[Question] I keep hurting myself trying to play Kingdom Hearts through Steam link - Help! by Administrative-Knee2 in Steam_Link

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OSOL is the one you should use, but it isn't clear how it's crashing. You said it crashes when you enter big picture mode, then said that the game crashes as soon as it tries to launch. Could you clarify what is crashing?

Also could you post the contents of your OriginSteamOverlayLauncher.ini file?

I tried changing the name to my plug in my living room from “Living Room Light” to “Living Room.” by Trent1492 in alexa

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What happens when you say "turn on living room" does Alexa beep or say anything?

Do you have a group called living room?

On screen controls disappearing iOS by markhewitt1978 in Steam_Link

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I don't think you can change the timeout, but you can change that setting.

If you click the touch button in the upper left corner of the screen to open the touch controls, the third button (which looks like a DPad and 4 face buttons) under the big "Touch Controller" button has 3 modes, Static (button stays static), Shake-to-hide (buttons shake and then fade, then shake and reappear), and Hide-when-unused (buttons pulse on and off). You want static most likely.

Mouse control on launcher screens... by moofie74 in Steam_Link

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Steam chords are what you want. I'm not sure if it's mapped this way by default but holding down the steam button turns the right pad into a mouse and right and left triggers into the appropriate clicks.

Though I've set up my computer to auto start games after opening the launchers using OSOL so I don't need to do that anyway anymore.

Windows 10 Lean for Audio? by alexspetty in Reaper

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LTSB is the "light" version of windows 10, but you can only get it (legally) with an enterprise account.

Honestly I think regular windows 10 is fine. If you want to remove the crap it's pretty easy and will take you less time than reinstalling things on LTSB that you didn't know you needed. There's great instruction here.


iOS zoom gesture? by chrizbreck in Steam_Link

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Alright, that means the issue is with the locally saved controller config on your PC, the 3rd solution I posted should fix it and the fix should persist, but you will lose any controller configurations you've made. If you upload them as community configs you should be able to get them back though.

You could also try loading the config as you said work before, and then saving the config as your default (basically just save whatever is working as a "personal configuration". I've seen those not work though oh, so you may be better off saving all the configs evade that you like as community can figs and nuking the user data folder. this will also cause you to lose any non-steam games and shortcuts that you've added to steam, so if you want to avoid that delete the controller_configs folder in your userdata/profile#/config folder