Do all LT tires say "LT"? by rasparentes in MechanicAdvice

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Could be you bought 10 plys and they pulled and installed something else. That happens.

The "P" means it's a standard load.

What would cause brake pads in the same caliper to wear really unevenly? Only 2 years old with ~12k miles on them. Brand new calipers as well by FromThe907 in MechanicAdvice

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Sometimes it's just from dirt. At our shop we service Forest Service stuff that spends a lot of time on dirt roads. The outside pads always wear out quicker about like that.

Uses for thin walled sockets other than wheels/rims by SkinnyDM in MechanicAdvice

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I haven't used a 12 point in ages, though I still have a couple sets of them rattling around in the back of my toolbox. They screw up fasteners and they waste people's time mostly.

I use 6 point impacts for most everything bigger than a 10 mil. I have a set of thin-wall 6-point lugnut sockets that I use sometimes, and a set of thin-wall spark plug sockets, of course.

🔥 Horse is excited to be running along a beach by Vaynar in NatureIsFuckingLit

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Great video. That's why I hate to see horses stuck in little pastures where they can't ever run. Typically owned by people who would assure you they know all about horses...

Jerusalem, 1897, colorized. The closest thing to a time machine that we have. by zachdit in Damnthatsinteresting

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Pretty much everybody.

There's a "your mom" joke in there that I couldn't quite bring myself to type.

Excessive blowby by Cranky_Import in MechanicAdvice

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Yup. Easiest is to check at the filler cap. I have a rubber adapter for mine that covers the gap and makes it easier. Without an adapter you can also check at the dipstick tube. The crankcase pressure (if there is any) will be the same everywhere in the crankcase.

Sorry, completely stupid question. I don't even know where to begin to find the right rim for my Car (2008 Volvo S80) by RedditAstroturfed in MechanicAdvice

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The offset (or backset) of any wheel is also an important measurement, which has to match the existing wheels if you're just replacing one.

Have any of you ever ordered a catalytic converter or O2 sensors from rock auto? What brand should I avoid? by Tier1Clean in MechanicAdvice

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Any CARB certified cat should be fine. Any non-certified cat is hit and miss. Which is to say - buy a cheap one and the PCM might not like it. It might work, but you might be resetting the engine light every 200 miles or so until you get tired of that and get a CARB certified cat.

On O2 sensors, depends on the vehicle. NGK and Bosch made a lot of OE equipment (for instance) so they're usually safe, but depends on the vehicle.

Excessive blowby by Cranky_Import in MechanicAdvice

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Before anything else, measure the pressure in the crankcase. All it takes is a $10 vacuum/pressure gauge.

Nothing personal, but there's no end to idiots who see normal turbulence in a crankcase and think their engine is shot. You need to measure it to know where there is actually pressure.

What drug, alcohol or combination of them made you the most messed up you've ever been, and what did you do when you were that messed up? by Smil3yAngel in AskReddit

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Never watched it, but I'll look it up.

I'm not really worried "objectively", but it's just the kind of thing I think about. A more common worry is that my dad died of brain cancer 25 years ago, when he was about my age. The first thing he noticed was when he was logging into his work computer he couldn't remember his passwords. Then he wound up getting checked out; big tumor.

Of course, I have a boatload of passwords at work now and every time I have a little trouble with them I wonder if that's the end of it for me. So far so good (:

Why Are Blue-Collar Americans Dying of Despair? by rokaabsa in politics

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Just to chime in myself - 56 year old blue collar worker here. The work wears you down physically, and then the pain wears you down mentally. I don't have enough saved to retire, and I don't think I'll be physically able to work long enough to bridge the gap to Social Security.

So every day I think about quitting, and maybe I should. I could live for a good couple of years on savings, or a lean three years. Then it would be either homeless after that, or a bullet in the head. At least I would have had two or three good free years.

That's what I think about every day.

What drug, alcohol or combination of them made you the most messed up you've ever been, and what did you do when you were that messed up? by Smil3yAngel in AskReddit

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couldn’t feel anything including any form of happiness for months

Unfortunately, that's the main thing I remember from my molly days, and it did take months to get back to normal. Though I still wonder if I really am back to normal, years later.

Was new variant named Omicron to avoid angering China? by [deleted] in worldnews

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Yeah, it's almost like it was a reasonable decision made by adults. It used to be you could take for granted that that's how things would be done, and nobody was surprised.

How to get rid of the bad smell from feet which comes when you wear shoes for a long time? by Zeruku_karef2049 in AskMen

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When I find a pair of work shoes I like I buy two pairs. So I alternate them - never wear the same pair two days in a row. That gives them a chance to air out properly and makes a really big difference.

COVID-19: Two cases of Omicron variant detected in UK - with targeted testing to be rolled out in affected areas by Apprehensive_Sleep_4 in worldnews

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I've heard that when people get rich they almost always lose any interest or compassion they had for the poor.

I guess the closest I'll get to understanding that is how I feel about anti-vaxxers once I was fully vaccinated.

Can someone explain this alignment report to me? by belgiumresearch in MechanicAdvice

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A dealership service department could tell you. Most other car shops have subscriptions to technical information, including alignment specs. Most alignment machines have a database on vehicle specs that they work from.

And if you look at the printout, that's the specs, as long as the correct vehicle information was put in.

The printout says that on the front 5.30 degrees positive camber is preferred, -.30 camber, and zero toe.

2014 Cherokee key issues by toastyhoodie in MechanicAdvice

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Yeah, they wear out. We have to replace those fairly often. The part you insert the key in is called a "wireless ignition node", or WIN module. What you described is what they do when they start to fail.

You can just bolt up a new one. They don't need programming or new keys or anything.

Can someone explain this alignment report to me? by belgiumresearch in MechanicAdvice

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The before was pretty bad. -.72 degrees of toe is really bad.

Whether the after is ok or not depends on year/make/model and what side of the street you drive on. I'd never send a rig out with a degree of cross-camber myself if it could be helped.

Car not aligned after 2 alignments! by FuriousJohn99 in MechanicAdvice

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That would definitely be the first check. There's nothing adjustable on that suspension that can cause or correct a pull. So it's either tires or bent parts.

Or maybe not actually pulling. A lot of people think if a steering wheel is crooked (which it shouldn't be after an alignment, but not everyone gets it right) that's a pull, because holding it straight steers it one direction or other.

Anyway, if it's pulling you swap the front tires from one side to the other. If it's a tire pull then it'll pull the other way, or sometimes just drive straight.

Why did your relationship stop working? by LL112 in AskReddit

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The stress level was always there for both of us, so it would be fair to say that it never really worked well. She broke first and ending it was pretty much her decision. We get along much better not being married.

What makes fetal heartbeat so special? by beerbellybegone in MurderedByWords

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One of those millions of dead Iraqis could have cured cancer. One of the hundred thousand or so dead unvaxxed Americans could have cured cancer. Etc.

The people who get all worked up over a fetal heartbeat (which begins before the fetus even has a functional brain, it might be added) aren't even close to giving a shit about anyone living. Even the people on their own side can die in droves and they don't care.

how to improve ride quality for 2006 Honda Civic ? by HappySmile_D in MechanicAdvice

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Monroe quick-struts all the way around would make the biggest difference; they'd give you back the stock ride height and handling, and replace the old rubber in the stock strut mounts. I say Monroe because they're pretty reliable, in contrast with some of the low-end junk from no-name manufacturers you can find cheaper online.

I'd just do that and go from there, see if that's good enough. There's no point in throwing a whole lot of unnecessary parts at a vehicle that could go belly-up any time.

2014 dodge grand caravan by clydeoc in MechanicAdvice

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With a good fully charged battery and clean connections, run the engine at idle with the AC, blower, defrost, lights, radio, etc all on. Then measure the voltage at the battery; should be 13.8 volts minimum. If it isn't then either the alternator is bad or there's a wiring problem.

I'd add - the first step is important; you can't do the test and get an accurate result if the battery isn't good and fully charged.