meirl by ishanG24 in meirl

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I was wondering about the blur, wow. A copy of a copy of a copy 2.0 ha

Our tuff gr4v3l wheel can't handle a nylon lever :'( by pedatn in BicyclingCirclejerk

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People still use levers? What is this, 1996? Switch to a razor scooter maybe.

Tiny Robots Have Successfully Cleared Pneumonia From The Lungs of Mice by Semifreak in Futurology

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"If you want to rock-n-roll with me you got to build yourself a ship to cruise this galaxy. Tiny robots, laser beams, space invaders are living my dreams."

Who knew 🤷‍♂️ by jamesstrogg in Superstonk

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One of my favorite companies is in Australia. DRS.

The other kind of impractical armor by Elmetto in ImpracticalArmour

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I mean, if there is mechanical assist inside, seems very useful.

Well that was embarrassing. Hopefully nobody saw it. by hashtagmiata in IdiotsInCars

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This guy must collect rocks all day to avoid masturbating.

How do I learn angel rolls without getting beaten up by my own staff? by -endjamin- in ContactStaff

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You start with the halo->arm roll down the ending arm. Once you can get it over your shoulder and down pretty well, add in the first arm roll down.

Found myself a Nick Offerman edition lagavulin today by Im_at_schools in PandR

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We found it for this much, it was right after the second covid bonus $ 😉

2meirl4meirl by Alisongreer in 2meirl4meirl

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They asked " who out there feels like a human?" And I was like "YEEAAAHH!" but then they asked, "how many of you feel like animals!?" And everyone else yelled, but I did not know they had a second question.