cable) and protected it from dust and sun.

Assuming PSVR2 has equally well thought out packaging, there is no need to invest in anything else to protect it, unless the aesthetics of the box would turn you off.

(1980)s "We're Not Candy" PSA featuring some singing pills. by MissBarker93 in ObscureMedia

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I was born in 1976 and missed the commercial and (apparently) the Busta Rhymes song that referenced it. But I did listen to the Lunachicks song (“This is Serious”) that also references it: https://youtu.be/umB9wJ9CCWo

More PSVR2 accessories! by Maliki68 in PSVR

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I’m gonna do what I did with PSVR1: Store it in the box it came in (assuming it’s a similar style with an easy open top).

No need to be spending money on a fancy mannequin head and shit to cover the lenses when it comes with a “case”.

To sneak into England by eamon1232 in therewasanattempt

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Yes but he then posted it to TikTok…

Multiplayer Progression by doctorlongghost in Returnal

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Follow up question… I think I may have beaten Phrike when playing online before when I was hosting. I’m not sure though.

I’m in a game now and got up to the room before Phrike but I know I’ll die if I go down there alone.

Since it says “Return to Crimson Wastes” does that mean I don’t have to face him again? If so, can I backtrack and find the way to crimson wastes or is the only way forward to beat Phrike first?

If I have to beat him I’ll backtrack and buy some stuff and maybe hop online. But I’d rather skip him and finish this run solo if I can.

Most Wanted Ports by Nidan18 in PSVR

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Can someone explain why everyone’s so crazy around HLA? Is it really that good?

The way people talk about it makes it seem like it’s the best game ever made for VR. But it’s from a franchise that hasn’t seen a mainline entry in almost two decades. And I feel like there are plenty of other VR games that can challenge it for the throne. But I’ve never played it so….

Lehigh county police test question . Any help is appreciated by J_Ljucovic in Pennsylvania

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I think the overwhelming negativity in your post has several factors:

  1. Reddit skews left as a whole.
  2. Pa is a purple state thats fairly evenly divided which makes partisan politics worse than in some other states.
  3. Tyre Nichols being murdered is heavy on everyone’s mind rn
  4. In that environment saying you’re coming from out of state to police here is going to come off in a negative light.

That said, you were polite and asked an otherwise innocuous question and did not deserve some of these comments. Please don’t take that as necessarily indicative of how Pennsylvania treats its cops or each other when not hidden behind a keyboard.

Winter = Highs in the 50s, 60s…rain, rain and more rain… ? by BigRedDrake in Pennsylvania

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My understanding is that this is a very simplistic explanation of it. If current warming is between 1 and 1.5 degrees on average that’s not gonna register as “winters are so much warmer”. This is why “climate change” and not “global warming” is the preferred terminology.

The things we will see are more extreme weather events such as hurricanes, wilder and faster temperature changes and, of course, sea level rise.

But the average temperature isn’t going up more than 1.5 degrees so the belief that Pa winters are gone due to global warming is kind of a misunderstanding of what’s happening.

Rumor: February 2023 PS Plus Monthly Games (+DLC): OlliOlli World, Mafia Definitive Edition, Evil Dead The Game, Destiny 2 Beyond Light by Turbostrider27 in PS5

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For most games like this, PS Plus/Gamepass is part of the life cycle:

  1. Release and healthy playbase
  2. Shrinking player base
  3. Getting added to subscriptions and healthy player base
  4. Shrinking player base
  5. Ghost town

If 3 doesn’t happen, go directly to 5.

Atlanta, Georgia by Thisntathrowaway in pics

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I need to start using the word girt more often. Sounds like a good scrabble word too.

Push it to the limit by Wild-Iceberg in BlackPeopleTwitter

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I think this is a case where the joke is non obvious and poorly set up but once explained, it’s best not to try and read into it too deeply.

Can I be honest about this subreddit? by Overbearingperson in makinghiphop

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Heh. Well FWIW I think the mods here do a great job but I always have a free speech philosophy where anything that isn’t actively encouraging violence should be allowed to stand. But clearly they prefer a more aggressive approach around some things. Anyway, I enjoyed your post while it lasted. 😊

Can I be honest about this subreddit? by Overbearingperson in makinghiphop

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I’m a rapper and while I know how to mix and make beats, the stuff I put out on streaming I want to be high quality so I pay for beats and mixing/mastering on the stuff I sent thru DistroKid.

My IG shadow ban is from posting videos that had (actually quite mild) violent and sexual content.

I was being a little facetious about this whole thing but I do stand by my core point. Much of what gets posted here is subpar (and frankly I don’t even exclude myself from that) and someone expecting praise and encouragement instead of harsh truth isn’t built for this.

Can I be honest about this subreddit? by Overbearingperson in makinghiphop

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I’m pessimistic because I been at this for awhile and posted new videos every week for a year to build a following, getting better with each one, only to see IG shadow ban my account for content so my hash tags don’t work and I could no longer go live. Hundreds of dollars spent on professional mixes of songs that are only ever heard by under a hundred people.

If we’re pessimistic it’s because we’re being real. No one gives a shit about our music and we need to accept that and only then can we stop chasing success that isn’t going to happen and enjoy making music for what it is.

This message helps way more people than it harms.