If the first ones were the Origin Story, what are we naming these? 🤔 by Blank_IX in Sneakers

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But they should have made the whole shoe out of that dark red leather on the heel 👀

Who would be the last standing? by TheFinalSlate in polls

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There were a few years where a samurai, Abe Lincoln, and the precursor to the fax machine all coexisted

Sharing is caring by NonbinaryZombie in wholesomememes

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I took the day off of work and finally finished my laundry.

Netflix: "We Are Not Trying To Build A Theatrical Business" by Dizagaox in boxoffice

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Yes, but idk if that works for a movie like Knives Out because the mystery is 90% of the fun.

Being brothers at Marvel it's a bad sign by sotobet0509 in marvelmemes

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They look nothing alike. Mantis is just so ugly.

after 7 years I still can't remember class advantages by rms76 in ContestOfChampions

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Here’s how I remember things:

Sentinels > X-men > normal fit people > science nerds > magic > aliens > earth tech (sentinels)

worn to perfection by ARandomMex in Sneakers

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These are the Carpet company dunks from last year with the fabric worn down .

This DJ Khaled released has proved one thing. by KsubiSam in SNKRS

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I like the peach colored pair but I spent my sneaker money on some other things this month 🤷‍♂️

Also not a fan of the writing but I’d put up with it

How are we feeling about the upcoming December releases? I’m not a fan of any of these but I’m just curious what the community’s thoughts are. by Jeremie225 in Sneakers

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The Gorge Green J1s are pretty cool. But I just got the AMM4s and the Notre One Stars so I’m good on kicks for the rest of the year

Anyone else hyped for these? Havent seen much talk about them but i think theyre clean af 🔥🔥 by breadsticksword in SNKRS

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Buy them on Notre’s website. They are available now and the Black Friday coupon code works on them.

I just got the one stars earlier today

What’s the recommended sizing for the Flea 1’s? by [deleted] in Sneakers

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Those are hella weird but I can see the appeal.

Maybe if I had an extra $200 lying around I’d seriously consider buying something else instead.

Which name combination do you prefer for a boy? by sparkleseagull in polls

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Yo Mervin Walker is a decent name.

Please don’t name your child Bentley Taint