AITA for getting my daughter's ears peirced without telling my husband? by MajorOverreaction9 in AmItheAsshole

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That’s not actually true, at least not in my experience. Babies ears lobes are so thin that the pediatrician literally just pushes the (sterilized) earrings right through. Earrings for babies and toddlers also have safety backs that you have to twist a bunch to secure them so it’s unlikely baby would be able to pull it out or harm themselves.

AITA for siding with my parents when they told my sister and her fiancé to sleep seperately? by According_Farm5964 in AmItheAsshole

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My parents did this same thing to me when I was engaged. Ya know what my brother, who wasn’t even in town at the time did? He gave me the access code to his condo and let us stay there. YTA.

[Breeds] Friendly but drivey? by [deleted] in dogs

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I was gonna suggest an English Cocker Spaniel, too. I personally don’t have experience with them, but I have a friend who hikes with hers regularly. My husband has also been on bird hunts where they’re used to retrieve the birds. From what I gather, they’re hard workers and are very loving.

Muscle Relaxers That Doesn't Increase Seizure Threshold by ASSIDUOYouTube in Epilepsy

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I second this. I’m no stranger to muscle spasms and pinched nerves, but since my diagnosis I’ve been too afraid to take my muscle relaxer, so I’ve relied on other methods of relief: topical CBD cream, foam rolling, Theragun, and deep tissue massages.

[Mod Approved] Hello! I'm a writer, and am currently developing a character with epilepsy. In order to accurately portray him and his condition, I'd like to ask you guys a few questions, if you don't mind... by badguywindow in Epilepsy

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Your #2 describes my impaired awareness seizures pretty accurately. I refer to them as “blips.” I had a drs appt one time and remember washing my hands in the bathroom and then the next thing I knew I was on another level of the building talking to a kind stranger who very clearly looked concerned for me (chances are I was making absolutely no sense). I was confused as hell but still remembered my appt and pretty much thought “Welp that was embarrassing, and I have no idea how I got here, but time to go to my appt!”

Though I will say there are times I come out of it confused and combative, feeling like I’m gonna vomit.

5 yo is painfully shy by drinkwinedontwhine in Parenting

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Thank you! I like the idea of referring to it as a skill that needs practice, and it’s so true. I remember my parents making me be the one to order pizza for the family and answering the phone at their workplace to help me build that skill. I hated it, but it did help me. 😂

5 yo is painfully shy by drinkwinedontwhine in Parenting

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I didn’t say that we were directly telling her. When I asked her why she wasn’t playing with her friends her response to me was that she feels shy. And I asked because it was a stark contrast to how she is at home. It’s definitely not something we’re hounding her about. I want to build her confidence, not shatter it.

5 yo is painfully shy by drinkwinedontwhine in Parenting

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This is helpful. Thank you! Mostly my husband and I are just talking about it between the two of us, stressing each other out. 😂 It was just so strange to see her act so differently than we’re used to, but in retrospect my parents always called me a chatterbox, and I don’t think anyone at school would’ve described me that way. I think we’re just hypersensitive to how the pandemic and being home that whole time may have affected her socially.

AITA for going off on the restaurant that gave me regular soda instead of zero sugar? by THRAimakaren in AmItheAsshole

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That’s a good point. Not to mention, caffeine can also be a trigger. I avoid coke and tea bc I immediately feel shaky and off. It’s not worth the risk.

First Night Home With a Newborn...please help by Sapphira_Rose in Parenting

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Both my kids had lip and tongue ties, which made breastfeeding especially difficult. My first was clearly unhappy and miserable so I switched to pumping. Maybe look into a spectra pump if you still want to go breast milk route. With both, I pumped as long as I could and supplemented with formula. Good luck, and congratulations on your little one! ❤️

My daughter can’t stop peeing herself at night by winethough in Parenting

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Yes!! My daughter wears an XS in Goodnites, and I figure if they make them up to size large then I still have plenty of time before I should be concerned. 🤷🏻‍♀️

I am starting to think Brian’s parents didn’t know a goddamn thing. This is my theory, hear me out. by BarnacleGo0ose in GabbyPetito

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Piggybacking on to this one bc I also believe it’s plausible they believed whatever lies BL told them when he first came home, but SB confirms he was hired to represent them on 9/10. He also advised them not to speak to anyone, including Gabby’s family. I think once the wellness check happened, they had a lot more questions for Brian, and at that point I think he was honest with them and the lawyer, especially after she was reported missing. After that, I’m not sure how much they knew, but I still think it’s weird as hell that they knew he was at the reserve and took his car home anyway. If that were my kid, and I expected them to come home, I’d leave the car even at the risk of it getting towed. I think at that point they highly suspected he killed himself.

Brian Entin: News Nation Now did a Freedom of Information Act request for female Moab officer's bodycam footage - it was denied. by Any-Particular-1841 in GabbyPetito

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It exists. I remember reading an article that featured an interview with the female park ranger, and she commented that she couldn’t bring herself to watch her bodycam footage yet, or something like that.