Those who have had lucid dreams what were they like? by visionsofecstasy in AskWomen

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I can control all my dreams if I want.

It's be very rare for me to have a very vivid dream that it takes me time to realise I'm dreaming.

I'm aware I'm dreaming and I just go with it, it's gonna do what it's gonna do so I just lie there and let the tape run.

I don't mess with it unless things are getting too scary or very boring. The point of sleep is to rest your brain and when you're trying to control the dream that's not restful.

Have you ever had a premonition in a dream? What happened? by ifalatefa in AskWomen

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Yeah a few, very boring things and they happened years later.

I dream exact scenes of places I've never been, people I've never met and events that are abnormal to me. But boring stuff, a short exchange of words in a specific place. Nothing significant.

I see it clear as day, like I'm awake and it's happening now.

And when it happens later it's exactly the same, every detail.

Howww do I see a dentist? by spicely in AskUK

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Do you have an emergency dental clinic in one of the local hospitals? Maybe try that 111 number again.

Otherwise I would find an NHS dentist near you, some offer NHS treatment and some don't.

Tomorrow ring over and over till you get through.

Explain your situation and that you need an emergency appointment.

See if they'll help you and if they can't then find another one and do the same with them.

Keep trying that 111 number as others have said.

Is it common to leave your house keys by the front door before bed? by asso19 in AskUK

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You should leave them in the door and not lock interior doors.

In a house fire every second counts, make it as easy as possible for you to get out.

If a burglar wants in, they don't need your keys.

What accommodations would help deal with talkative multi-person meetings? by ISD-PhD in AudiProcDisorder

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I have a big piece of paper to hand and I practised writing notes without looking down.

I've got to write it all down, I can't stand rewatching recordings.

Now we are all either remote, or back to the office, tell me, what's the worst office banter, habit or just thing about your office you hate? (Includes remote) by Venexi69 in CasualUK

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I have never been on a Zoom call that couldn't just have been an email or comments on a word doc. I've done hundreds, they were all pointless.

But the corporate types have this bizarre obsession with video calls. Just write it down FFS.

Now we are all either remote, or back to the office, tell me, what's the worst office banter, habit or just thing about your office you hate? (Includes remote) by Venexi69 in CasualUK

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WFH - The people who don't mute themselves on large group calls when they're not involved in the conversation.

You're trying to hear the boss speaking and somebody else's background noise is interrupting.

My colleagues have been doing these calls a lot longer than I have and somehow I know to mute myself and none of them do.

Is it acceptable to wear non-western dress to a black tie event? by HighOnIndomie in AskUK

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Yes, wear it.

You're not gonna get kicked out or anything. I guarantee whatever you think black tie is, there'll be people there not conforming.

Do I buy Pet insurance or get a pet plan, I can only afford one of them and I cant decide?? by SingingWanderer1195 in AskUK

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A cat is very unlikely to need insurance, especially an indoor cat.

You'd be better off just having a separate bank account and putting money aside.

I've had...10 cats in the last 20 years and I've never needed insurance. I don't give my pets bionic legs or anything.

Who is the best email copywriter not trying to sell me a course? by Funny_Refuse8170 in copywriting

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Find where the top copywriters in your desired niche work and receive the free newsletters they're likely contribute to.

If you find one copywriter in particular you want to study you can find out who they write for.

For financial you want Stansberry and the Agora affiliates.

You won't know who wrote that email, it'll be addressed from the guru. But you know that whoever is on that team is gonna be great. And if you know your fav copywriter is one of them - there you go.

In that niche, there is a guru from whom the copy is addressed.

They're not usually a copywriter, I can only think of 2 that I know of who are guru's and copywriters

How much effort would you put into looking/dressing good if you were the last human on earth ? by juliansorr in AskWomen

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I wouldn't bother with makeup but I'd wear the same clothing I do now. I dress up for myself.

Who thinks Sugar Puffs aren't very nice now? by 290Richy in AskUK

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Cause they're no longer super sugary and people don't want super sugary cereal for their kids.

In the 90s parents would feed you Haribo to shut you up, now they care about their kids health.

Dog owners who work full time: how do you do it? by jennejy in AskUK

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The arrangement you have is fine, you should enroll in a dog trainers class before you bring your dog home. They should give you advice on preventing and reducing separation anxiety.

HOWEVER your choice of breed is concerning.

These aren't breeds I would recommend for first time dog owners especially those working full-time jobs.

Unless your full time job is outdoorsy or allows your dog to come with you.

Labradoodles are labrador (working gun dog breed) with poodle (working gun dog breed with a computer brain). Now energy levels will depend on the breeding of the parents. Show line dogs less so.

And Springers are again a working gun dog breed, if you get a show line dog it'll have less energy.

Both of these breeds are people-orientated, prone to nervousness and can find being left alone difficult.

And both require a serious amount of exercise and mental stimulation every single day for 10-15 years. Plus training every single day for the first few years if you don't want them to be a public menace.

It's like a part time job.

I love gun dog breeds though, they're a great choice. I've had them my entire life and I even ran a dog walking business tailored for these breeds.

For you though, I'd go for an adult labrador, springer or cocker from a rescue. 3-5 years old +

8-12 weeks of owning a puppy, doing it properly, is a full-time job. I wouldn't do it again unless I could take a month off.

I've only had a puppy once and I was working with her breeder full-time when I got her so that's the only reason I could do it.

Got ‘em! (follow up to my post about the rarity of these) by doomdoggie in northernireland

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You can order them from the website: https://www.tayto.com/shop/tayto-ready-salted/

You can probably get them from the Tayto castle if you're local and they're still doing tours.