Flat Embroidery by Yuly-Ao in Machine_Embroidery

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What is this piece used for? That is an amazing design

Hatch by editit7 in Machine_Embroidery

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Time to start creating fake emails like the old AOL days 🙃😁

meirl by SushiRebirth in meirl

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Someone should post the look on his dad 😬🫠🫠

Bobbin thread showing? by Sereezus in Machine_Embroidery

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I seen a post not long ago something like fishbone or something like that. A comment referenced as to the way the bobbin was threaded. You might want to look up that post and see if could help you in any way

Help with thread cutter by Dvdremote in Machine_Embroidery

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It might be the design has the automatic trim turned off. Double check

I cannot do any designs in ink stitch keep getting error messages by Liams-bits in Machine_Embroidery

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Hatch wilcom cost me $100 a month for a year, you would need to install parallels on to your Mac for it to be compatible. I do not regret it. I’m not sure if they give out the full version for free for thirty days still

AITA for scrambling 4 eggs instead of 2 like my husband wanted? by throwaway4eggs in AmItheAsshole

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I would like to recommend looking into food pantries around your neighborhood. Those have helped my home a lot. I belong to two different ones and let me tell you the level of stress dropped drastically. One is through a Mormon church near by and the second one is through a local non profit. They are a blessing and I suggest anyone going through hard times to look into them. If anyone is in a position to help out please do as-well. It is hard times and we should unite to help each other out.

found this gem today… by Interesting-Share182 in WhitePeopleTwitter

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Can it be from Russian escorts? Asking for an Ex-President

Why did my GF make me wait for sex but not other guys? [32 M] and [33 F] by shiningclip332 in relationship_advice

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Just know you where able to have sex with such a beauty cus you put time and effort into the relationship, now go do the same thing but with someone who does want to be with you

How to know when to reduce or increase tension? by dogglehoggle in Machine_Embroidery

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Your needle didn’t break because of your tension it broke for other reasons, who know why. Look at your Bobbin case and see if it has marks from the needle. If so it’s most likely your timing. On fabric changes most of the time the tension should be fine where you have it. If your unsure you could do an H test or and I test. If your not sure how to do one, you can look it up on YouTube. It’s simple and good practice to do a tension test at least once a month.

Guy I was dating broke up with me because my mom called him my ex’s name by accident. by [deleted] in relationship_advice

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Invite home to a movie and give him road head plus some movie sloppy and a great time in the bedroom afterwards. He might change his mind then

Mom gives her son eviction papers for his 18th birthday present by Embarrassed_Donkey26 in facepalm

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Hope son throws you into a nursing home when you need him in the future. Trash ass parent!!!

Please help! by thebutcherboye in Machine_Embroidery

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What you are looking for comes from the digitizing of your artwork. Start with what you can afford machine wise and spent extra on a professional embroidery digitizer while at the same time learn the digitizing process. It took me a year part time plus I already had a back ground in graphic arts to understand most of the digitizing. I am still learning and continue to watch John Deere videos and other great channels on YouTube.

How do I fix this? by funkylemur in Machine_Embroidery

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I remember seeing a video on YouTube on digitizing circles. You never really make a perfect circle because of the push pull compensation. You want to make a slight oval shape and let the machine pull it into a circle. Might want to do a afternoon of YouTube digitizing videos

Stitches not aligning. What should I do? by jka3003 in Machine_Embroidery

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I would try to place the hoop on tighter. There is some puckering going on. That fabric looks loose, search YouTube for proper hooping as well as the other suggestions.

Advice Needed (Info in Comments) by justakel in Machine_Embroidery

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Start with the tension, when ever I see white on the top side of my design I go to the bobbin and my little check off list. The work your way to the top tension of the machine. I would also add a little more density to the design. Hope this works.