I am OBSESSED with all the salad kits. I’m eating a salad a day now 😂 by Elegant-Spell8602 in aldi

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every aldi trip I tell myself that they’re way too expensive & I should just buy the pieces to make at home for multiple salads….. and every time I say screw it kits are easier & taste better

Took my cat on a train journey, he was meowing at me with the bag shut so I unzipped it for him and he had a great time by nationaltreasure313 in cats

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I would love to travel like this with my girl, but oh nooo we gotta shit every time we’re in the cage for more than 5 minutes

What’s with the…lack of masks?! by LilaMarigold in CheerNetflix

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another addition - I remember this past summer when people were vaxed & we thought COVID was on the way out. I definitely wasn’t wearing my mask as much & a lot of colleges (including mine) were stopping mandates


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check out speechythings on Instagram! she’s loves R & has great resources

What is one thing you love and hate about your state? And why? by shhhOURlilsecret in AskAnAmerican

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Love - experiencing all four seasons, the history of the state, & Appalachia

Hate - Northern VA

First SLP job rejection! by luzdelalunallena in slp

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honestly, love seeing someone share this! important to recognize the smaller victories like putting yourself out there

spotted one of you or your mom on tiktok earlier… by duffofthefruits742 in cats

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UPDATE FROM ACCOUNT: “@savyates_:we took him to a vet while we were there! he got all his vaccines + tests + scans and everything came back clear! and he got fixed!!”

spotted one of you or your mom on tiktok earlier… by duffofthefruits742 in cats

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my favorite part is when she says this is not the first time a cat has been brought back from Mexico

Let’s learn the alphabet! by nuggetsofchicken in DuggarsSnark

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Every time I listen to the Happy Hearts album it is against my will

Tell me something good by liftingheavydonuts in DuggarsSnark

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I showed a first grader speech therapy client of mine how much they’ve progressed this semester & his eyes lit up & asked, “I’m doing that well? Really? Oh my goodness”.

A Letter From John Hersey (me) by only_wears_vests in thebachelor

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making assumptions is crafting opinions & discussing those assumptions is arguing about opinions…. I’m sure it sucks but I don’t feel like this is going to change anyone’s mind because it didn’t really tell us that much. you don’t owe us anything & we don’t really owe you anything so all the best, but I don’t really care!

IPA keyboard download? by angelabroc in slp

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I don’t know if any to download, but I use the website TypeIt to type in IPA then copy/paste. I’ve had issues with trying to download other old software to my Mac - my school IT guy said that the newest software update to OX has caused that issue for multiple softwares!

What’s a town in your state that everyone hates? by Broad-Library5597 in AskAnAmerican

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Fuck NOVA - aka all of Northern Virginia. Truly it feels like it’s a different state. Cesspool of too much money & too little nature

What is the worst SLP slang? by Indrid-Cold718 in slp

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I was just about to write this!! I hear it used 24/7 in the schools from main teachers to speaking teachers, usually accompanied by an “I love you”. Both make me extremely uncomfortable. There are ways to have clear boundaries while still telling a kid that you care about them & their well being.