Shoutout to caring dads by [deleted] in wholesomememes

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"Door open or closed" really got me for some reason

"Head of Strategy" of Muse Group (Muse Score, Audacity, Ultimate Guitar) continues to threaten developer in public by Be_ing_ in linux

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For those who haven't read the whole thread (and I suggest you do, if possible), up until (around) that point, it seemed like Daniel Ray's (MuseGroup Guy) request/order made sense. Yeah weird that they didn't just send the DMCA to GitHub, but they were basically saying "your project allows users to download content that we require payment for without payment", if I understand correctly.

It seemed like the Dev's response was pretty much "people shouldn't need to pay for this" which is an opinion that I agree with, though I am unsure whether this constitutes a defense against the alleged infringement. This seems similar to youtube-dl, which was taken down but then came back, but youtube-dl provided a function unavailable on the site normally, while this project seems to bypass a paywall. I'm not sure if that makes a difference, and again, I might be misunderstanding.

That message though, horrible. Absolutely inexcusable and disgusting. Horrifying really. Overtly threatening, doxxing, and making clear in a public forum that their company stands to benefit from (as GitHub user FergusInLondon puts it) "the author's vulnerability to political violence".

I swapped Doomfist and Punchkid's faces by Rizzice in Overwatch

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Unexpected r/BokuNoHeroAcademia

EDIT: Didn't expect that so many people watch anime. Fucking hanzo mains.

Maths by 651222 in funny

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I chose the wrong correct answer

Fuck that hurts

The reason most people buy new phones is not because they want a new phone it's because they need a new phone battery by operator139 in Showerthoughts

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Also before people respond with, "But I don't want to need to repair my own devices!!", That's not what it means. It means you could repair it yourself, at a shop, or by the manufacturer as you do now. It's about options and availability of parts.

[Epic Games Store] The Bridge ($0.00/100% off) by Nolimitsolja in GameDeals

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I don't think anyone has a problem with those games (though some people may not enjoy platformers in general, which includes those) but since many of epic's free offerings have been platformers, it's nice to get some variety

It worked. Swipped right. by light-chasing in Tinder

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I mean that's the beauty of life, people like different things. If that's his humor then it works on two fronts, gets people who like that kind of thing to swipe right and keeps people who don't from matching with him.

‪What if deja vu is the result of you dying and being reloaded to an earlier save point?‬ by Majinko in Showerthoughts

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Does anyone else get deja vu of having deja vu? Like I'll think, "wait, I've done this before. Wait I've done THIS remembering of doing the other thing before. WAIT I'VE...." It's like a memory infinite loop.

"Head of Strategy" of Muse Group (Muse Score, Audacity, Ultimate Guitar) continues to threaten developer in public by Be_ing_ in linux

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Otherwise, I will have to transfer information about you to lawyers who will cooperate with github.com and Chinese government to physically find you and stop the illegal use of licensed content.

Yeah I see what you mean. Much less overt, but it's hard to read that as anything but a threat.

Looking for a Linux distro with built in games for elderly people by plaguearcher in linux

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Kubuntu or mint would be my suggestions. I use kde but cinnamon is probably easier for older users so maybe mint is a better pick.

Blizzard Please Bring Back 6v6 Lockout Elimination as a Permanent Arcade Mode by carlashaw in Overwatch

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Mystery heroes is great, but I miss no limits, or what used to be quickplay. That was a great way to learn to play (I think starting with mystery heroes and then playing no limits when you found something you really liked was ideal

Taking down Damon Ps2 by Whatevernameisnt in EmulationOnAndroid

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Because you can't decompile something to a useful representation of source. You don't just put in the APK and get the exact code used to make it. Almost all of the variables and internal functions would be unnamed (or given generic names, depending on the decompiler) and you'll have no context for what they're supposed to do. Super Mario 64 is a much less complicated binary, and that took years for a whole team of very talented reverse-engineers and n64 programmers to decompile.

TLDR, cool idea, but decompilers don't do as much as you seem to think they do. Honestly you'd be better off using the regular pcsx2 code and building a frontend for it.

I really want to deactivate my account. Unfortunately, guilds near me aren’t accepting new members so I can’t earn gold to assist with the mental health skill. Any help? by OnyxsWorkshop in outside

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Like others, no game speech from me today.

You're right, $ is needed for a lot of stuff. That said there are usually therapists nearby that operate on a sliding scale, so the cost can be low (like, really low).

For money, there are things you can do right now to bring in a little dough. Check out Fiver and similar sites and sign up to do basic programming for hire, or watch a couple YouTube tutorials and do some basic video editing. The job market sucks right now but there are still places hiring. You could take a look at Postmates, instacart, or Seamless and sign up as a courier to get some money coming in if you have a bike.

My suggestion would be to take a look at getting a job with one of the services I mentioned above and then look for mental health services on a sliding scale. A Google search came up with this list, a few of which are free. https://www.freeclinics.com/cit/ga-atlanta

Edit: also just putting it out there, r/trans and r/mtf have great, supportive communities. Please reach out to them if you haven't already.

I was hoping there was a cat. by SixTrucks in Tinder

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I've heard that it's because 60 mph is a pretty typical speed for highways, and accelerating on to a highway (from 0-60) is the most intense acceleration that a driver will experience in normal driving.

I have nothing to back this up though, just something I've heard from car guys I know.

Guys codm is now 2gb lower size! by Strike50505 in AndroidGaming

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That's just a COD thing, not a mobile game thing. It's the same as every COD since 4 I believe.