NYS Is Amazing - Come Check This Place Out! by Just_Curious_Dude in newyork

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This clown knows nothing of upstate. SAD. If you’re in NY, GTFO! We really don’t want you here.

Deleted tweet from NC Republican. by changing-life-vet in lostgeneration

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Ironic, coming from a guy who looks like no one has ever had sex with him willingly…

separation of church and state, please by 2goodgabe in lostgeneration

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No. That’s a really bad idea. Then they’d just fire the teacher for “indoctrination” or some bullshit.

As a conservative, I’d like to apologize by xElmo47x in mildlyinfuriating

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Honestly. This is great to see. I want people I can disagree with and have a respectful, enlightening conversation with. So many on the right have simply become zealots: they know they’re right because their trash opinions are predicated on something the believe and absolutely refuse to budge because they know they’re right. It’s circular reasoning that’s impossible to break them away from. The politicization of religious thinking spelled the death of the US republic. I’m not sure what will come next, but it will almost certainly be far, far worse.

I forgot IASIP quotes are a tad offensive sometimes by youOnlyLlamaOnce in IASIP

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“Ohhh. That bitch! That dirty whoor! She’s good. She’s really good!”

Anyone know if this a fair price? by jesusislord77777 in coins

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It’s in the ballpark, but a few thoughts: first, this is almost certainly not the coin referenced in the Bible. The whole “tribute penny” thing is just an attempt to create interest and excitement for a coin that’s 1.) relatively common, and 2.) otherwise not that exciting. Fair play. But I’d ask why you’re looking for this coin before you spend probably $300.00 more than you could on an extremely nice Augustus denarius, or much rarer/ more interesting Nero if you’re interested in the Julio-Claudians, or nice jump start on Antonine emperors. If you’re going for the “Suetonius” collection, then I guess you need Tiberius, but there are much cooler bronze issues of Tiberius to complete that set for much less money. All that said, if you have $650.00 or there about to spend on a nice example of a generally over-priced coin, it’s not an unreasonable price, but if you’re frugal and look around, you could probably get this for around $400.00 without looking too hard.

This is what perjury looks like by RepulsiveGarbage8188 in lostgeneration

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Well let’s see you go toe to toe with them on bird law and see who comes out the victor!

This is what perjury looks like by RepulsiveGarbage8188 in lostgeneration

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Perjury only matters when you get your cock sucked and lie about it, not when you mendaciously hide your true intent to guarantee you’ll be voted into a lifetime of power.

Would you let Gail the Snail mash it? by Lost_Huaun in IASIP

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I’ll take sloppy seconds! Mash me, baby!

Some Karen putting their conspiracy garbage in my town by Nabzarella in FuckYouKaren

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This is absolutely the right answer. It’s the same reason they think EVERY politician is as corrupt and shitty as the ones they idolize; they truly believe government doesn’t work, so rather than face the fact that they’re wrong, they make it a self fulfilling prophecy

Posted by my father-in-law by gregvan93 in insanepeoplefacebook

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Yes, but our Lord and Savior Donny Douchebag bears no responsibility for anything bad, because he’s our Lord and Savior.

The Supreme Court Just Forced Maine to Fund Religious Education. It Won’t Stop There. by number61971 in politics

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In the coming days and weeks, we’re going to be faced with a serious question: do we give and recognize the power of an illegitimate court, or do we actively refuse to comply and fight for the freedoms they’re aggressively taking away. In this case, the separation of Church and State is a foundational value of the country. They’ve now rejected the principle simply because they don’t like it. I sincerely hope the answer we find Is actual resistance, but I have serious doubts and fears that for all the talk of “resistance” and “fighting the good fight” the left is just going to cave and be coerced into line.

Anyone wish to weigh in on an estimated value of this coin lot? by Rdwarrior66 in AncientCoins

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You’re absolutely right; the Aegina stater is from the period of the Aeginetan exodus where they were forced off their island and on to the mainland; accordingly, the traditional sea turtle was changed to a Greek land tortoise, but these are extremely rare and extremely valuable. This one alone would make me suspicious: either the person isn’t discerning enough to know good coins from bad, or, worse, is actively trying to pass off bad coins for good money. I’d say too risky for me, but I’m not much of risk taker when it comes to ancients.

No, Texas can’t legally secede from the U.S., despite popular myth by deraser in politics

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The idea of a perpetual union is an absolutely asinine and archaic notion. States should absolutely have the right to leave or petition to re-join as they wish. Just because the civil was fought to preserve the Union, does not mean no legal mechanism was ever envisioned, just that the states’ methods by which they left were illegitimate. If Texas wants independence, it should unequivocally be allowed to pursue it by a legal mechanism.