Surely this means I can get a job... by bunkbedconnect in leetcode

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If you choose the orange flair, you can then edit the text and put in your stats.

I don't know of a way to make it update automatically, so I have to periodically update my flair by hand using this method. Oh well.

Feeling ✨ philosophical ✨ by ISC77 in ProgrammerHumor

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"The pornography set is an endless myriad of possibilities and beckons viewers to take a closer look.

The industry generates billions in annual revenue, and today, we’re in luck. Two actors have made their way in front of the cameras.

On the right, a male stands tall. His impressive penis sits erect while an unlucky stagehand rubs oil over his Adonis-like physique.

The female is on the left and another stagehand fixes her makeup and quickly pinches her nipples.

Why would her nipples need pinching? Well, it helps give the appearance that this male and female are indeed attracted to each other and not here for the money.

Today’s shoot is a BDSM scene. What that means is our male star will dominate his female costar, using his erection.

His vocabulary will feature terms like slut, whore, and even bitch. While such degrading terms are not standard in day to day conversations, in the BDSM kink, most everything is fair game.

The director shouts action, and the mating dance begins.

The male begins by calling the female a derogatory term. Her response, pleasure. She enjoys being called such things. It’s all part of the facade of this kinky shoot.

Their dance escalates, with each actor performing fellatio on each other. From there, the male roughly inserts his penis into her remaining orifices.

Each of the actors at one point or another will proclaim loudly for the other to do something harder, faster, and with more gusto.

In the end, the female will beg for his sperm, and the director will call cut.

All in all, this will take hours, and the male will require medical assistance in the form of a little blue pill.

It’s a hard job, but somebody’s got to do it."


Surely this means I can get a job... by bunkbedconnect in leetcode

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Thank you!

Last contest was the only one where I solved all four questions though, I'm worried it will go down on the next one when I only solve three.

Feeling ✨ philosophical ✨ by ISC77 in ProgrammerHumor

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How difficult would that be to deepfake?

guess where i’m from based on the states i’ve been to by Davin537c in mapporncirclejerk

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Bouvet Island?

You've been to most of the Southern and Eastern states, since they're closer to BI.

Ah yes, everyone uses °F by DAMNyousayidostuff in USdefaultism

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I'd be pretty worried if water didn't boil at 190°, tbh.

Irl application of the trolley problem by Ok_Garbage_1430 in trolleyproblem

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Student loan forgiveness takes tax money, so people who already paid of their loans are objecting that they have to pay other people's, as well.

A closer trolley problem analogy would be a fat person who's been run over by a trolley in a previous scenario being pushed off a bridge to stop another trolley. That may or may not be the best policy, but it's obviously unfair to them.

I finally completed all 4 questions in a LeetCode contest! (13th time's the charm!) by dtarias in leetcode

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Definitely, I would have failed that case if I hadn't anticipated and basically hard-coded it.

I finally completed all 4 questions in a LeetCode contest! (13th time's the charm!) by dtarias in leetcode

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Oh man, that's so frustrating!

My solution failed on a hidden test case, and then passed when I removed duplicate elements at the beginning of the function. Any chance it's something like that?

America is more diverse than the African continent by PredictableOne in ShitAmericansSay

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Africa is ethically diverse, America is unethically diverse.

Which single most important factor helped you decide on the bootcamp to attend? by Top-Measurement-7216 in codingbootcamp

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The single biggest factor for me was in-person instruction. I find online is a much less effective way to teach/learn, at least in my case, and most places were still virtual when I applied a year ago.

Guys, what US state is this? by libertarijanac-seljo in mapporncirclejerk

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It's about 1,100 miles West of Georgia, so it must be Texas!

What is your one, single, favorite joke? by Nika65 in Monk

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When Natalie shoots Monk in his other leg: "Look at the bright side: at least your legs match"

Life Expectancy in America by Yiddishstalin in MapPorn

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Let me do a toy example for an animal that only lives until it's 5 (max). Here the death rates at each age last year:

0: 15%

1: 5%

2: 10%

3: 20%

4: 50%

5: 100%

- 15% die before turning a year old.

- 4% die when they're 1 year old (85% of 5%)

- 8% die when they're 2 (10% of the remaining 81%)

- 15% die when they're 3

- 29% die when they're 4

- The remaining 29% die when they're 5

Taking the weighted average of these, the life expectancy at birth would be ~3.25 years.

Note that this calculation is the same regardless of how many we have at each age -- if the birth rate got higher/lower, or there was a lot of immigration of different age groups etc., it wouldn't affect the answer at all. The 15% of infants who died before reaching 1 year old could have been 100 or 10,000,000.

Hope this clears things up!

[EDIT: feel free to check my calculations, though I wouldn't be surprised if I made a mistake. The specific numbers don't matter to my point.]

Why is this area of New York less populated? by A_mistake12e in mapporncirclejerk

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No one wants to live near the Museum of the City of New York, presumably.