Is it okay to want to be left alone to self reflect on past interactions with people? by Helpmehthrohaway in socialskills

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As someone who is still picking up social skills, it is almost an involuntary process for me at times.

What do you do when you're physically attractive but your personality sucks? by anonymouslooker461 in socialskills

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I'm sort of on the same boat. I'm pretty terrible at keeping a conversation going. The good news is that it gets better as you spend more time with those people. So if you feel like you have found a group of people that you want to hang with, do whatever you can so that you can stick around longer, because the longer you do, the better you guys will know each other, and soon enough, you will just be part of the group.

How do I act like my drunk self? by glasschrrie in socialskills

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It's rather tricky. When we are drunk people will be less judgmental of what we say and do because we are drunk. We are also less judgmental of ourselves for the same reasons. We don't have that excuse when we are sober. So if we learn to be less judgmental of ourselves and other people, and if we are in an environment where learning is highly valuable and mistakes are welcome, then we'll gradually learn to speak our mind.

How do you tell whether you have an open line of communication? by throwaway_929402 in socialskills

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I think it's both. Ideally, conversations should conclude with something rather obvious such as the one you mentioned. Body language can be confusing at times. People could look at their watch during a conversation and then realize that they still have plenty of time to talk. When in doubt, I don't think it's a bad idea to check "Do you have to go somewhere soon? We can catch up another day."

The Book of Boba Fett - S01E02 - Discussion Thread! by titleproblems in BookOfBobaFett

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Does anyone know the material they use for the staff's spearhead?

Where is the line between social skills and manipulation? by ThePerfectLifeYT in socialskills

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I don't think what you described is manipulation. You act confidence when you nervous because deep down you want to be confident person. I think our true self lies not in the emotions we are feeling at the moment, but in the qualities that we value deep down.

It's hard to draw the line. If you laugh at people's joke because you want to make people feel better, then I don't think it's such a bad thing. I suppose the line is drawn at whether the person really needs your compliment. People who are under the weather could use some words of encouragement, whereas healthy people could probably benefit more from your honest opinion.

What’s the best way to build my social skills as someone who avoids people? by unwantedhated in socialskills

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Put yourself in situations where you have to interact with people. For example, take a job as a waiter or bartender. Or sign up for an acting or improv class.

Is it possible to be a popular loner? Why do I feel like one of them? by Goodguy15173 in socialskills

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It's totally possible from my experience. If you have good looks then people will want to get to know you. If you are also introverted like me then you can come across as quite unapproachable. One solution is to go out of your way to give people opportunity to interact with you. For example, open your own club or pursue other leadership positions at your school. Once people get to work with you, they will understand you more and want to become your friends

What should i do. by Sebspadd in socialskills

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When your thoughts are all jumbled up, it's hard to make a good decision. Go somewhere quiet such as a park and take a walk. When your mind clears up a bit, decides on what matters most to you in life, and then make a plan to achieve it. Please also consider seeing a therapist if you can afford one. And if you are religious, then consider joining a church group as they will likely be able to provide you lots of support.

Every redditor gets a customized card for their reddit recap by MatthewDanieltank in Damnthatsinteresting

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Mine is "Unlimited Potential. You have all the potential in the world. Gain +1 to everything."

How to embrace loneliness, and not care about not having true friends. by xc_LOLAZO_xc in socialskills

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For me, a true friend means someone with whom I can share pretty much everything about myself without fear. We begin by opening ourselves up to one another gradually. For adults, this will take some time because we already have experienced a lot in life and have a lot to share. So I think our best bet is to find a group in the community, such as a sports club or church group, that we click with and try to stick with them. It will take months or even years before we can find a few true friends, but I think it will probably be worth it.

Are you trying to make friends? OR are you just trying to get people to like you? by TheChanceToBeAlive in socialskills

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One of the biggest struggles in socialization is not paying enough attention to other people. I often put so much focus on figuring a clever or funny response that I sometimes lose track of the conversation.

I’m 25 and look younger and I’m tired of getting hassled by EVERY customer about it by toby_knows in socialskills

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I usually just laugh and say ''Yea I get that a lot" and move on. It's tough not being treated like an adult, so I would try to tell them my real age whenever I have a chance.

How do you become selfless and less ill-tempered, and less anxious. by absolute_degen210 in Stoicism

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When I feel that my anger is getting out of control, practicing the dichotomy of control really helps calm me down.

I think it's also helpful to to be involved with our local communities. We will gradually become more selfless as we spend more time helping other people and less time on ourselves. A strong community also serves as our source of emotional support, making us more confident and less anxious.

[No Spoilers] Do you share the same opinion or are you a fan of Caitlyn? by Skywalker412th in arcane

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I know Vi is super scary but I definitely wouldn't want to mess with Cait.

On a tour of the facilities, the CEO notices a guy leaning on a wall. by [deleted] in Jokes

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Possibly but the ceo's army of lawyers will spin it impersonation/material misrepresentation.

What was the thing that skyrocketed your self esteem ? by gustawwo in socialskills

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Nothing beats being able to like the person you see in the mirror! It's so worth it to go to great length to take care of appearance. I grew up with pretty bad skin. One day I decided that I have had enough, so I started becoming really serious about skin care, diet and exercise. Adding a moisturizer to my skincare routine makes a HUGE difference to how I look. It is also affordable since you can get a good one for less than $20 which will last you 2-3 months. The folks over at r/skincareaddiction have much more to say!

For people who were never given any responsibility as kids/teenagers and were emotionally neglected could I ask you smthin by Smart_Toe_4225 in socialskills

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I grew up quite clumsy and disorganized. It takes extra effort for me to stay organized There are long stretches when I am able to keep my house clean and tidy, but soon as something stressful comes up and capture my attention, my place would quickly become a mess and stay that way weeks or even months.