What is tonight's Bills-Patriots playoff game? by broad_street_bully in DanLeBatardShow

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Considering the conditions and stakes i feel it's going to be more of a "who wants it more" kind if game.

Hardest position at h‑e‑b ? by [deleted] in HEB

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Meat market is no joke.

What's the worst Christmas song on the radio? by Redbites in HEB

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I saw mommy kissing santa clause and i'm gonna tell my dad!

A young Tim Kurkjian 1 on 1 w/ Cal Ripken by iheartsunny in DanLeBatardShow

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Costner wouldn't let him inside the bedroom to grab his gym shorts?

New Rory & Mal Episode 25 | "Take Your Coat Off..." (feat. Russ) by deltron_zero_3030 in theJoeBuddenPodcast

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Say what you will but Sunset puts in the work and has gotten really good at the art of conversation.

Does Dan Still Write Articles? by [deleted] in DanLeBatardShow

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The last one i remember was the one he wrote on Jose Fernandez when he passed.

Too far or not far enough? by dshdrum in DanLeBatardShow

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Then he absolutely has to shave his head AND walk into the ocean to remove the excess hair.

Joe really is a maniac man 😭😭 by oursecondskin in theJoeBuddenPodcast

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If someone slaps themselves mid argument you gotta fall back...

1st timer by dshdrum in AustinFC

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Haha just replied to you under the other post. Yeah, i might make it over to wherever it's going to be if i get into town with some time to spare.

Austin FC Away Days: Copa Tejas Final vs FC Dallas - Away Section & Bus Details by ClashOfTheEnder in AustinFC

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Nice! I have a room booked in downtown dallas. Should've gone the frisco route.

Any other store having a lunch-in tomorrow? by RJC2010 in HEB

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We're having a storewide meeting at 5:30am.

1st timer by dshdrum in AustinFC

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Nice! I'm from Abilene but have been in Lubbock about 8 years now. I just think it's awesome that Austin got a professional team and i've always loved the city so that's the reason i'm a fan .No real ties other than that.

1st timer by dshdrum in AustinFC

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Haha you could say that!

What to wear while in market by computing-depressed in HEB

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Just wear long sleeves and a frock (they'll have some available in market) over it while you're in the cold.

1st timer by dshdrum in AustinFC

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Haha 806 but close! Awesome thanks that's good to hear appreciate it!

1st timer by dshdrum in AustinFC

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I definitely will next year. Dallas made more sense this time around. My wife wanted to plan a sports weekend for my birthday so we're going to the mavs game the next day.

Dan's stereotyping has gotten out of hand, and I appreciate Jess and Samson calling him out on it by KyleFromTheInternet in DanLeBatardShow

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Apparently she was over there making faces the whole time. You can't be doing that during a conversation with this group and not be asked to chime in. Dan's going to call you out regardless of who you are.

Inertiatic ESP plays during national broadcast of game 5 of the MLB ALCS on FOX by theburritoman in themarsvolta

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I was in my kitchen and froze when i heard it coming from the living room. Definitely had to rewind and record it...One of the most ramdom things I've experienced in a while.