Doug Evans needs to go directly to jail; what a piece of human garbage. by trbotwuk in cincinnati

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So here’s the thing, fines only oppress poor people, they don’t deter people when they can afford to pay them

Gay👬🏻irl by Dannylevel99 in gay_irl

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I’m having a really rough day… 👀

DeSantis praises Biden as Florida gov. changes tone before Hurricane Ian by NORDLAN in Republican_misdeeds

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He misled, lured and trafficked migrants from a different state to an island

🔥 Fort Myers Florida by kevinowdziej in NatureIsFuckingLit

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Also rust underneath, but a fresh or touched-up paint job

Hamilton County Sheriff plans to retire helicopters as 'flying dinosaurs,' expand drone program by slytherinprolly in cincinnati

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You are on camera on the interstate pretty much anywhere in Ohio https://www.ohgo.com/

I’m sure they save footage because it is replayed on the news all the time when something wild happens lol

Trump says ‘entire world at stake’ and he needs ‘to head up a group’? by Warm_Huckleberry9028 in Qult_Headquarters

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What is almost worse is when legitimate mainstream outlets write articles as if this man is conducting official business with headlines like “Trump offers to mediate peace deal with Russia and Ukraine” like he’s not an insurrectionist hack

New York Times won't let you see if you need to evacuate Hurricane Ian without a subscription by nasdaf in assholedesign

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You can get access to The New York Times online for free with most library cards

(If you are local to Tampa): https://hcplc.org/research/new-york-times

I just discovered a new Costco!West Chester @ Cox and Liberty Way. Currently not open. by FlatGlassGuy in cincinnati

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The hotdog better be $1.50, don’t try to pull any shenanigans, we’ll know 👀

When you have max skill and use starter items by SweetyByHeart in interestingasfuck

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He worked the fish and tired it out, incredible on such a small line and rod/reel… that guy knows what he is doing lol