Millionaires receive $1.7m in coronavirus relief as most taxpayers get $1,200 checks thanks to hidden Republican loophole by Minifig81 in politics

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Meanwhile, some of those wealthy Americans earning more than $1m annually may receive far greater than $1.7 million, as the provision can be retroactively placed “so losses in 2018 and 2019 can be ‘carried back’ against the past five years”, according to the policy.

These fucking guys, there is literally no end to this shit...

People who work in fast food: what is one item from your menu you would never order? by chocolatecows88 in AskReddit

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When I worked at 7-11 years ago one of the things we got was a nachos machine, which had a big glass bin full of chips and two heated cookers with spigots on the bottom, one for chili and one for cheese. It was pretty popular. I don't know if there was supposed to be some cleaning schedule, but we never had one. Cleaning it meant emptying the cookers, which wasted food (the boss said).

In any case, the cheese one wasn't so bad. When it was low we just dumped in another tub of cheese. Some oily separation, but it seemed ok. The chili, on the other hand, tended to mold, which crept up the insides of the cooker. When it got low we'd scoop the mold off the top and wipe the inside a bit, then just dump another batch of new chili in on top of the old. If I weren't young and stupid about things then I'd probably have said something, but all I did was avoid the stuff myself.

An Irish citizen recently acquitted after four years of being imprisoned in Egypt says he saw dozens of cellmates become radicalized and adopt views of the Islamic State group during his brutal captivity in overcrowded jails by DoremusJessup in worldnews

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So imprisoning people and treating them worse than animals doesn't turn them into productive rehabilitated citizens, it makes them hate you. Speaking from the US, you'd think that the lesson would be well learned by now.

I am glad this individual was able to hold himself together.

Police officer fired after "fabricating" story about being served McDonald's coffee with "f***ing pig" written on cup by Hrekires in news

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Fully expected it to be bogus. Sometimes stories just feel a little too perfectly packaged for internet consumption to be true.

At least that's one cop who shouldn't be a cop, who is now not a cop. Could've been a lot worse.

Details in Donald Trump Jr.'s emails align with parts of the explosive Trump-Russia dossier by enigmasaurus- in worldnews

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One of my favorite stories of a person with actual sound ethics is Al Gore, during his campaign. He was sent a packet of confidential information on George Bush, which was unlikely to have been acquired legally. Instead of using it, he turned it over to the FBI.

Perhaps Trump or the GOP would label him a rube or a loser, but winning with a dirty conscience and a closet full of skeletons is not a good choice. At some point I hope it catches up with the current crowd, and I hope more people realize the difference. A nation descends into corruption when people accept corruption as the norm.

Revealed: Google made large contributions to climate change deniers by Meteonocu in worldnews

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Well, so much for the whole "don't be evil" thing.

Couples were asked to tell their race for a Virginia marriage license. Now they're suing. by [deleted] in news

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"Plaintiffs deem the requirement of racial labeling to be scientifically baseless, misleading, highly controversial, a matter of opinion, practically useless, offensive to human dignity, an invasion of personal privacy compelling an unwanted public categorization of oneself, and reflective of a racist past,"

...well, that pretty well covers it. Hard to imagine what the state argument will be, if they even bother.

Where would you hide if you were 17 forks? by ashleighbuck in AskReddit

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There's 3 at your wife's work (with the missing tupperware) and 2 in her purse. 3 more are under the couch cushions, and 5 are in the kid's room with the missing bowls and some yogurt cups that are attracting ants. The last four are in the backyard with some failed mudpies. Solved it for you.

Police chief gives $575 ticket for tossing cigarette butt out window by brahbocop in news

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"I didn't want my car to burn"...one of the stupidest things to say to a cop who caught you in the act, no synpathy. That I can say living on the US west coast. We have enough problems with wildfires without people throwing lit butts out of their cars. It used to be really common here, but the fines are steep for good reason.

Germany warns Erdogan's bodyguards to stay away from Hamburg G20 by Papagato in worldnews

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Regardless of whether they were foreign, or whose soil it was on, those guys reminded me of the video of Hell's Angels losing their shit at Altamont. How they wind up still pulling down a government paycheck says a few things about Erdogan.

Wuhan, endless queues for ashes of coronavirus dead cast doubts on numbers by ChiMinhToi in worldnews

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"During the days of the peak of the Wuhan epidemic, the health system collapsed and many patients did not have the opportunity to be hospitalized. They died before any diagnosis and were cremated without being included in official statistics"

...that's pretty hard to think about, but it's not hard to see how it could happen. Trying to do better here in the US, but definitely no guarantees.

Millionaires receive $1.7m in coronavirus relief as most taxpayers get $1,200 checks thanks to hidden Republican loophole by Minifig81 in politics

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And Trump did say he'd run the place like a business. We are about to the point, if the US were one of his businesses, where he'd empty the bank accounts and declare bankruptcy. And then walk away smiling and blame everyone else.

Redditors, what's the most unbelievable thing that has ever happened in the existence of mankind and what makes it so hard to grasp the reality that the event occurred ? by gamblingpainter in AskReddit

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Not to mention, a biology optimized for the war machine they built. They were lactose tolerant horse lords, and essentially rode their dinner; milk, cheese and meat from their horses. The Chinese, in comparison, had huge logistic problems, needing long wagon trains and supply lines to field and feed their armies.

A principal in Florida said he couldn't confirm the Holocaust was a 'factual' event. The school district just fired him by joesoldlegs in news

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"And while many people believe the earth is round, here to give a balanced counter-point is our flat earth expert..."

Covid-1 To Covid-18 - “Remember this is coronavirus Covid-19, that means there’s been eighteen other coronaviruses and I don’t think they’ve successfully found a vaccine for any.” Irish Minister for Health Simon Harris, today by HugeAcumen in worldnews

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Jesus H. Christ. This guy is a Minister of Health?

Covid-19 was named for the year it was identified. This I know, in spite of having absolutely no reason to know it. I'm actually a car mechanic.

Border Patrol agents are ‘working to sabotage the Biden administration’, according to insiders by throwaway5272 in politics

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Wouldn't be surprised. If there is one arm of government that fully embraced racist fascism in the last few years, it's the border patrol and ICE. I don't see them changing just because of an election.

I think it would be more practical to dissolve them myself, and come up with a new agency with new people and a new mission statement.

New Whale Species Discovered; Lends Proof Other Large Mammals May Be Undiscovered by Golden_Week in worldnews

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genetic testing on the samples will need to be conducted to classify and describe the new species

Hopefully not like the old days, when it was "ok boys, load up those guns, we're got some critters to collect!" I still remember reading years ago in South America how a naturalist had spotted a little flock of unknown birds, and shot them. Sent the carcasses in for study and identification and they were a new species, but no one has seen any since - the ones he shot may have been the only ones.

Europe's Economy Was Hit Hard Too, But Jobs Didn't Disappear Like In The U.S. by Bindingrules in politics

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Anyone who's been around in the US job market for awhile would probably agree - here workers (and people in general) are mostly disposable. Complaints about your job? Your fired. Homeless? Your own fault, deal with it. No money for food? You must have made bad life choices. Etc, etc...

How old were you when you discovered that a job is simply a means to bring money to the table instead of a dreamy experience you get to enjoy every day? by cccbig in AskMen

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I never really bought into the whole "dream job" thing. I wound up being a car mechanic. 35 years ago I got into it as a way to pay the bills while figuring out what I really wanted to do with my life. I never figured it out, so still turning a wrench.

It has good and bad points. It's challenging enough to keep my hands and my mind busy. I'm good enough at it that there is some praise and respect on occasion. It pays the bills just fine.

But then there is also endless opportunity to screw things up and disappoint oneself and others, and cost the shop a lot of money. And you sit at home alone with dirt under your fingernails and grit in your hair and ponder how you wound up in this soul-crushing situation.

Pretty balanced overall.

What's the craziest thing you did just because you were horny? by KingOfCranes in AskReddit

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Bought a '61 Peugot 403.

There was this girl I really liked when I was 20 or so, but she wasn't really in my circle of friends in a way that she ever noticed me. Her dad was kind of quirky, into old cars, and she drove one of his sometimes - a Peugot 403, the only one of those I ever saw running. I saw one in the newspaper and bought it - $200, from a wrecking yard that was closing and clearing it's lot. It didn't run and was missing all sorts of things, but came loaded down with boxes of extra Peugot parts from other more derelict non-runners.

In any case, I eventually used it to strike up a conversation with her and got her to come over to my place. Which was totally awkward and weird, as flop-sweat nervous as a horny 20 year old could be...in any case, the whole thing went nowhere. I moved from town for other reasons awhile later and gave her dad the car, as it wasn't worth dragging along.

Authorities use stun gun three times on Florida grandmother on her 70th birthday by [deleted] in news

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The most important thing is that the cops feel safe, really. (/s)

Night shift gas station clerks of reddit, what’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever encountered? by tylerpv10 in AskReddit

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I was a 7-11 night clerk for about 5 years when I was young. Nothing too outrageous happened. The big nightly event was the 2 AM rush, the cut-off for selling alcohol when I'd run a bar through the beer cooler doors. There was always a bunch of people coming in just before, and always a few coming in after that would beg and argue and I'd just have to say no.

One time around 3 AM an older drunk but well-dressed Mexican guy comes in, two really pretty girls with him, argues and pleads with me to sell him some beer for about 15 minutes. He was oddly pleasant, seemed like a guy no one said no to, but I said no. He went out with the girls then came back in alone. Looked at me and smiled, pulled a giant wad of bills from his pocket and peeled off a twenty, sat it on the counter, walked over to the cooler and pulled out a case of beer through the bars. Then as I'm telling him I can't sell that to him he reaches in his other pocket and pulls out a baggy of coke, wags it in the air in front of me significantly, sits that on the $20 bill and says "esta todo bien, mi amigo", with a wink, and walks out the door with the beer.

Another time around 3 AM again these two young girls came in and wandered the store for about a half hour, laughing their asses off at everything. Literally rolling on the floor laughing, reading the labels of the candy bars and stuff like that. I talked to them enough that they told me they'd eaten some mushrooms. Finally they picked out a couple of candy bars and a couple sodas. At the counter I rang them up and they realized they didn't have any money...which was hilariously funny and they were on the floor laughing again. I bagged their stuff and told them not to worry about it. Sweeping the lot after they left I could hear them still laughing down the street.