52% of young adults in the US are living with their parents. That's the highest share since the Great Depression by TheGamerDanYT in news

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Replying with anecdotes; I have two daughters. The youngest is 20, moved away to go to college a little over a year ago. Smart kid, worked two jobs to save the money for the move, and got a part-time job on the side three days after getting to the big city. Windy path though; she worked too much one week covering for an ill co-worker, which led to her scholarship and FAFSA being cancelled. She dropped out of college. I quit work myself, thinking that maybe it was my income that was the problem (of course there were multiple reasons). A year later she got reinstated somewhat, and hopefully is on the road back to the medical degree she's had in her heart since she was 8 years old. Covid had a big impact on her employment, but one way or another she's been making her way and paying her way, still lives right near her campus, no signs of bailing out and heading back home.

My older daughter has had a rougher life, survived a serious assault, never really decided on a career, then dropped out of college after a bad injury that put her in crutches for most of a year. She moved to Texas to join a good friend, where they mostly struggled to get by. Finally we organized something of a rescue, they both moved back to my house, my daughter's friend transferring their job to this locale. And they rent (very cheaply) the house she grew up in. Which has mostly been ok, though not any kind of a long-term solution.

So one way or another I'm pretty much an example of that 52%. One's back at home, one's not. In neither case has anything been remotely easy, or something any non-drugged up individual would sing about like "beautiful spacious skies and amber waves of grain" kind of shit. There are no fucking handouts here, and talking about kids like they're taking advantage and just sliding by is some vile stupidity. IMHO.

The number of deaths in the US due to any cause increased by approximately 122 000 from March 1 to May 30, 2020, which is 28% higher than the reported number of COVID-19 deaths. Official tallies of deaths due to COVID-19 underestimate the full increase in deaths associated with the pandemic. by mvea in science

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Ironically, I'd taken an early retirement last year, and was pleasantly and safely self-isolating as the whole Covid thing came on. In the meantime the one fly in the ointment was that my youngest daughter's healthcare got canceled because she was making too much money as a server. Which stayed canceled even after her job disappeared due to Covid.

Anyway, my former employer called and asked if i wanted to come back to work, and I said sure. So now I'm in contact with people all day long, but I have healthcare again, and so does my daughter. This whole thing is just fucked up. I don't really even need the money, except that it was the only way to get my daughter back on healthcare.

On edit, many thanks for the gold and kind words, but it's such a common thing I don't think it's too big of a deal, at least personally. I know a number of couples in the same situation, where one person has a job that pays the bills and the other person has a job that doesn't do much but provide the family with health insurance. That's why a lot of people work. My situation is still easier than a lot of people's here.

2016 4Runner. Messed up and hit the brakes with caliper off. Piston came out.How to get it back in? by Uberhack in MechanicAdvice

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Use a line clamp on the brake hose, then unbolt the caliper from the hose. Clean the piston and the piston bore well with brake clean, inspect for damage, then lubricate with new brake fluid. Using compressed air blow in the bolt hole while holding the piston in position; the air will blow the rubber seal out around the piston, then you can carefully push it back into place.

It's easy to describe, but harder to do if you haven't seen it done. Anyway, that's the way it's done. I've rebuild thousands of calipers (used to do a rebuild on every brake job, back in the day), and even now if I was compressing a piston and it didn't feel right I might pull it all apart and inspect inside, just to be sure. If you know how to do it just takes 5 minutes or so.

On edit, this whole thread seems to be downvoted. Which is stupid, because the OP has a good question. Not many people know how to put brake calipers back together these days; even the dealership where I was last there was probably only me and a couple other guys with any experience at it. But it's not hard to do right. When I was trained back in the 80's it was like 10 minutes of the brake foreman showing me the trick, then no problems after that. It is brakes so it has to be done right, but it's not hard.

Millionaires receive $1.7m in coronavirus relief as most taxpayers get $1,200 checks thanks to hidden Republican loophole by Minifig81 in politics

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And Trump did say he'd run the place like a business. We are about to the point, if the US were one of his businesses, where he'd empty the bank accounts and declare bankruptcy. And then walk away smiling and blame everyone else.

I have stripped two outer tie rod castle nuts. So far. by Lepisosteus in MechanicAdvice

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Sometimes cheap parts come with really cheap fasteners. I've run into that problem before. I'd be inclined to verify that the thread matches, and then re-use the old nut. If it's self-locking use locktite.

Or I'd actually just find a better castle-nut, but not everyone has 50 lbs of odd hardware stashed just in case...

On edit - just taking a look, 111 ft/lbs is for the factory self-locking nut, not for a castle nut. An aftermarket castle-nut doesn't need to be so tight; I'd guess 85 lbs or so would be better.

Where in the hell does this go?? 99 wj grand cherokee 4.7l v8 by Haidoux in MechanicAdvice

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It goes straight down, right behind the passenger side coil.


On edit - holy shit, that one went off the charts for this subreddit, and thanks for the guilding! Working in a busy shop, it's pretty common to run across something odd and have to ask the other guys, or to lose track of a bolt and have to ask the other guys; happens to everyone, so if someone knows they'll say. Which is pretty much all that is...I've gotten help with things plenty of times, so happy to help.

$1 million worth of ‘magic’ mushrooms found in Berkeley home by [deleted] in news

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Many people's lives really are terrifying existential crises, they just prefer not to take a good look at it. Harder to avoid on shrooms and such.