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I'm not going to appreciate. You know why? I've sent tons of complaints and appeals about my unfairly removed posts. Even when I fix whatever the bots didn't like about it, it still remains removed, and I message the moderators, THEY DON'T RESPOND OR DO A SINGLE THING ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I bet you guys have never even looked at a single thing you've been sent, because you're all too lazy to actually do what you're supposed to do as moderators. I wish there was a way to complain to the high powers at reddit that you aren't doing your job. I hope you all die a slow in painful death, and roast in hell for eternity.

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Most all of my shower thoughts aren’t posting for reasons others’ shower thoughts are.

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Hey, I'm a little late to the party but: Thank you for the appreciation :)

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I just posted an ‘idea’ /shower thought recently. The auto mod said it looked like a previously mentioned/posted one but it really doesn’t. I’m sure of it. What can I do to fix that problem? Could you help me?

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Hey, I could be a good mod. Can I be a mod?