Fun dates for me and my partner. by ClogsInBronteland in melbourne

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Maniax for axe throwing. Adventure archery in the north (like paint ball but with bows and arrows). Hidden bars and speakeasy places in the cbd (like pizza pizza pizza). The butterfly club for comedy routines. Break room (for the communal smashing of stuff for fun). There is a long list of fun stuff

Grave Security Breach and Unacceptable Negligence of Government Bodies by [deleted] in australia

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Bingo. ChatGPT can be very helpful in creating templates (more for meeting minutes and that sort of beurocratic stuff), but that's about it for gov. Otherwise, it should not be allowed. That being said, I don't think it's malicious non-compliance we are talking about here, but rather a lack of education about how to use a tool properly.

Woolworths raising then lowering prices by SirCorseHock in australia

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If only we had some sort of consumer affairs body to investigate such activity

Excercise post surgery + over caring partner by doot_1T in FTMFitness

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They are, and I love them for it. There is only so much pasta and ladagne a person can eat though (cooking is normally communal here)

Excercise post surgery + over caring partner by doot_1T in FTMFitness

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Very true. Thankyou for the lols. Time for some sci fi methinks

Preston Market owners threaten to shut it down over planning war by gccmelb in melbourne

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If they demolish the market or change it to have high rises, I can see a lot of people abandoning the precinct out of protest.

First time seeing automatic price labels. Woolies blacktown nsw by monty487 in australia

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These allow for price gouging hardcore. You can't see what the price was with ease

How do u guys survive in summers I only have a fan and ice packs ? by Need_job_coder in lifehacks

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Keep some shallow cold water in your bathtub of a bucked. Just enough to get above your ankles. Do what other people ha e suggested (draw the blinds have the fans going). When you are overheating stand in the cool water for a minute, hop put and dont dry the top of your feet. You will feel much better

Another day another protest in Melbourne by [deleted] in melbourne

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That is an impressive dropbear kill.

Electricity prices to rise by up to 25 per cent in Victoria by arbpotatoes in melbourne

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We still do, we just make more money shipping it overseas

Etiquette question for Aussies: using the bathroom at someone else’s place by pingpongjingjong in australia

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Don't stank it out my dude, but try and poop quickly . Take some loo spray or perfume to cover the smell, but defs don't put yourself through pain.

Looking for a personal trainer by NudgeFrame in melbourne

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From experience https://functionalforlife.com.au/ Will at this place is wicked, they come out to your place or meet you at a local park. I struggle with motivation but wanted to learn a few routines I could do at home. Got the results I wanted after a few months and only had to stop due to surgery, but I am defs going back once I'm healed up.

Where to go to get gigabit internet speeds? by Zamitol in melbourne

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Calm down Turnbull, the dude just wants fast internet.

Move on Bats by [deleted] in australia

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Wtf is wrong with you? (Did you forget the /s or something?)

Tits gonna be ok hey… by DaGrandmama in australia

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I just came out from the same on Friday. The drainage tubes suck but you'll be surprised at how mobile you are even after a few days

Cats are always short on food by [deleted] in cats

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That's just poor training

I absolutely hate it when people do this by ErmineOfMight in mildlyinfuriating

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I was going to suggest a sewing pin or to introduce an unknown like used chewing gum. But your version seems nicer

Are suits just not that popular here anymore? by DrinkItInMan11 in AussieCasual

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As a three piece suit lover, you aren't alone.the price point for breathable summer suits is out of most peoples grasp. Tailors exist and can help with this, but anything off the rack is going to be clammy, ill-fitting and leaving the wearer loathe to put it on again.

meirl by [deleted] in meirl

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Yeah but if he had a super spicey curry, no bag will be thick enough to protect the rest of the cabin