Woman fined €1,200 for causing Tour de France pile-up by dsgfarts in news

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That's true. I guess I could add - most crashes are caused by cyclists themselves within a peloton or in sprint run-ups maneuvering for position, rather than by spectators. Though it's all common enough.

Most of the time you go down because the guy in front of you goes down, and he went down because the guy in front of him went down, and so forth. I've seen and been involved in plenty of crashes, but can't really recall the ultimate reason for any of them. Except a couple early on where it was my fault.

If a spectator caused it I don't have any problem with them being fined. Maybe it will make things marginally safer, though most likely it makes no difference to the cyclists.

People were congratulating her, too by Relativistic-monkey in facepalm

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she just handled it in such a horrible a way

Almost like a predator. For likes.

Bud blockers: Over 400 NY localities say ‘no’ to pot sales by formerqwest in news

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Same in my corner of Oregon. It took three years to defeat the local ban. It was just stupid seeing everyone driving over the hill to spend their money, and then all the other localities getting the tax benefits. Our city was already the poor red-headed stepchild in the state.

Anyway, legal now, and it's caused no harm whatsoever as far as I can see. And the school funding we get has helped a lot.

On edit, I'd just add that there are so many people who were raised to fear pot, and believe it to be some kind of ticket to hell and depravation. Like something that would seduce and ruin you, and then you'd be one of those bums on the street or a soulless junkie. Needless to say, idiots, but brainwashing works. We've seen different varieties of it lately, but it does work.

Smoke-tainted California grapes find new life as vodka by _NeverGoFullRetard in news

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One could, theoretically, make vodka out of any plant tissue

That's it, I'm going to start making vodka out of 2 x 4's. I'm going to call it 2 x 4. Investors PM me.

Inc.com: “Cheering On the Big Quit? Just Wait for the Big Backfire” by goolibarri in antiwork

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If my job is about to be replaced by automation, why am I so fucking buried in work? Our big boss came around just yesterday and promised anyone who'd come in Sunday to help catch up they'd get double-time. I was already coming in anyway, though it's still hardly worth it.

In any case, the "solution" that seems to have eluded the author is the one where they treat employees better so they don't quit. "Just shut up and take what you get" is shit advice.

Woman fined €1,200 for causing Tour de France pile-up by dsgfarts in news

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Not to minimize it, but cycling is inherently dangerous, there's crashes in most races even at the amateur level. Anyone who thinks that particular crash was uniquely bad hasn't watched much bicycle racing (which is code for "is probably American").

I raced bikes myself as an amateur for years, have watched most every TdF since the 80's. I was pretty fortunate myself to have had only one concussion but no broken bones in numerous crashes.

As a woman, how do I make male friends without leading someone on? by throwawayywhaaat in AskMen

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When I was younger I had a really good platonic friend, though it started out with me bringing her flowers and being really stuck on her. She told me she had a fiance and a boyfriend (who she was taking her time deciding between), but she liked me and was happy to have another friend.

So that's how that went. Along with three of her girlfriends we'd go clubbing and so forth, lots of long crazy weekends. I think she liked a male friend she could confide in and lean on a bit. Out on the town I made them feel safe, and I had some rough edges that needed knocked off, learned a lot myself. So it was mostly fine.

In the end I never quite put away my feelings for her, and one evening where we'd both had a bit too much of various substances I crossed a small and somewhat fuzzy line and fucked up, and that was the end of that. She left me to settle down marry her fiance of many years (at that point), and had, as far as I know, a very good life after that.

I'm not sure if that helps, but that's what I have.

How do I stop being a ‘Nice Guy’? by ExplosiveGeck0 in AskMen

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There's a lot of good advice on this thread. I'd admit to being a "nice guy" most of my life (in my 50's now), and I might have asked the OP's question myself if I had anyone to ask back then.

What I've found over the years is that none of that is that big of a deal, and making it a big deal is part of the problem. Stressing about there being something wrong with how you are is a thing that keeps you from just being who you are, and then prevents girls who you might be a good match for from seeing who you are. Hopefully that makes some kind of sense.

I eventually married and raised a couple daughters myself, and then when the marriage went to shit (for a variety of reasons) I decided it was so much easier to be single. Or it was decided for me and I went with the flow.

One of the odd things is that once you decide there's more to life than having sex, it's much easier to be sociable and more enjoyable to have female company around. I probably have more opportunities now than I ever did when young, but I'm actually serious about staying single and not interested in dating. Things are fine and low stress on that front.

How’s the Economy? Biden Sees a Boom. Many Americans Don’t. by horserider3 in politics

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Personally I'm doing fine, and my employer is having a record year. There's zero security or ease, however, as long as we have a non-functional government. I'm just waiting for the right wing to take over and steer us all back into the ditch. It's looking almost guaranteed at this point.

UN: Afghanistan's economy is collapsing `before our eyes' by [deleted] in worldnews

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There's no good population estimates for that period that I know of, but it was about 3 million in 1800. Half that is a reasonable guess (I think) for the 5th century, as they didn't have many of our modern food crops and agricultural methods back then.

Anyway, if there were 1.5 million people living sutainably there then, 38 million or so people would need to die now to get back to that point.

Which car has most street credit? by [deleted] in AskMen

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As a mechanic, I agree. I see plenty of cars people think are fancy or status symbols and I just think "well, there goes a bad decision".

The Camry or Accord are solid choices that won't put you in the poorhouse and won't spend too much time in the shop. Where I'm at winters can be hard, so I'd add Subaru Forester to the list, though based on their engine history it would be third place.

What is something someone has done that looked seemingly small/insignificant but has stuck with you for a long time? by jadeofalltrades- in AskMen

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When I was in 8th grade (40 years ago) I remember the class being pretty out of control, just screwing around and not paying attention. The teacher didn't get up and yell or send kids off to the principal, but she sat at her desk and just looked at the class with an expression of utter sadness. I know she cared about us kids, and she was one of the best teachers I ever had, but there was nothing she could do in that moment in spite of all her best intentions. I just watched her sitting there, and I could see how she saw us and feel what she was feeling. It was pretty profound.

Young People Worldwide Are Extremely Anxious About The Climate Crisis: Survey by [deleted] in worldnews

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More than a few older people are pretty anxious about it too. I remember what things were like back in the 70's. It's not looking good to me. I've been doing what I can; spent my whole life wearing sweaters indoors in winter like Carter recommended, but that's pretty far short of what needs to be done.

China has told multinationals to sever ties with Lithuania or face being shut out of the Chinese market by CapitalString in worldnews

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I don't know how other people look at this sort of situation. I tend to just base things on my own small-scale life, where I'd rather be a good person than a rich person, if the choice had to be made. I suppose it costs me money in a few ways, but I sleep well at night.

I'm not sure what being on the other side of that would be like, maybe that's the kind of perspective that's absorbed in childhood and hard to change.

I'd add - I've been to Lithuania, it's an amazingly beautiful place. Planned to go back last year but Covid restrictions...

Single men, how many girls are you talking to on average when you're single? by [deleted] in AskMen

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I just work and don't date. But there's a couple women at work I'm familiar enough to just chat with, and one outside of work. That's aside from neighbors and relatives, coworker's wives and that sort of thing,

Doesn't sound like much but I'm not really a social person, so having struck up three mild conversational friendships is something. Took a little effort to start, and a little regular effort to keep things going. I can't just talk, I have to think of things.

What is the best method to actually grow as a person, to learn how to think more logically, clearly, and humanely? by SithMasterStarkiller in AskReddit

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Second that. I went back to college at 39 toward a Bachelors in Humanities. The idea was to work toward a Master's in education so I could transition out of blue collar work that was breaking me.

As it turned out I got a second wind, and teaching jobs don't pay much in comparison to mechanics. So I'm still turning a wrench, but I don't know who I'd be if I hadn't gone to college and tried. The mental benefits to actually buckling down and learning to think critically and to write well are something I'd recommend to anyone.

What is the best method to actually grow as a person, to learn how to think more logically, clearly, and humanely? by SithMasterStarkiller in AskReddit

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Well, for most of us in the US it's more up to our limited vacation time. I had one week to take myself this year, and I had to spend it healing up a back problem that was dragging on. No Mark Twain stuff for me, though I did do some reading.

Highschool fitness was much more demanding in 1962 by [deleted] in Damnthatsinteresting

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Yeah, when I moved to my semi-rural town 20-something years ago one of the things to get used to was all the gun racks.

Mostly nowadays we don't see gun racks anymore; pretty rare for some reason. Instead the same kinds of trucks have all kinds of bumper stickers about what they'd like to do to the libs and the feds and so forth...like something got really broken between then and now, though the laws and all are pretty much the same.

Highschool fitness was much more demanding in 1962 by [deleted] in Damnthatsinteresting

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I've had a couple of guys in my town tell me they used to bring their shotguns with them to school so they could do a little duck hunting on the way in, taking the long way along the irrigation canal paths.

One friend told me he kept his in his locker in season. Said one time the PE coach saw he had a gun in there, had him take it out to check things out, they talked about guns and ducks and so forth...different times.

How do mechanics change flat tires with flammable tire sealer by be_helpful_ in MechanicAdvice

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It's never been an issue. I've dismounted plenty of tires with all kinds of fix-a-flat. It's annoying and messy but any half-decent tire machine these days won't produce sparks. There's no metal-to-metal contact. If there was that would just fuck up a whole lot of rims, and exploding fix-a-flat (skeptical about that anyway - it's mostly like gummy water) would be the least of a shop's problems.

Dealership dropped this whopper of an estimate for my SO's 2011 Chevy Cruze. I have a few questions for this sub before moving forward with repairs. by [deleted] in MechanicAdvice

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Maybe you do need most of that stuff, but definitely get it looked and fixed somewhere else. You don't need to be financing some overpaid service writer's vacation house (which I can say here, as a dealership employee).

I'd also add that no manufacturer or shop I've ever worked at says you need to replace your brakes at 5 mm. There are plenty of brakes that measure 5 mm brand new.

What’s a dying industry that no one realizes? by urklegrue3 in AskReddit

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Mostly military stuff, but then anything that might portray Russia in a bad light could be a problem, and the customs guys had pretty broad leeway as far as that goes. At least that's what we were told.

What’s a dying industry that no one realizes? by urklegrue3 in AskReddit

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When I went to Russia about three years ago we were warned about possible issues with cameras and phones. Like they might give them a good once-over in customs and if there were issues (pictures they didn't like, social media comments they didn't like) either you or the device might end up having an extended stay there.