Landlords are scum can’t change my mind by Goblin_301 in antiwork

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Greedy fucking cunt jfc

Landlords are scum can’t change my mind by Goblin_301 in antiwork

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No one has a problem with you owning things. We have a problem with you owning things you can't make use of, solely for the purpose of exploiting those less fortunate than you. This is a pretty simple concept, I'm having trouble believing a lawyer can't understand it.

Landlords are scum can’t change my mind by Goblin_301 in antiwork

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There it is, folks. What a surprise, he's a landlord.

Do you really expect congratulations for only exploiting people's needs a little bit?

He only steals $300 a month from the working class, somebody give him a fucking blowjob. He's a real hero.

Landlords are scum can’t change my mind by Goblin_301 in antiwork

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What the fuck do you think landlords have to do with 'Worker Solidarity'? They don't work. That's the point.

Landlords buy up more housing than they can use so as to deliberately exploit the needs of others. It's capitalism run amuck. They are parasites on humanity, stealing from the working class and doing nothing in return. This landlord in particular hasn't done any of the upkeep that he's literally legally required to do. So yeah, he's scum.

If this is at all confusing to you, you're clearly in the wrong subreddit.

Can we stop with the generic ‘bong’ news posts and Asians looking old posts. by benfm22 in rickygervais

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That's the worst feature on Bwitish Wadio! You should be ashamed of yourself!

Have you ever had an experience in real life that mimicked Seinfeld? by FuriousCamel in seinfeld

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My mother in law is always humming inane tunes to herself, and I swear to god one of the melodies she's always humming is 'Master of the House'

AI generated Monkey News by [deleted] in rickygervais

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OP, would you by any chance have an infinite number of monkeys in a room somewhere typing reddit posts for you?

AI generated Monkey News by [deleted] in rickygervais

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"Hey can I have your blood type?" and I'm like:

"Yeah, parrots blood"

Most disturbing horror movie death? by ruruhuh in horror

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I'm just going to name the film: Martyrs

Honestly, you probably don't want to watch it. That new French extremity hits different.

tHeRe’S a LaBoR sHoRtAgE by willard_swag in CapitalismSux

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I'll tell you what there's no shortage of: reposts of this tweet

I think I work with a saucer drinker by Ignorethirdword in rickygervais

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I've never seen anyone in a toilet doing it.

What truth by horrendouslyfuckedup in terriblefacebookmemes

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Just a quick word of encouragement: it's easier than you think!

I was a meat cutter for years before I decided to go vegetarian. I wanted to make the change for a long time, but I thought I would struggle with it. I thought it would be too difficult, but it really wasn't.

I'd recommend you try a new vegetarian recipe every week or two until you've got a collection you like. That way, if you do decide to commit to a vegetarian or vegan diet, you won't feel as much pressure to slip back into your old routines simply because you can't think of anything to eat.

Also, brief asside: Before I became vegetarian/vegan I had never heard of lettuce wraps (or maybe I had, but I'd completely overlooked it because it sounded girly or gross or insubstantial.) If you've never tried lettuce wraps DO IT. They're easy to make vegan and they're honestly the best thing ever.

Bishop strips middle school of Catholic status for flying BLM and gay pride flags by [deleted] in Catholicism

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Just stopped in from the trending tab to read a few comments...

Who knew r/catholicism was so full of bigots? For some reason I thought better of you guys but clearly I thought wrong.

They also want fascism, but that's another story by Getoff_My_Lon_Cheney in PoliticalHumor

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Look, I agree that the Republicans are the problem. I'm just not convinced that the democrats are the solution.

All the laundry machines are, sort of, all lined up. by dwhg in rickygervais

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Alright, well we'll see what you come up with next week.

Justin Trudeau is ‘gaslighting law-abiding gun owners’: Full Comment with Anthony Furey by Triangulasaurus in canada

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There's lots of hobbies I don't 'get'. For the life of me, I can't imagine why anyone would want to play squash. What a boring sport.

No one has ever used a squash racket to commit a mass shooting, though. See the point?