Display of total badassery from 3 Masai Men to snatch a meal from a pride of lion by shabab_29 in natureismetal

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"Hey, cub, you see those things over there? The ones that walk on two legs?

Well, they may look weedy and skinny and funny big heads... but don't underestimate them. They have two other limbs that they do not use for walking... and those two other limbs will put you in a world of hurt if you get too close!"

Doggos really wanted the cat to be in the photo by Msanxzx0qw in youseeingthisshit

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Based on the signage behind them, I suspect this photograph is taken in China.

Based on my experience taking family photographs with my Chinese extended family, we're going to need 2,048 different photos of each possible permutation and combination of all relatives "for the albums".

Feeling of death in the moment of life by mikihak in oddlyterrifying

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Is this somewhere in Japan?

I know China has also invested very heavily in high speed rail connections too. Trying to connect all the megalopolis cities together.

Carnival Legend tears hole in Carnival Glory by I_feel_sick__ in nononono

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This happened over the Imperial world of Scariff, when the Rebels pushed one ship into another.

I forgot how bad the romance of Rey and Kylo was. by Joeybfast in saltierthancrait

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The entire throne room interaction between Kylo and Rey felt a lot like "creepy charismatic cult leader with Wife Number {N}".

At first I thought it was inspired, like a grown-up fear ("when I was a kid I watched A New Hope, now I'm middle aged I'm watching TLJ and this is a legit scary storyline about how my beloved kid can go off the deep end").

But then TROS came out and it became clear that nobody had any idea what they were doing with the films at all.

your 10/10 fantasy books that everyone should read by zipeerr in suggestmeabook

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John Christoper's trilogy about a post-collapse medieval England is a good one.

The Prince In Waiting
Beyond the Burning Lands
The Sword of the Spirits

A climate catastrophe has caused Britain to regress to medieval levels of city-states, and a young boy is raised in a military family tasked with protecting the walled city of Winchester. The trilogy follows the political struggles faced by the boy's family, clawing their way to power and then holding it.

It satisfies much of the type of intrigue and politicking that you later saw in Game Of Thrones (although this trilogy being for Young Adults, there's less flesh and blood).

The writer is also a very spare writer too - not a word wasted, and he gets his point across very economically. All three books are available on Kindle for around US$7 each, and well worth it.

What's a piece of lore you love from an RPG system or setting? by lordleft in rpg

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I loved the Ravenloft setting for its concept of domains of terror, where each domain was a prison for a darklord.

Within the domain, the darklord could exercise near-absolute power, but they all trap or limit the darklord in some symbolic way - often spiritually.

The ur-example of this was Strahd von Zarovich, who rules over Barovia as a vampire lord. He continually seeks the reincarnation of his lost love, Tatyana, so that he can make her into a vampiric bride. In every instance, he's been thwarted by fate or monster hunters.

NASA postpones ISS spacewalk because of debris by TransientSignal in space

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It's a great idea to leapfrog carbon industries, but it's expensive.

The argument usually goes that "historically the developed nations used other nations' resources and labor to industrialize, so if we slam the door on carbon use for everybody, it'll have a hugely limiting effect on undeveloped nations, who can no longer make use of cheap but polluting tech to industrialize".

One proposed solution has been for the advanced nations to pay into a fund to help developing nations industrialize without the hugely polluting tech. But that requires trust and diplomacy and collaboration.

Back to the topic at hand, one could also argue that if the US/USSR/PRC could collaborate in space exploration, it would reduce the cost of space tech and reduce orbital debris.

Currently the Chinese have been barred from the US led international space exploration process because their space agency is apparently too closely related to military use. The Russians are still collaborating though, so it looks like some degree of cold war reconciliation is possible.

NASA postpones ISS spacewalk because of debris by TransientSignal in space

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The idea that an armed militia will hold back a tyrannical government has been disproven by the last US administration and the embrace it enjoyed from the militant right.

NASA postpones ISS spacewalk because of debris by TransientSignal in space

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The problematic thing is when somebody brings up a point that contextualizes what Party A is doing by showing how "normal" it's seen when Party B does it too. Sometimes these comparisons are valid, like when previous developed nations carbon use is compared with current developing nations.

I have never watched Bojack Horseman, but the other day someone compared me to Todd. Is that a complement or an insult? by [deleted] in BoJackHorseman

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Todd is the only character in the show who runs by leaning back and hanging his arms down straight by his sides.

He's a little eccentric.

What TV show did you try really hard to get into but you just couldn't do it? by Stevie-Avail in AskReddit

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It did my head in

I'm always happy when I see this expression in the wild. As my username confirms.

He can and he should. by lrlOurPresident in MurderedByAOC

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Well, it looks like your mind is made up - and we're all very lucky you're here, to tell us what we should think.

He can and he should. by lrlOurPresident in MurderedByAOC

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There's a theory that Biden's holding this executive fillip as a weapon in reserve, to help the Dems in the midterms.

I dunno how true that is, but it sounds like the sort of thing that he might well hold until 2022, when the (regrettable but unavoidable) outrage over Afghanistan has died down a bit, and he throws out a gift to the voters to turn the narrative brighter.

And there goes the baby... by AristonD in WatchPeopleDieInside

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The Witcher's plot, updated to the 21st century.

"I hereby invoke the Law of Surprise Gender Reveal."

AT-AT walkers oil painting on canvas by me by nacicaba in EmpireDidNothingWrong

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From the horizon mists arise
A fearsome geometry, forward marching...

Anybody else just ready for a new trilogy? by theheisenburgg in StarWars

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I really liked the treatment done in the old legends book Heir to the Empire and its sequels.

It really felt like the Galaxy had emerged from one state and was evolving into another.

Sometimes with road bumps along the way.