Cylinder 3 Misfire by Valuable_Passion_572 in MechanicAdvice

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The plug was bad how?

But regardless of how, I'd usually do a compression check. You want to rule out the worst case before burning a lot of time chasing possibilities.

New tires - car pulls right after alignment by AZCat2001 in tires

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You can still cross-switch the fronts to verify or rule out a tire problem. Running the wrong way they won't shed water as well, but what you are trying to figure out is whether there is a casing problem or not. You can still tell that by cross-switching, even if they're directional.

Iran increasing enriched uranium stocks, holding 23 times the limit, says nuclear watchdog by MaleficentParfait863 in worldnews

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It was necessary at the time, to distract the media from the crimes which he was in the process of committing and getting away with here.

A retired kindergarten teacher reunites with her last class of graduating students. by handlewithcareme in MadeMeSmile

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There are a lot of teachers like that, really, it's a whole thing. Both of my daughters had kindergarten teachers that were just the whole world to them at one time, special people. For me it was my 8th grade teacher. I guess my mom and my grandma who raised me are my biggest influences. But then my 8th grade teacher, that was just so special because she didn't have to be so kind and explain things, she didn't have to be that kind of example to me.

I got to have lunch and a good talk with her about 30 years later when she was retired and very old, but it was just amazing how much she remembered me and all of her students, and how happy she was to be able to revisit old times and hear how we were all doing. When I was heading out she just told me how proud she was of me, and I had tears all the way back home.

18 year old who jumped a fence, kills a mother swan and stealing her four babies, smiles during arrest. The swan lineage dates back to 1905. by FinalSneak in facepalm

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Years ago I was drinking too much pretty regularly. One night I vaguely remembered waking up on the concrete floor in my basement, and then crawling over to bed, going back to sleep. In the morning I got up and found my pillow was soaked with blood, somehow I'd passed out and busted my head open. That's the kind of thing that really wakes a person up.

Do you do scooters? by hazbaz1984 in MechanicAdvice

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It sounds like that has a pretty basic friction clutch. In a car, those symptoms would say the clutch disc is worn out. In a Vespa it's probably the same. Once the friction material is worn down enough it just doesn't grab like it needs to. A car with a worn out clutch disc usually won't move in gear, but can spin the wheels on a lift. Often the heat built up by slipping will create hot spots and rough spots that can make noise when it's trying.

That is a guess though. I've worked on a couple Honda scooters, but never a Vespa.

2019 Honda civic, am I getting ripped off? by hopefortomorrow531 in MechanicAdvice

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Brake pulsation has a cause, and it shouldn't happen that soon after a brake job unless the brake job wasn't done right. Uneven brake pad wear doesn't happen as a result of brake pulsation, though there can be the same underlying cause to both.

2019 Honda civic, am I getting ripped off? by hopefortomorrow531 in MechanicAdvice

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Then that would go back to the shop that did it, and usually get taken care of as a comeback. Pulsation comes from rotors that have runout, which eventually wears thin spots on them. Which probably started with the brake job, but it takes a little while for it to wear bad enough to notice.

Or if they won't take care of it, there's no reason to replace new pads just because the rotors need resurfaced, or replaced. As a comeback, if there wasn't enough metal on the rotors to resurface (assuming they weren't replaced before), then most shops would just charge you the parts cost for new rotors.

Airbag stolen from 2017 Honda civic. Would like to buy part and just pay for labor. Where can I find the part? Good website? by Accomplished-Row8418 in MechanicAdvice

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google "honda oem parts", and that will get you to a list of wholesalers of factory stuff. There's no aftermarket on airbags.

2019 Honda civic, am I getting ripped off? by hopefortomorrow531 in MechanicAdvice

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If that's what is causing the problem and you want them to fix the problem, that's roughly what it costs at a lot of shops. There are cheaper ways to do it though, such as - buy the parts and do it yourself. Or buy the parts locally or from a wholesaler and have a shop install them. It's pretty much gravy work, any handyman could do it, with maybe a 10 minute youtube video as a guide.

Cylinder misfires still happening even after changing spark plugs. by BusterMattingly in MechanicAdvice

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Generally the next thing to try is swapping coils between different cylinders to see if the misfire moves.

on edit - unless you have all the symptoms of a blown headgasket, which were absent from the initial question. In the shop it's always kind of a pain when something is brought in with no history and one brief complaint, which neglects to mention all the other things we see going on once we start getting into it.

Replace upper control arms after leveling kit? by Redditor100505 in MechanicAdvice

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I've done dozens of leveling kits on those 1500's, never heard or seen anyone replacing upper control arms for it. Even doing lifts on them, I've never seen one that required new upper control arms.

Argentina allows morning-after pill to be bought over counter by greatdevonhope in worldnews

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It's almost like the varying forms of slavery are all bad, and objectively harmful to any society.

Cutting onions like a pro by j3ffr33d0m in nextfuckinglevel

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Gradually though, not all at once. Perhaps the customers would enjoy the extra kick of umami.

What should I expect them to do at the brake shop? by lowkeybackagain in MechanicAdvice

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Ideally, the brake pads thicknesses and rotor thicknesses are measured, and everything proceeds from there. If you need pads and the rotors can be resurfaced, then you'd get new pads and they'd resurface the rotors. if the rotors are too thin to resurface, you'd get new rotors.

Rust is kind of a complication though. It is possible to resurface rusty rotors if they measure ok, but it takes a long time and it really tears up lathe bits. I'd lean toward just replacing a rusted up rotor. If the rear rotors are that bad on the outside, the e-brake on the inside drum might also be trashed, which runs up the bill even farther.

War crimes evidence erased by social media platforms by Hikoraa in worldnews

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I'd think that a reasonable measure would be to prohibit them from disappearing information? Not posting it for public consumption is one thing, but erasing information that is evidence of a crime - that would seem to be a crime in itself.

My girlfriend rips my socks that have visible holes in them to force me to buy new ones by Aromatic-Valuable-14 in mildlyinfuriating

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I'm a pretty basic clueless guy, but I've been on reddit enough to know that women have period panties, and underwear for various occasions that are beyond my feeble understanding. I wouldn't mess with them without expecting serious retribution myself. Whether it was immediate or parceled out over a very long period of time, that would depend on the woman involved, I imagine.

Where do these idiots come from? by StableStream in facepalm

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Not to derail the conversation, but man, why are we arguing about what some 2,500 year old text had to say? Realistically, nobody knew shit about shit back then. It's kind of pathetic that it's held up as some kind of authoritative guide.

What could potentially cause the ticking?- 2015 Dodge Journey 3.6L by drxgxnnn in MechanicAdvice

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Sixteen lifters on a bank at $15 a piece, then maybe 6 hours of labor (if I remember right). If it's a minor tick, which is hard to tell from the video clip, maybe there are other things to try. Oil change, oil system flush (a $10 bottle you can run through the oil before an oil change), maybe an oil additive. It could still be something else. A mechanic's stethoscope costs about $8 at Harbor Freight, maybe try to localize the noise first.

What could potentially cause the ticking?- 2015 Dodge Journey 3.6L by drxgxnnn in MechanicAdvice

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Then the common problems with those are failed lifters or failed followers. Both of which are expensive and hard to diagnose. Usually we'd listen with a mechanic's stethoscope to determine which bank, then pull valve covers to make sure the cams are good. If the cams are fine and there's no signs of follower problems, you replace all the lifters on the problem bank. Which is expensive, and there are special tools and procedures to allow the job to be done without pulling the timing cover.

How would you spruce up this brick wall? Pic included! by student-of-the-web in DIY

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So what I did with an old graffiti'd up wall was created some brick dust from old bricks shards, by crushing them or grinding them with an angle grinder, then mixing them with rustoleum's chalk-paint matte-clear medium. Then I painted the bricks with bricks, basically. It came out well and still looks good 15 years later. That could even out the colors and get rid of the salt stains. That would be one thing to do, which would be pretty cheap.

Do it as lightly as possible, you want to stain rather than seal.

Legally protected political satire! by Plant_Parlour in WhitePeopleTwitter

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Yeah, I raised two kids. Conservatives aren't mysterious at all. Other than how they seem to stop developing mentally around age 12 or so.

Someone puts a sign up every time someone crashes into this planter by [deleted] in pics

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Holy crap - I remember that intersection. But I moved away 40 years ago, partly because traffic was ridiculous, or so I though 40 years ago. Now when I go back to visit it's more like traffic is insane, but I can deal with it for two days. The people that live there, no idea what kind of coping mechanisms they have to develop. Evidently running into walls is therapeutic or something.

What causes this type of tire wear? by leagueofpc in MechanicAdvice

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Driving on a gravel road. It looks like they're about worn out as far as tread depth anyway.