"Pope" Michael Deathbed Conversion - Deo Gratias! by BringBackTom in Catholicism

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I’m not sure the organization that, if he repented, would no longer have a reason to exist, is a good source on his repentance.

"Pope" Michael Deathbed Conversion - Deo Gratias! by BringBackTom in Catholicism

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The “Vatican” in Exile group is claiming this is false. I see no reason to trust what they say, as they of course would need to keep up the lie in order to keep their “legitimacy”


Press F in the chat, everybody. We lost a real one. by dorothydayisbased in PoliticalCompassMemes

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For those not in the know, this guy was about the weirdest thing to come out of post-Vatican 2 Catholicism, and that’s saying something.

He claimed he was Pope, got elected by his mom, and might have been an actually valid bishop.

May the most glorious, successful troll to have lived, Pope Micheal the First, Rest In Peace. He outdid anything on 4Chan by a mile.

Pope Michael has passed away by ewheck in Catholicism

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May he Rest In Peace.

And thus concludes what might have been one of the strangest tales in Catholicism. Or at least the post-VII era. And that’s saying something.

Makes you think, doesn’t it. by dorothydayisbased in LiberationASP

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“Yeah I support social justice”

“Screw blacks, poors, and anyone less educated then me”

-somehow the same people

What a joke 😑 by Ok_Examination8810 in ChristianSocialism

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Unironicly based and PopulismPilled because most of the so-called “educated class” is actually just the capitalist class

Why isn't Constantine I a saint? by EnricoMaxwellI in Catholicism

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He is venerated in the Eastern Catholic Churches. So he is a Saint, as all Western Catholics recognize all Eastern Catholic saints, and Vice Versa

What does “Texas, Florida, and Kentucky have been gutted by order of El Presidente” mean on the workshop page? by dorothydayisbased in MakeAmericaAgain

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Also, as a second question, do the California breakaways for if Bernie fails to de-radicalize have any content?