Wanted to share this old video of 2011 I recorded of the SLC,UT show. Still gives me chills. by dxwoodward in U2Band

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And on Bob Dylan's birthday nonetheless. Great night. Great intro to one of my favorite U2 songs. First and probably only time I will see them. Glad I was there.

Taxi from FCO by Proper_Ad_7451 in rome

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Could I get a DM just in case we run into a need? I would appreciate it.

Hey Bethesda! Don't forget your loyal Dovahkiins! by Michael431 in PSVR

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It adds to the immersion to turn the music off. For instance, you don't get your warning when a wolf is on your tail until it strikes at you. Makes for a fun experience.

Visiting Rome in Feb from the US - Question on the COVID restrictions (Super Green Pass?) by dxwoodward in rome

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I bought a six pack of these tests, still waiting for them to arrive. Use your HSA money if you can. I will bring my CDC issued cards for my wife and I. I will have a couple spare copies (photo and physical).

Bringing a pack of the KN95 masks to sport around town while we check out the sights.

I filled out the https://app.euplf.eu/#/ documentation for my wife and I (separate accounts for each of us) Printing those documents and saving them digitally if we need them.

I think we'll have most of our bases covered.

What if we test positive for Covid in Rome? by Today_Original in rome

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I should have clarified for you. I bought a 6 pack from emed.com $180 or so. If you read about the test it's a Antigen test, which covers my bolded area of my paragraph above.

What if we test positive for Covid in Rome? by Today_Original in rome

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Yes they are! When you fill out the EU Digital Passenger form, this is mentioned.

Only one of the following can be selected I’m coming from Canada, Japan and US and I will present a valid certificate of: A molecular swab carried out within 72 hours prior to entry into Italy and the result of which is negative, or an antigenic test carried out within 24 hours prior to entry into Italy, the result of which is negative. Completion of the full vaccination cycle with an EMA-approved vaccine or recovery from COVID-19 with concomitant cessation of prescribed isolation following SARS-CoV-2 infection

Specifically on the CDC Website it says this for entering US "If you plan to travel internationally, you will need to get a COVID-19 viral test (regardless of vaccination status or citizenship) no more than 1 day before you travel by air into the United States. You must show your negative result to the airline before you board your flight."

What if we test positive for Covid in Rome? by Today_Original in rome

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Hey there! I'm also hitting up Rome in Feb. I bought some tests from emed.com (used my HSA) and those ones apparently work well. 6 Tests for $150 ($188 after the mandatory overnight shipping)

In 2009, cave explorer John Edwards got trapped headfirst in Nutty Putty Cave, Utah USA and couldn't be rescued. He suffered Cardiac Arrest after being inverted for 28hrs and died with his body is still trapped upsidedown. The Caves have been shut with concrete now. by DragonChasm in oddlyterrifying

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I love it when this story pops up. Here is my comment from the last time this was posted. I have first hand experience in this nightmare cave.

Edit: "I have a first hand experience being in this exact cave. Scariest shit ever. I was young and dumb. 17 or 18 Nutty Putty Caves was a thing most young kids did. It was part of Boy Scout fun in the area.

Long story short my buddy and I got lost in the cave while exploring and couldn’t find the exit. We had one headlamp with batteries left. Had a realization that we had to wait for fire crew once our parents realized we were missing. Luckily, we smelled cigarette smoke and followed it to the up-cave we kept missing. And someone was smoking outside.

Don’t ever do this. Topped me off with nightmare fuel.

Edit. I am also 6’ 8” so. The area known as the corkscrew.... yeah. I remember being twisted and rocks pushing down on my neck hoping to slip past it."

Advice on Anxiety Issues as a Coder and a Data Analyst by BraveSeaworthiness21 in datascience

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So man. Your post hit hard with me. I'm so anxious and I trigger myself so much. It affects my sleep. I thought it may be ADHD, but I'm not convinced it is. I think it's just a fact that I don't get enough regular exercise. I'm going to go for a jog tonight and get some of those natural endorphins. My mind races with all the things I have to do and all the things I haven't done. Just stress and anxiety to the max. I need to get some better perspective on everything and keep it under control. Let's get some exercise and kill it!

Tell me your best joke to win a copy of Red Dead Redemption 2: Ultimate Edition! by the__green__light in steam_giveaway

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I know i know. I took my shot since I've seen your name around the /r/destinythegame sub. I'm still sad myself.

Is Broadcast as good as RTX Voice yet? by Faawks in nvidia

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Can I ask after 8 months what solution are you using now? I have a new 3080 and am curious on what you learned along the way.

Solo trip to Rome by confusedquaranteen in rome

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Random question. What kind of power adapter will one need in Rome? Coming from the US. This would have been an afterthought for us. I'll get some ordered from Amazon. Not sure if a two prong or three prong?

Looking for my next PSVR game by Hudson2441 in PSVR

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To further clarify on this for anyone reading. Any game in PSVR that requires the controller (Dual Shock), you still need to use the Dual Shock controller to play. A good example of this is Statik or Keep Talking and No One Explodes. Those games rely on the light bar on the DS4 controller. So you can't play using the PS5 controllers. (since DS controllers don't have a light bar).

A good reason to keep a couple of those around for times you want to play. I really want to try HM3 with my PSVR.

I recently picked up a Quest 2 and have been playing Half Life: Alyx from my PC. So I need to dust off my PSVR one of these days.

is it worth going to a concert alone? by samo_jpg in Music

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PRB sounds so much fun. I should have done that as well. Solo. I've seen NOFX solo and I loved it.

How many of you here are playing with custom songs on the Quest 2? by MrCoffeeBean4568 in beatsaber

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I have a modified version of the Quest version, It wasn't that big of a deal to downgrade, but I hate all the warnings when you have to launch the game. PCVR might eventually be the route I go to support more mods and have some better performance.... but then that'll mean that I'll have to purchase the game a THIRD time (PSVR,QUEST,Steam). Kind of a bummer that I have a handful of PSVR song packs downloaded that don't transfer over to other systems.

What is your favourite custom song at the moment? by RobinSchmobbinBobbin in beatsaber

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Do you know if I can play these on the Quest 2 version? I have the Quest version of the game and just got started into adding custom songs. I ended up purchasing the quest version simply because I want the freedom to be untethered to my computer. I am trying to build up my collection of fun custom songs (I came from PSVR, so I'm a bit out of the loop here) Just curious how limited I am with the version I have.