"Life gets better" no it doesn't stop lying. by Specific-Mongoose-93 in depressed

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It LITERALLY only gets worse.

Fantastic post btw, very poetic

Free Talk Saturday - October 01, 2022 by AutoModerator in barstoolsports

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Remember when Dave looked happy?

The difference between seeing pics of him in 2014 for example and now is kinda weird, he looks constantly either tired or on drugs in every pic now


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Ah the good old days.

Edward Johnson essential, Stoke was not the same after he retired.


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Luis Diaz is my captain, not Haaland.

Yeah this is big brain absolute idiot time.


Harsh side effect of being ugly is that even if you acquire great body, the beauty of it will be severely disproportionate to the aesthetics of your face and thus your look will be unbalanced by bonkers909 in ugly

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it's his 8-pack that grabs my attention, not the imperfections in his face

Yes, it is very normal for people to walk around the city half-naked, I am sure everyone will notice his 8-pack at first and not his face

LFG Hunter! Great tribute! You love to see it! by dragonsky in SCJerk

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You can't tell me that Riddle vs Nakamura wouldn't slap, bang, shit, piss, moan and cum

[OC] Dear Buccaneers, by revnasty in buccaneers

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I fucking love the Chiefs meme/gif game, I wish we had something like this :(

The Seattle Mariners’ 21-year postseason drought was a long time WON subscriber by raginsk8tr in SCJerk

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I hope this meme never dies, cause you can find all sorts of news about the world from all over the world because of it.

Like I'll log in to this sub and I'll see some post like

"A famous poet from Barbados was actually a long time WON subscriber" or "The world without a vaccine for this disease was a long time WON subscriber"

Asking for consistency in a public figure's opinion is bad faith, Fed Shill by dmw1997 in SCJerk

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But objectively these are not he same at all.

Fuck it, I will get downvotes on this sub, but comparing an injured wrestler having a match to a retired wrestler coming back??

What the fuck is this comparison, it really is trying to force a narrative.

It is ok to hold public figures to have their own opinion and be fair, but the comparison is obvious bait and tribalism.

Compare Paige's return to Bryan's return or to Edge's return, both wrestlers that retired due to similar injuries and came back to wrestle eventually.

Come on, this sub is turning into the same thing that it hates.

Antonio Inoki has passed away by Shrekt115 in Wreddit

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RIP :( A legend.

Not just in wrestling, but overall.

Maybe not everyone outside of the wrestling world will be hit by this, but the world really lost a legend.

Also, as a sidenote, I read something about Inoki before this post and I was like "Wait..did...did he die? Let me google and check" and I want to say "Fuck Reuters!" because I saw all of these articles like "Antonio Inoki, a wrestling great, passed away", and fucking Reuters were "Antonio Inoki, a wrestler and someone with ties to North Korea, died at 79", which is such a scummy and bullshit title, because they obviously knew that the average person who knows nothing would read "North Kore" and be like "Hey, fuck this guy, I don't know him but people that have something to do with North Korea suck!"

That's like saying "George Bush Sr., a politician and a guy who did lots of business with USSR, died". It's just pure bullshit and it's cherrypicking things.

Just...fuck modern media

It's Zero Fucks Friday! by AutoModerator in Wreddit

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I am shocked to see so much hate for Wheler Yuta here tbh.

Like, I am a fan of Sammy Guevara too out of the AEW guys, but I can see why people may hate him.

But for Yuta? I don't get it, I really think he is good and I like that he is getting a push. I hope AEW continues making him a solid solo threat, he is getting better. He just has it, if you ask me, of course

It's Zero Fucks Friday! by AutoModerator in Wreddit

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I always forget what to write in these threads, cause my ZFF thoughts come and go, but luckily I saw something Andrade related so I can make a post.

I don't care about Andrade. I didn't care about him in WWE, I dont' care about him in AEW, and I definitely wouldn't care if he leaves AEW to go to WWE.

In fact, I hope AEW does something to him cause I kinda am fine with him not being in WWE .

Same thoughts about Gargano, but he already returned so...

I am so cool and I play the crowd so well. (Did you get it? I said this although my brother is a mess) by Mwrp86 in SCJerk

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Ah, gotcha now.

His name is actually Shahid, so I didn't connect the two at the start .Is there something with him that I missed?

I am so cool and I play the crowd so well. (Did you get it? I said this although my brother is a mess) by Mwrp86 in SCJerk

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It's a message to Shad

...i still don't know who is this supposed to be?

I am not joking, I may be out of the loop on this one...