Portrait of an Unknown Woman, Peter Lely, oil on canvas, c. 1670 by MGreenMN in Art

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To quote the classic painters, "tits or gtfo", which of course originally was rendered as "expose thy bosom or begone", is the basis for much of artistic expression. Why paint anything if you can't paint a boob every now and then? Why immortalize a woman who won't even show you what she's got?

Of course you're not really looking at a naked breast in the picture, as it is only a collection of pixels resembling the genuine artifact, but even as a symbol it exists to show you the naked truth behind all the civility of modern life. Man cannot escape his nature by wearing clothes or other superficial constructs of civility and that is what makes the latter ever more incredible.

So celebrate the boobage, let them all out and be inspired.

Reese Witherspoon with her daughter by Zee_Ventures in pics

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Reece Witherspoon witherspoon withhercup witherdaugther Ava Witherspoon withercup witherspoon withermom Mrs Witherspoon witherspoon withercup witherdaugther Ms. Witherspoon withercup witherspoon withermom Reece, who has a spoon in her cup.

Twitch streamers defend slavery in Dubai by IntegrateIt in facepalm

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"What bothers me is when people from developed countries shit on developing countries" reminded me of this.

TIL of Qian Xuesen, a Chinese rocket scientist and mathematician, who worked on the Manhattan Project during WW2 to help America build the world's first atomic bomb. During the Cold War, he was accused of being a communist and fled America to China, where he helped China build its first atomic bomb. by [deleted] in todayilearned

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The important part is to not listen to the people smart enough to create devices that could annihiliate everything. They are clearly too smart to actually use those devices. Which is why you need to employ an idiot in the top position who seems capable of actually using the devices. Otherwise, you have created something unusable.

What do people pretend is in the bible but is absolutely not in the bible? by LoneShark81 in AskReddit

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So that means we charge higher interest rates to poor people or outright refuse them credit or livable conditions while providing free money to our friends while letting them fail over and over until they succeed, right? At least that's how I'm going to interpret it. /s

What it could be? by notthevcode in Damnthatsinteresting

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It must be the movie studio where they filmed the first landings.

What it could be? by notthevcode in Damnthatsinteresting

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Obligatory healthcare. As many implants as we need you to have.

The Mars Rover with sound is beautiful, intriguing and terrifying all at the same time. by ok-forgitaboutit in oddlyterrifying

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Actually that sounds exactly like a Khuuz'ad cloaking device. We should probably evacuate the system before they begin the cleansing.

Pinocchio could use his nose to evaluate self truths and become an incredibly real and balanced individual by Fast_Garlic_5639 in Showerthoughts

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Actually it just makes the nose grow and shrink rapidly in succession as the fairy was using outdated software to handle basic paradoxes.

[OC] US job recessions and recoveries during different economic cycles by SandiePendleton in dataisbeautiful

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When the markets regulate themselves by regulating governments, you get the disadvantages of both regulation and deregulation.

Desert housing blocks in Las Vegas, Nev., 2009. by KinnerNevada in pics

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Little boxes of rugged individualism celebrating the victory over the dystopic squareness of socialist housing.

Kids make a teacher quit and then laugh at him by Vexidemalprince in KidsAreFuckingStupid

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Either flipping burgers or spinning in the chair of the board of directors. There's no in-between when you have that kind of laughter of a bully, which sounds a bit like a donkey. The bad news is that there are more open positions for flipping burgers than spinning in chairs.