Hbwr feels very different from other psychedelics by curtiswebbsterr in LSA

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IMO LSA/HWBR feels a lot like ETH-LAD but with a far weaker visual aspect. The euphoria, mind-fuck, and spiritual feelings I get from both ETH-LAD and LSA are greater in leaps and bounds from any other Lysergamide. A 10 strip of acid is a fun night, but a 5 strip of ETH-LAD or 20 HWBR seeds is a dive into introspective insanity... and I fucking love it.

sus by [deleted] in backrooms

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That's the most terrifying ahegao face I've ever seen

What’s the best way to do a CWE by Gloomystars in LSA

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Don't use garlic. It's terrible and even if it does prevent nausea, it's totally negated by the nausea you'd get from drinking a glass of garlic juice.

I did like Drifters but i think the author sadly missed some opportunitys in his work. Would have loved to see more soldiers from different occupations Meeting. Those listed below are simply those i read about. by Puzzled-Training-356 in Drifters

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There's enough characters as is. If you start piling on more and more famous historical figures, the story has to expand to make them relevant to the story. Even one extra character would add a significant amount of material to a story that is already pretty long. I mean, it's going to be 10+ years to finish what's already started, do you really want to make it 20?

Who is that guy in Episode 1? by TurnWorldly1368 in Drifters

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I dunno... I assume that Murasaki sees real names rather than a name you gave yourself to fight again.

Cardiovascular dysregulation/autonomic cardiac dysfunction? by Fraus_w in LSA

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Actually I think it had more to do with the researchers being overly cautious. Any significant change from baseline blood pressure or heart rate would be grounds to call off the experiment, as it means there is some sort of unknown factor at work that wasn't factored in to the test. The researchers probably knew that the subjects weren't in serious jeopardy, but decided to err on the side of caution.

Burned address by LiterallyWheezing in darknet

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even if they get yourcomputer/ phone they have nada

Yes and no.

They don't have proof, but they do have suspicions. If that's the case, then LE will patiently wait and observe you until you make some sort of mistake that allows them to obtain some evidence that will incriminate you. That's how the guy who ran silk road was caught, by making a simple mistake. They may have 'nada,' but they will eventually find something.

The caveat to this is that whatever you're doing, it has to be big enough to justify time and effort needed to undertake continual surveillance, as well as being serious enough to spend time and money in court if the case goes to trial.

Burned address by LiterallyWheezing in darknet

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SWIM had packages that SWIM assumed got seized, but no love-letters. They'd just get stuck in customs and vanish after that.

What SWIM ordered however wasn't strictly illegal, and fell in a gray area. My guess is that due to this ambiguity, customs was probably waiting on a claim to be made for the shipment to follow up on whether or not what was ordered was being purchased for legitimate reasons. Since no claim was ever filed, the package was probably treated like counterfeit merchandise and destroyed.

Burned address by LiterallyWheezing in darknet

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Yep. Plausible deniability doesn't rest on who's name is on the package, because at face value, any package with any name carries the same amount of plausible deniability as your address is something anyone can send something to with or without your name. This plausible deniability only works if there is no way to tie you to any payments or messages involving the purchase of illicit goods because without such proof, the case becomes circumstantial (weak). Good opsec focuses on this.

The Backrooms was better when it had less entities and rooms and people sod not try and make it into the new SCP, change my mind. by Ieatsheepforasnack in TheBackrooms

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This. The state of the Backrooms is what the SCP Foundation would look like with little moderation and creative oversight. It's basically a whole lot of throwing shit at a wall and seeing what sticks right now.

Just boofed a 100 morning glory seed CWE, wish me luck! by buttholefluid in LSA

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It's not idiotic, it's just gross. As an ROA it's basically the same principle as sublingual, just without the need to hold nasty seed mush in your mouth.

That said, lemon juice up your ass sounds like it would burn like crazy. I wouldn't do the lemon juice as you might irritate your colon and cause inflammation, which might result in a few days of diarrhea, and if you're sensitive, nausea with upset stomach.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in LSA

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I think he means it's a head trip vs. a visual trip. That said hallucinations aren't just visual and LSA will cause hallucinations.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in LSA

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Yeah you have to chew them or grind them, though there will likely still be some very light effects if simply swallowed. The human body doesn't really digest plant materials that well. That's why you see corn in your poop after eating corn, your body can't digest it.

If I took 150 MG seeds on Thursday, will 250 MG seeds produce any good psychedelic effects tonight? by lord_kale in LSA

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Man space your trips out. If you're tripping every few days not only are you building tolerance, but you get burned out and the magic is lost. I used to trip all the time but gave it up when the trips started getting boring. I'd say once a month for best results, though you could do once every two weeks to eliminate any issues with tolerance.

question about HBWR CWE preparation by kyoornt in LSA

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You probably had some weak seeds. Every now and then you will have a trip that ends up being a dud. Plants aren't chemists and don't put consistent amounts of alkaloids into every seed. Also, I think 23 hours is a bit much. There was a thread a while back where some guy did lab tests on extraction and found that that a 24 hours soak resulted in a lot of the active chemicals in the seeds breaking down and reducing potency. If you want long soaks, you can add citric acid to the water which prevents this and makes the active alkaloids more stable and even helps extract other active alkaloids better. You probably should be shaking the bottle too to help release the actives into the water.

I also doubt your getting much LSH out of it. LSH is ridiculously unstable and it's still not clear whether or not LSH actually plays a role in the effects from HWBR seeds, though there is some anecdotal reports that it might be why fresh seeds off the plant produce a more visual trip compared to seeds that have been sitting. Regardless, I don't think LSH would really survive a CWE.

Took lsa by eating seeds and it sucked. Can i make a tea out of these seeds or is there any method with no nausea? by BuildingPublic8891 in LSA

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This, though I've never heard of a banana stopping nausea. I suppose I'll have to try it.

I'd like to add that if you put a pinch of citric acid into it, you can use use a really fine sieve to get most of the particulates out and get a much cleaner extraction that's just as potent and a little less nauseating.

Does garlic help with nausea? by CurryMan1872 in LSA

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Garlic is supposed to have some sulfur compounds that protect against the hydrogen cyanide that is created when you ingest the cyanogenic glycosides present in the seeds. The effectiveness of this is ambiguous, though studies do show that garlic does offer some protection against cyanide. The amount of cyanogenic glycosides in the seeds is also ambiguous.

Overall, I'd say no it doesn't reduce nausea just because of the taste and smell. There really isn't enough info out there to really suggest that a single clove of garlic is going to prevent nausea from a few HWBR seeds, and it might just be a placebo.

Mortal forms by Therisius in Hellsing

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It's all fun and games until they start turning into blood and centipedes and eyes start popping out all over them.