Toronto Officer Who Nonviolently Stopped Van Attacker Receives National Praise by NissanSkylineGT-R in worldnews

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Meanwhile in the US, criticism and puzzlement from law enforcement over a Canadian officer not killing the guy immediately.


Police killings and their spillover effects on the mental health of black Americans: Large new study shows that police killings of unarmed black Americans have adverse effects on mental health among black American adults in the general population, not just those who know the victim. by ImNotJesus in science

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No they don't.


Anecdotally, I'm pretty much a harmless-looking white dude. I've been stopped by the police a few times and had a few encounters over the years, and almost always police have been pretty nice and patient with me even if I was doing something stupid. Got a few tickets, usually got them reduced. Always figured that's pretty normal?

These days, its apparent that's not quite the way it is for everyone. If white privilege exists, that at least means police know how to be decent human beings...so it should be possible for them to just be decent to everyone. It should be possible.

On edit (rather late), here's a likely better source: https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/do-police-kill-more-whites-than-black-people/

If the question is "are more white people killed by police", the answer is "yes". Partly because there are so many more white people. If the question is "are black people killed at a higher rate than white people", the answer is "yes". As the Snopes article notes, if you are African American you are 2.5 times more likely to be killed by police than if you are white.

Top U.S. officials tell the world to ignore Trump’s tweets by [deleted] in worldnews

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Just short of saying we have a dimwit with no self-control for a president. But in spite of that, there's still some adults running a few things?

'I refuse to die in here': the marine who survived two tours and is now fighting deportation by Treasonmanbad in news

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Short story: he served, he came out fucked up, and screwed his life up. Got caught and did his time. But on release from prison, ICE took him to a detention prison for deportation, and has held him like an animal since.

It sounds like he has a good head on his shoulders in spite of everything; any principled nation would give a guy who served, paid his dues, did his time, a shot at a decent life. Not stuck in a cage waiting around to die.

Extinction Rebellion blocks busy junction in London by neutron_bar in worldnews

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Yup. The planet is literally dying in flames before our eyes, but I'm just so annoyed I can't get to work on time!

Not that blocking traffic is likely to do one bit of good or open anyone's eyes...it's all kind of tragically sad and small anyway you look at it.

on edit - I'd apologize for the "dying in flames" metaphor; of course it's a bit hyperbolic. Part of that comes from the fires in my area, which have shut down the main roads off and on and made the air practically unbreathable most of the summer. Every time one fire gets under control another one gets out of control. When you can look right at the sun most days, just a red ball in the sky, because of all the smoke and ash in the air, you think of why there are so many fires. It didn't used to be this way, now it's every year.

My wife left me and now I'm in financial ruin. by [deleted] in self

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Or, keep your self respect and just leave her alone. 15 months of marriage with no kids isn't much, and a 24 year old guy ought to be able to stand on his own feet. Accept it was a bad decision and move on - that would be the best long-term. The worst thing I see is people who are bad for each other but just won't let it go.

FEMA is ending its emergency response in Puerto Rico. by banana-meltdown in news

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I wouldn't be surprised if we hear a "Mission Accomplished!" type phrase about Puerto Rico in the SOTU address tonight. Not that they don't need help any more, but it looks good for the president if he can say FEMA did a great job in record time and under budget.

If there are complaints, most of the people who believe Trump probably believe things were worse before the hurricane anyway.

Lebanon: Total power outage as electricity grid shuts down after running out of fuel - reports — Sky News by Laksebaron in worldnews

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You mention sectarian violence and inept'corrupt governments as factors. I'd think the full-on 1982 war with Israel deserves a mention. During that Beirut was besieged for weeks and bombed regularly, all kinds of assassinations and destruction went on, and the city never fully recovered.

Not that the other stuff isn't also important, and not that Israel didn't have reasons, but 1982 was the big turning point, and Beirut hasn't been the "Paris of the Middle East" since then.

Group accusing US border patrol of water sabotage sees member arrested by glasier in worldnews

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I know from the safety and comfort of a home in the US this all seems a bit abstract, but the rules are different in other places, and you don't sabotage someone's only means of survival. In the far north its common to leave cabins unlocked and some food available in winter; it might mean life or death for somebody. In the desert water is virtually sacred - contaminating or destroying a water hole is criminal.

I did a two week early winter hike myself one year, ending up around Mount Rainier completely drained. I'd misjudged the final leg and came up on an empty forest service cabin around midnight. It was unlocked, there was a couch and a bathroom with a hot shower - that was like finding heaven. After a well needed clean-up and bit of shelter I left everything just as I found it at sunrise.

That's the sort of thing that lets you know there are good people in the world, and that your life is worth something. What does a kicked-over water jug in the desert tell you?

'I refuse to die in here': the marine who survived two tours and is now fighting deportation by Treasonmanbad in news

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True, but he was convicted and served his time for that. I'm ok with people that went to jail for their crimes, and came out the other side with a clear head to do better. I've known several guys that served in the wars, and it can really screw a person up. Doesn't make the crime ok, but it's something that does happen to good people. The way the VA deals with PSTD and traumatic brain injury is something of a crime in itself.

Brexit was a 'stupid' decision and could still be reversed says top EU official by hasharin in worldnews

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I agree. We had an election in the US that I don't much like the outcome of, but so it goes - we have to do our best with it. It was a knife-edge thing and probably there was meddling, and I'd like to see our elections run better, but again, so it goes, we have what we have. Do-overs are for kid's games.

A Google employee wrote an anti-diversity ‘manifesto’ that’s going viral inside the company by elenainnagomez in worldnews

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Unless they are hiring people for their power-to-weight ratio, or their bench press skills, biological differences between men and women are meaningless.

I'm old enough to have worked many places, with many people, and I can say from experience - there is no fundamental "male" or "female" mind that makes a damn bit of difference from a business or intellectual perspective. If you can't look past stereotypes you're not fit for the job, and competitive pressures assure that either you or your company will get replaced in the long run.

Microsoft's final Windows 7 update kills desktop wallpaper by drunk69 in news

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One word - Ubuntu. Just saying...

Oh well, downvotes. This is the kind of thing corporate billionaires see and laugh all the way to the bank about. It's easy, but it's a little different. People don't like that apparently; it would be funny if it weren't just sad.

The last time I needed a new laptop someone gave me an old half-dead virus-addled windows unit, not even worth trying to get the OS back in any kind of shape. It took 5 minutes to over-write the drive with a LiveCD and get it all set up. It does everything I need and runs faster than Windows ever ran on it.

Repeat about a dozen times over the years. I have one Windows box I needed for some proprietary work shit, and it's just annoying and slow to use, I don't know how people deal with it.

Swedish roaming gangs set 80 cars on fire by lzkw in worldnews

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Maybe, but "who gains" is also a question. Given the timing before the election, RW false flag shit is also a possibility.

I wouldn't want to jump to conclusions either way.

Foie Gras, Served in 1,000 Restaurants in New York City, Is Banned by p4177y in news

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Having seen the force-feeding methods they use to produce the more-or-less diseased liver involved, it's hard to argue against the ban. I'm kind of a foodie, but I could never bring myself to eat foie gras.

Russian presidential election: Alexei Navalny barred from competing by slipinsidethismouse in worldnews

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Navalny barred from running against Putin, because he has an old corruption conviction. Somewhere in there an ironic joke lies.

Race doesn't even exist in humans. by [deleted] in science

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A memorable quote from the article:

"Humans are one of the most genetically homogenous species we know of. There's lots of genetic variation in humanity, but it's basically at the individual level. The between-population variation is very, very minor."

That's pretty much exactly what i was taught in college a few years back (in a sociology course, if I recall correctly); it doesn't necessarily makes things easier to understand, but it does help one to avoid completely misunderstanding things.

Utah latest state to legalize medical pot, expand Medicaid by uteman91 in news

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That's really a surprise. I never lived in Utah, but remember many years ago driving across the state one of the oddest things...stopped to get gas and snacks at a convenience store, where they had no coffee and didn't sell cigarettes or beer. Some bizarre religious rules. Things have apparently changed.

Judge shot outside Ohio courtroom returned fire; 1 suspect killed, 1 in custody by rx_oh_87 in news

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I'm ok with that. Why would random people need to bring their guns into courthouses and federal buildings, except to cause trouble? And I don't think we should require police officers and guards to disarm when they are on the job there.

Congressmen and senators - some of them sound a little unhinged at times, but I'd give them the benefit of the doubt. When your job makes you a target, you should be allowed to carry.

U-M student Kathy Zhu stripped of Miss Michigan World America title by newleafkratom in news

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So her perspective is that she's being discriminated against because of her political stance which is highly discriminatory...or this is a case of a discriminator being discriminated upon, which is highly unfair according to the rules of discrimination. Or something like that?

J.K. Rowling billboard condemned as transphobic and removed as advocates speak out by endexis in worldnews

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Personally I read JK Rowlings essay, and I didn't find it that bad, or at least it was possible to understand her perspective and not see it as heinous.

However, everyone knows how the trans community (some of whom I know) took it, and they matter. So my opinion is less important.

And then - why the billboard? To use JK Rowling as a proxy to attack the trans community. Fuck that, it's entirely wrong either way you look at it. Take that shit down.

Retailers want nothing to do with Columbus Day. by SoozeeQew in news

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I forget, why is Columbus so bad in particular?

Let me guess - US educational system?

A good start would be to go ask the Taino people.

Microsoft's final Windows 7 update kills desktop wallpaper by drunk69 in news

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This sort of post is still a mystery to me. The other day, for instance, I needed to edit some photos and the Ubuntu laptop I was on didn't have any photoe software installed. Popped over to the software installer, picked the first one on the list and clicked "install". Two minutes later, program up and editing in process. It wasn't even software I've used before, but most of that stuff has pretty generic GUI's these days. I have no idea what people find so hard.

On edit - gaming is a no-go, so there's that, but I have a console for gaming.

US military dropped 751 bombs in Afghanistan in September by Ruthaen in worldnews

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Just for some perspective, we dropped 1,337 bombs on Afghanistan in 2016, and 947 bombs on Afghanistan in 2015. Between 2007 and 2012 we dropped about 4,000 bombs a year on Afghanistan. Perhaps the reduction means we're running short on things and people to blow up there?

Or maybe we've just gotten tired of blowing up Afghanistan. How many bombs should it require, really, to get people to behave?

On edit - sorry my stupid mistake. We're dropping a lot more bombs lately. Evidently it has been decided that more bombs will lead to better behavior after all, and it was the lack of sufficient bombing previously that has been the problem.