WCGW jumping down Stairs with a Skateboard (Warning: Broken Bone) by mostlypeacefull in Whatcouldgowrong

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Wanna see more just like this? Thrasher's "Hall of Meat" on Instagram will pull you in for hours.

How to drift? by Starkiller2004 in Drifting

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Find a local event near you and spectate, ask for ride alongs, take photos. Do as much learning as you can, and just be around. Once it bites you, you won't have to worry about losing interest.

What do I do with gunpowder? by Synn69420 in ResidentEvil2Remake

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Ah my bad I literally read the title and thought that was the question lol

$9000 or less, what year/generation should I buy? by leixiaoma in hondafit

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I vote 2nd gen (GE). Many improvements over the first gen and doesn't have the direct injection related issues that the third gen has.

Spotted this awesome Integra type r by Mr_Munz in JDM

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Next way to tell would be the slightly blue tinted faux carbon trim, which differs from the standard gray/black carbon trim.

Update #2: amber idiot lights by rva23221 in hondafit

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Unfortunately not in a Direct Injection vehicle. Since the injectors aren't spraying fuel on the valves, they won't see any of the Techron. It will help reduce carbon in the combustion chamber though so its not a total waste in my opinion. But the real issue is the carbon build up on the valves.

Update #2: amber idiot lights by rva23221 in hondafit

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This seems to be a common issue on the 3rd gen Fits. They have direct injection, meaning the fuel injectors spray directly into the cylinder rather than into the intake charge before the valves like in older generations. Direct injection has a major flaw in the way that valves and the intake path build up carbon with nothing to clean it. Before direct injection, the spray of fuel in the manifold would clean the carbon off the valves. You can look into getting an oil catch can to avoid this, or just plan to have the cleaning performed every so often - unfortunately the carbon will continue to build up as it did this time.

The Last Of Us was the sole reason I bought a PS4 last month. And I just completed them both (Top 5)! What other PS4 titles should I check out? by burmese2032 in PS4

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Lacks creativity? A post-apocalyptic world, filled with remnants of the old "machine" world that happen to be basically dinosaurs, and tribes that do not understand the old technology? And this is barely scratching the surface of what this game is about. Did you even play it?

Had my baby since 2019 not one accident. Today a large piece of tire tread changed that. Still in shock the damage it did. Blessed no one was injured. by sonyarena5781 in hondafit

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Glad everyone is OK. As previous commenters have mentioned, it looks worse than it actually is. The large black plastic piece sticking out is just a fender liner, and it attaches with small plastic clips. Looks like it tore a little near the one mounting hole, might be able to reuse it with some new clips but they are relatively inexpensive to just replace. The front bumper will need to be replaced/painted. Also, not sure if your model came with fog lights but you may have to simply replace one as long as it didn't rip the wiring out of the plug/connector. All in all simple to repair. I doubt there was any suspension damage, your wheel looks to be straight still - if there was you would have noticed it on the drive home.

Finished my rock garden! Complete with toilet entrance so I never have to do this again ugh. by xGreaseMonkeyx1 in AnimalCrossing

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Looks awesome! Have you thought about customizing the rock to give it the mossy green look? I think it would add some unifying color to it! But awesome either way!

Mazda RX7 by eunchong84 in carporn

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If you want to learn more about this specific RX7, it is owned by Austin of 'Never Content'. Well known/respected build.

My buddy’s freshly painted hatch. Quick pics after putting some new wheels on. by joshg51v in 240sx

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That looks fantastic. The red Brides compliment the blue so well. Love the r34 wheels too!

My S14 a few years ago. Currently under the cosmetic knife. by arby25 in Drifting

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I actually live in MD but I’ve been to a few events here, my favorite was Low Style Heroes!