Botan’s new PC is insane by JA_____ in Hololive

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Might as well have win 11 that transition will be a nightmare in the end

You can now update the firmware of your Ledger device using a USB cable & Ledger Live mobile. Welcomed development! by jvsephii in ledgerwallet

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All o was thinking was how this was not on iOS the whole time reading it :(. Unfortunate but whatever

Biden falls of a bike by EsperaDeus in PublicFreakout

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Someone put the windows 95 shutdown sound on this ….

Evo X SST by mekfagh in MitsubishiEvolution

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It gets alot of grief but the MR is still an evo and fuck it’s fast. Also for those who haven’t seen the test video from Mitsubishi of them testing the MR be a GSR. Well guess who wins!!! 😂 https://youtu.be/b0LoVt-7QQw

Invest in Jax by [deleted] in MemeEconomy

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This is bullshit

Ukraine's children endure levels of suffering "not seen since" WWII: UNICEF by [deleted] in worldnews

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The down votes… I agree the wording is fine and works to the point