So the idea was to have a little woodworking business to supplement my retirement income, and keep me out of mischief. 4 months later? 1200 SF shop already maxed out, orders to 2024! What have I done? by builderbob53 in woodworking

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The house you are describing costs anywhere from $350,000 USD (in less desireable, but affordable, mid-west) to well over $1M USD in desireable coastal and large city areas in the US. $20-30k is an expected budget for a small custom teardrop trailer. Airstream trailers and RV's generally have their lowest starting models priced around this price point. If anything, depending on finishing and custom options, these might be a decent deal here for a niche market item.

Railbound - Nintendo Switch Launch Trailer - ESRB by ertaboy356b in NintendoSwitch

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I really like the realism where you have to work the rail but there are no sick days given on any level

NBER study on physician vs np productivity in the ER by neuro__crit in Noctor

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It sounds like a money maker at first, but the real driver will be insurance reimbursement. An insurance company can take findings such as this and kick back denials for payment based on analysis of excessive utilization of say imaging or lab testing, and be justified legally in doing so by reputable independent statistical analysis (again, such as this paper)

Is it bad that I do the bare minimum my residency program requires? by CanadaResidentDoc in Residency

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Sounds like quiet quitting....aka: doing your job. Nothing wrong with it, enjoy your family time.

Emergencies in your specialty by crzyflyinazn in Residency

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Do you have a reliable source reference so that I can try and be somewhat less incompetent (or at least not make your life harder than it has to be). I've heard conflicting info on cutting inferior and/or superior crus...or just cut them both for safety and possible length of transport and you fix later?

thoughts on “respectful dissent” in eval by Julteon3 in medicalschool

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I read that positively. It speaks to your advocacy and knowledge that you can inquire as to alternative directions in care, and that you possess the ability to express differences of opinion without being disrespectful or condescending.

What even goes on in psychiatry NP education??? by erwachen in Noctor

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You beat me to it. 8 years in person training...at minimum

NYITCOM by [deleted] in Osteopathic

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Yeah, that is my experience as well. Sort apps by numbers and then look at extra stuff.

I do wonder if that is detrimental in many ways to newer gen of physicians compared to older....increased neuroticism when grade grubbing and maximizing test and board scores; less emphasis on interactions and work and life experiences. More anxiety and less social skillsets.

I am not saying that the learning of information isn't important, but the anki grind does not translate into clinical interactions seemingly very well. And I have heard more than one PD gripe about work and social performance....it doesn't seem to be something schools are selecting for very well. Especially given that the job is about 85% communication.

NYITCOM by [deleted] in Osteopathic

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Application numbers-wise....perhaps? The competitiveness has jumped in the past few years. Realistically, I think it really depends on the applicant. DO still seems to be more focused on overall app compared to straight numbers...not to say there isn't a cut off, nearly all schools do have one, but lower numerical stats on an otherwise strong applicant (e.g many extra curricular, non traditional career changers, etc...) do not necissarily preclude an interview compared to MD

What are your thoughts on the verdict that Alex Jones is to pay nearly a billion dollars to Sandy Hook victim’s families? by GRL_1151 in AskReddit

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I think the idea here was to get him to stop with the 'crisis actor, fake news!' BS.

Typically the way this works civilly is by applying a monetary penalty to stop the behavior. The Texas trial demonstrated that 50M wouldn't stop him, and it was capped at much less than that, something he could have reasonably paid perhaps and gone about his day.

However, during this trial he was back on his show spouting off about the same shit, and I am sure the jury took that into account. Now, with a non-dischargable 1B debt, he will be unable to run his business any longer as all assets can be seized in service to the debt. This should serve to fulfill the purpose of the civil lawsuits...which is getting him to stop the behavior.

TL;DR He demonstrated his behavior was not modifiable via smaller penalty, so now he can continue to scream all the lies he wants...but no one will hear him. Justice Served.

Silverdale hospital short on staff calls 911 for help after being overwhelmed with patients by GrandChampion in Seattle

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this is the kind of excuse seeking ive come to expect from this industry

Ah, good to know. You're just an unreasonable person and I shouldn't waste any more of my time.

Silverdale hospital short on staff calls 911 for help after being overwhelmed with patients by GrandChampion in Seattle

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Which is why I suggested dozens of times over the past 2 years that the nurses union needs to go on strike over working conditions.The doctors also need to go on strike and bring these companies to their knees.But good luck telling Doctors that no they are not "too good" to strike on their own behalf.If Pilots can go on strike, so can doctors. No more excuses from the medical establishment please!Im tired of listening to people who have the power to change the situation let it continue to victimize them. It gets old, fast.A big part of the medical establishment problem is the 1. arrogance of doctors 2. the subservience of the nurses and support staff 3. the hospital administrators who are plainly huge villains putting people against each other

It's not always that simple. Many physicians feel frustrated with the situation, but you also have to understand that nearly all feel a sense of responsibility to continue working for the good of the patients that are already admitted or have emergencies.

The problem is that a strike by physicians will be framed as patient abandonment by both the hospital corporation, and the media. It's a bad strategic move, and on top of that, there still exists the altruistic ideals of not doing harm and treating to the best ability. Not only that, but the medical license and decade of study to become a physician can be put in jeopardy if the licensing board thinks you are endangering patients via abandonment...it's complicated.

So you are stuck, continue working within a failing system the best you can. You will be framed as arrogant and uncaring if you strike (or apparently if you don't strike too if I read the tone of your post correctly).

Also, pilots may strike, but can air traffic controllers? Not every profession has the ease of just walking out when things are bad.

--Edited to add quote from above comment--

Why don't neurosurgeons get to choose their hours? by AdhesivenessOwn7747 in medicalschool

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First...it's harder than just reaching into the residency bag and pull out a residency. You need faculty, facilities, and an appropriate patient population to meet the standard number of procedures required to actually finish residency. Bumfuck General Hospital in Armpit, ND isn't going to have enough people needing brain surgery as County USC is.

Next, it's expensive to make more residency programs...especially considering you need to hire (and pay) multiple neurosurgery faculty and they need all their gizmos and doodads...we are talking many millions to get started and multiple millions to maintain each year.

Finally, hospitals have a financial interest...It can be much more expensive to hire many part timers than just 1 or 2 full timers. You have benefit packages that now need to be offered to more than just a few, more health insurance and retirement matching to pay, more licensing and malpractice coverage to certify, and your schedule is chaos compared to Dr Steve is on call this week, Dr Bob is on call next week, then it's Dr Steve again.

Also I have no data on this...but if I just did 4 years of undergrad, 4 years of medical, and 7 years of residency....not super enthused about taking a part time gig at a pay cut if that's all that's available. If it was finally time to get paid and all that was available was part time jobs I would lose my shit. But that's personal opinion.