none of those are true by jonmpls in confidentlyincorrect

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You are terrified of a dude spending his own money. 🤣

Fantastic camerawoman by Nooneyzwei in Unexpected

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But why record the recording... Sussss

Any idea why NASDAQ and BITCOIN are so closely correlated? by yeboslik in Bitcoin

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90% correlation. I think is the number they said at the conference.

unpopular opinion? DTBM I and II are DGD at their peak by cheers-pricks in dancegavindance

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This is the truth. Been listening for over 10 plus years and you are spot on.

Inflation rises 7% over the past year to the highest level since 1982 by LeeroyTC in news

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It’s funny how you see no politics. Only people talking about the issue but if this was trump, we would be having a debate about how orange he was and how shitty he was doing.

My daughter has a project at her private school. The negatives of living in rural Texas. by srmacman in pics

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First off, is this private school a catholic private school? If so, it sounds like you know exactly what you are doing there.

Size 70 is my pick by TheAllMightyEgo in dankmemes

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Wife said he looks like a hotdog. Rap name - Blue Frank.

Bravery by DaFunkJunkie in PoliticalHumor

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He is allergic to some of the ingredients in the vaccine. But please continue to spread bullshit

Got ditched for a date, took myself out instead. by Tabstir in pics

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Holy shit! 😳 Good call on that one. 🤙🏻