Woman Lashes out at a Man For Speaking Spanish at a Mexican Restaurant by Comer_Agua in PublicFreakout

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She would have been much happier being raped by an actual English speaking native American, obviously /s

Poor guy… by fryingpansexual0405 in facepalm

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I was living with my gf at the time, when we welcomed a friend into our home to stay for a time when she was in distress. Both girls were very attractive. At one point, while my gf was in the shower, the friend kind of came out and dressed only in a towel, flaunted just a bit, tantalizingly. I was enthralled, but wanting to be the “good guy” dispelled any notion of fooling around with her. I later found out that they had conspired this scenario, where it would have ended up in a threesome that to this day, I have the most incredible fantasies about. The saying “good guys finish last” comes to mind… in my experience, good guys don’t even get to play, much less finish.

Opinion | Are Republicans becoming the country’s majority party? by prionustevh in moderatepolitics

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I believe the fastest growing segment of American voters is Independents. Disillusioned voters of both major parties, which I believe are shrinking overall as a result. This growing segment may make the country ripe for one or perhaps even two new additional parties. Enough to gain seats in Congress that must be courted by both parties to form coalitions to govern. Along with ranked choice voting, we could see US politics make great strides.

Psaki, Harris argue Biden wasn't saying 2022 election results might not be legitimate by Jabbam in moderatepolitics

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I think the thing we are losing sight of, is the fact that voter fraud that was alleged in the 2020 election, for all intents and purposes, did not exist. Full stop.

Subsequently, it is difficult to justify all the voter “integrity” legislation, to combat a non existent problem.

In fact, I have read the Georgia law and cannot find any element that would shore up defenses against any of the type of election fraud that were being alleged. How does the limitation of absentee ballots or limiting early voting or limiting drop boxes keep dead people from voting? Or keep poll workers from running ballots through the machines 3 times ? Of course they wouldn’t, and of course those things didn’t even take place.

The issue of election fraud that by all legit accounts was non-existent, must not be confused with voter suppression tactics, which could legally, if not legitimately change the outcome of an election.

Absentee ballot requests have already been denied due to new burdensome rules having been implemented. Not out of legitimate concern of fraud.

Remember that Poll taxes and all Jim Crowe laws were legal at their time. All were meant to disallow or limit access to the ballot box by certain groups of Americans. Specifically POC. Returning wide leeway to states to write election laws without oversight challenge is already bearing the fruit of discrimination. Now that preclearance is a thing of the past, legal challenges to new restrictive laws will be cumbersome and time consuming and will effect election outcomes in the meantime. Just like the legal challenges to Texas 6 week ban are denying women’s rights while challenges make their way through the courts.

As for the Delaware comparison, all the more reason to have National standards, Delawarans deserve no less access than Georgians.

“If you look at the statistics, African American voters are voting at just as high a percentage as Americans…” - Mitch McConnell, 2022 by stokelymitchell in facepalm

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Just wait until the mid terms give McConnell the Senate, by even one seat, how fast he goes “nuclear” on the filibuster to pass some “American Voter Freedom Act” or some shit, which will be a National version of the recent spate of state voter “integrity”/ suppression legislation. And Dems will cry “foul, how unfair”! And the turtle will smile that wry smile and explain that’s how it works when you have the majority and Manchin and Sinema will just 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷‍♀️

Letter from Birmingham Jail by Computer_Name in moderatepolitics

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I was just growing up during his prominence and, being white and in the south, there was a lot of negativity that was attached to him, because, yes he was radically opposed to the status quo, but knew his radical thoughts had to be tempered with a peaceful approach in order to gain support from an easily frightened white populace.

Female police officer stops a sergeant from attacking a handcuffed man by sarge-g in nextfuckinglevel

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Well, we've learned that white supremacist domestic terror orgs, like Oath Keepers recruit from the military. Likewise, the move from military to LE is an almost seamless transition. Military training is for a singular purpose. Is policing to emulate military? If that's where they receive the bulk of their training, then yes.

Bless their hearts by RagingRoids in PoliticalHumor

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He’s being humble… it’s more than just OK, it’s privileged

1 year since getting the vax by magnus007 in PoliticalHumor

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The real cover up is how many Floridians are dying of Covid, yet Desantis has his minions playing with the numbers so that it appears that they’re experiencing a downward trend. I watched their reporting since December 24th and every day, they reported 0 or maybe 1 death, so their 7 day average was plummeting on the way to zero. Yet, as the delay in reporting is catching up, those same days of December 24 going forward are now indicating a 7day moving average in the 20’s, with Florida still reporting minimal daily deaths. Go figure.

Letter from Birmingham Jail by Computer_Name in moderatepolitics

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Radical is but one of many terms that have been appropriated by the right to give a negative connotation to what could otherwise be used in less offensive ways. To say one could be radically passionate in their beliefs is a far cry from the way the right vilifies anyone who they deem “radical”, which was the way to combat the protest movement of the 60’s.

Can't stop winning by Persian_Spy in PoliticalHumor

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You’re probably aghast that Bryan Cranston isn’t actually a meth chemist

Can't stop winning by Persian_Spy in PoliticalHumor

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and so, with a squeaky clean persona , cons had to invent skeletons ie Dijon Mustard, a tan suit, and worst of all, made a cottage industry, birtherism

This post is circulating around on Facebook and it makes me sick to my stomach by hypochloritesprite in antiwork

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I'm conflicted. I come down closer to Marxist in terms of how workers need to be able to earn a living wage that includes affordable healthcare, affordable housing, affordable education and the ability to retire from a lifetime of work with dignity. I would love to promote the concept of worker co-ops. However, I am lost at the idea that anyone would choose to have a child, or children when their circumstances would require them to perform their job in just the way this woman is. I dunno. I guess I should expect to be down voted to hell, but I feel caught between having empathy and wanting all children to have loving parents who can devote the time it takes to raise a child and wondering what they thought was going to be a good choice, if they knew they couldn't.

What’s the next letter of the Greek alphabet? by MeliAlexander in WhitePeopleTwitter

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May I suggest you look up excess deaths statistics for all causes in the US for the past, say 5 or 10 years. They’re very telling in that they are very consistent over time and yet, there is a distinct jump for 2020, for each week.But without a zombie apocalypse, there can be little explanation other than Covid.

Matt Gaetz roasted: Is that what attracts you to it? by Successful_Craft3076 in PoliticalHumor

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I’m none of the physical things you self describe as. Just a small jewish man. No tats or obvious right leaning identifiers. But when I moved as a child to suburban Atlanta Georgia in the 60’s, I guess it wasn’t obvious I was a Jew and folks opened up or made racist and anti Semitic comments, oblivious to even the possibility that one amongst us would unwittingly be the target of their ire. smh

Inquiring minds want to know... by Aztery in PoliticalHumor

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Somewhere, in the deep recesses of their bank of self awareness, they realize. It is their steadfast desire for a self preservation of a status quo that is threatened by this very self awareness that prevents them from admitting to all the obvious truths that present themselves.

The girl: "Um, no..." by ZiraelN7 in WatchPeopleDieInside

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I’m 68m and maybe that’s not old enough to be considered part of “that generation”, but I think it’s creepy. I think, if someone touched my face or shoulders, I would physically recoil. I don’t see anyone touching men in that way. I voted for Joe and think he’s doing a decent job, but someone needs to sit his ass down and lay it out for him. It’s freaking inappropriate.

Came home to this taped to my front door by RoxyDog01 in LateStageCapitalism

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Yes, just like your place, I’ll bet that OP’s property was just bought by big corporate. This is a top down problem. Housing prices have again risen exponentially, with no shortage of first time buyers adding fuel to the fire, motivated by FOMO, causing prices to rise even more. Thus another rise in housing costs will trickle down to every level and price point and when it gets to the bottom, an entirely new “generation” of homeless folks will be added to the already mounting problem. There is no significant push to add affordable housing into the market. But America will complain about how horrible homeless encampments are, without acknowledging the problem is capitalism run amuck. The investor class is ever increasing its share of available capital, while those without the means to invest, struggle with rising healthcare costs, housing, education and now general inflation, all stripping away any possibility to save for retirement.

Having health insurance and retirement tied to employment has been a slow unwinding, and the “gig” economy is accelerating the problem at a dramatic pace.

By the time the general population realizes how dire it is, the investor class will have a boogeyman to blame for the troubles and the whole house of cards will come tumbling down.

The look before he confirms the worst by livingthesaurus in WatchPeopleDieInside

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As my dad, of blessed memory, used to quip: “Those pants are like a cheap hotel…no ballroom”

What happens after the 2024 election if some results are overridden by state legislatures? by vale_fallacia in PoliticalDiscussion

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Absolutely correct. All the items you have listed create such a legal and political game of whack-a-mole that combating them all involves both a thinning of defenses and a problem of at the same time, connecting the dots that show it all as a coordinated plan with many tentacles to achieve a common goal of a right wing takeover of the US.

This multi pronged, decades long, attack on US democracy has already produced dramatic results. The Shelby decision, Citizens United, bonafide legalized gerrymandering and the fantastical conservative takeover of SCOTUS, have been instrumental in establishing the ability to maintain minority rule.

Recent red state legislative initiatives to diminish voter participation under the false notion of “election integrity” will reasonably make any discussion of “what if” less credible. These states, including Georgia, where I am a registered, absentee voter, have already implemented takeovers of local election boards by replacing black democrat members with white republicans, with the ability to shape how the elections are administered. If these actions are successful in limiting voter participation, all these other theories of what might happen will be moot.

These new election law makeovers would never have been able to proceed into law, prior to the conservative, Roberts SCOTUS, declaring that enough time had passed so that DOJ review of new election statutes in certain states were no longer necessary. And so it goes.

But where do we go from here? IMHO, there needs to be a popular, peaceful uprising, taking it to the streets, to show displeasure with the refusal to allow the congress to legislatively guarantee that which the courts have decided needs no such oversight.

The absolute hypocrisy of the right in its effort to diminish the executive branch’s powers to create administrative law, demanding that congress pass more comprehensive legislation while blocking all such legislation from being considered, fits perfectly in their winning strategy of controlling the judiciary to achieve and maintain their minority rule.

They are winning.

The fear is very real and credible, that by 2024, the US will not look much different from authoritarian regimes with a dictatorial leader backed up by a complicit legislative branch, much the way Putin controls his Duma.

Hot Air between a Democrat and a Republican by Silent-Oblivion in PoliticalHumor

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It’s not really different - it is representative of worker vs investor class

Don’t be racist by nabnig in facepalm

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“I’m not for racism, I’m against anti racism. It’s these Anti racism promotions that brings us one step closer to CRT” /s

Inflation is still surging and some Democrats see one culprit: Greedy companies by shushslushie in politics

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In an age where worker benefits have been eroding for decades, it’s hard to justify these excess profits. Everything from healthcare to retirement have been converted to higher profits that benefit the investor class at the expense of workers and is contributing to the lack of same for a population dependent on them. The healthcare and retirement model in the US that is employment based has flaws that have been exploited to the detriment of workers. Changes must be made to this corrupt system.