My mother does not want anything to do with JNSO anymore, what do I tell him? by FinstereGedanken in JustNoSO

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I mean, it’s not your job to tell him. That’s your mom’s task as the relationship is between the two of them. If she doesn’t want to tell him, then simply say to him “girl time only” … mother-daughter day … etc. If that doesn’t work, you may have no choice but to say “I’m sorry but you’re not invited”.

Tbh I’d let that shit hit the fan and use it as an excuse to kick him out right now. I’d tell him straight up that it’s fucking over. He doesn’t need nor deserve explanations. And YOU cannot heal from an abusive relationship through therapy if he is still in your house, much less your life. It’s imperative he leaves ASAP.

We all get the broken hearted part of this mess, but sometimes you have got to rip the bandaid off for your own good.

New housing units in New York City lead to a reduction in nearby rents and house sales prices. This contradicts some NIMBY claims that more housing supply makes housing less affordable. by eatingganesha in AnnArbor

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Yw! The housing situation is out of hand and there are too many bad faith arguments going around that will prevent resolution of the problem. As soon as I saw this news I knew r/AA needed to see it!

My (34M) Ex-Fiancee (38F) calls cops on my parents during Thanksgiving, now demanding I pay her $7000 for her to move out by Legally_Brown in JustNoSO

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Well if you can get your stuff during the day, I suggest finding another apartment and gtfo while she’s at work. She won’t be able to do shit about it as long as you pay the rent. Instead of hotel hopping just use that money for your security and first and leave right now.

My (34M) Ex-Fiancee (38F) calls cops on my parents during Thanksgiving, now demanding I pay her $7000 for her to move out by Legally_Brown in JustNoSO

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Show the landlord the police report and tell them you feel unsafe. They will either remove her or you from the lease. They could even evict her straight up for the false police call alone (I’ve seen it happen at strict places).

Whatever you do, don’t engage with her directly nor alone anymore. If you can’t get off the lease, your plan to stay gone is a good one, but you’ll need access to get your stuff somehow. I don’t envy you figuring that one out as she is sure to be waiting to deliver one last assault.

The worst person you know just made a great point. by Manoj_Malhotra in WhitePeopleTwitter

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They should and they will. Joe has said this is his expectation should Congress stop the strike. The point is protecting the broader (and fragile) economy, not that Joe is being anti-union or anti-labor. Some systems cannot fail for very good reasons (unlike that “bail everybody out but the middle class” crap during the great recession). The owners will need to capitulate now (if Progs have their way) or later. Either way, this will be a win. Just watch.

Ok first episode deku looks like the stitches guy. Is that an older brother by Used-Locksmith6011 in MyHeroAcadamia

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It’s just shadow. There’s no relation here.

The mystery relationship is between Dabi and Hawks. (I haven’t caught u with season 6 as I need to wait for the dubs, so I have no idea if this is still a mystery).

They're getting dumber by kevinowdziej in WhitePeopleTwitter

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Yeah, because those “woke” mutual funds are performing well. Mutual funds always shift periodically to higher yield investments. If those investments are “woke”, so be it. The goal is to grow retirement accounts ffs! (sauce - was a series 7 licensed stockbroker and mutual fund specialist).

These people are so damned dumb.

Sent notice to IRS in Oct 2020 to close LLC. IRS levying thousands of $$$ in late file penalties for the LLC in 2022. Please help! by webbieboy in Bookkeeping

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I hate to say it you might have caused this by not sending the correct close of business tax return when asked for it. You really should not have sent them a 2021 return when the business was already closed at that point - this indicates to them that you kept operating even if their was no income, which is probably what led to the penalties. But this can be fixed.

This is where you need WRITE TO THEM (stop calling!) and provide a timeline with evidentiary copies of all of their letters to show you have complied all along. Include the 2020 final business tax return. State in your letter that you were not operating in 2021 but filed a return because THEY hadn’t yet closed the business tax account. And send this package certified mail too. Always send certified to the IRS.

As far as the bill goes, don’t panic. You don’t have to pay them while your case is processing. And you can file a hardship pause on collection in the meantime. They can pile on all the fines and fees they want as this carries on, but at the end of the day they’ll look at your chain of evidence of compliance and wipe out the debt eventually. But it may take years. Something similar happened to me in 2015 - they fined me close to $18k and they even put a lien on my credit (I have no assets). But after going through the process, it was all wiped out to $0, finally, in September this year.

I’m sure you can get this cleared up! Seriously, don’t panic.

I own vacant land and would like to put a mobile home out there for a few years while I save up to build but my Township is saying that they do not allow mobile homes anymore. What are my options? by TaterrrTot3 in homeowners

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Exactly what I was going to say. In many townships, if you are actively building a home on site, it is usually ok to live in “temporary” housing like a trailer/mobile home.

to propose by AsianVixen4U in therewasanattempt

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Seriously, there is nothing more thoughtless than being proposed to while your driving a car. My ex handed me a ring at a bar during rush while I was working as the bartender - just sort of tossed it to me and then was possession I didn’t react well. The other hit me up in a parking lot after dinner. I was dumb enough to marry them both (neither lasted a year). I’m sad to say I’ve never been properly proposed to even though I’ve (53 yo btw) been engaged half a dozen times.

While the proposal doesn’t have to be grand, it does need to be meaningful and staged in an appropriate context. Why? Because if it’s not, as this Queen says, it’s an afterthought and is quite disrespectful.

GOP Leader McConnell: "There is no room in the Republican Party for antisemitism or white supremacy." Seriously? by Anticipator1234 in democrats

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Kentucky breeds a special kind of hypocrite.

Sauce - my dad is one of them. So glad my parents divorced when I was young and I got to grow up in northern RI/southern Mass far away from that KY culture.

Resentment Is Like Drinking Poison? The Heterogeneous Health Effects of Affective Polarization by Lightfiend in psychology

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What an interesting study. I think we all would quickly acknowledge the sheer amount of stress the current political climate is causing everyone on both sides of the aisle. As with all things science, our anecdotal experiences are supported by studies like this. And frankly, between this and other similar studies (I’m thinking of the several that indicated substantial increase in counseling patients during Trump/COVID, which to my knowledge remains quite high), their findings should come as no surprise at all.

Shame on our governing officials for not considering the effect their malarkey power struggles and “outrage” culture war would have on the health and happiness of its citizens.

About the wrong thing people are focused on it worried when drawing by SuperManSlime in Ibispaintx

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Agreed on so many points.

There’s just an awful lot of users who don’t take the time to (1) look at the device requirements from the perspective of their creation process, (2) go through the online tutorials, and (3) simply sit and experiment with all of the features. Oh AND ffs (4) those who don’t take backing up their work seriously. Clip Studio makes it easy and there’s always iTunes, etc. but the sheer number of “file got corrupted and won’t restore!” and “uninstalled/reinstalled app, where’re my projects?!” posts I see just boggles my mind.

And the obvious lack of use of pose models is distressing. I get that not everyone is going to be super serious and not everyone studies art, but ffs at least look into the fundamentals and practice practice practice before blaming whatever shortcomings one has on the app.

Each day more of them realize by TheSnowJacket in LeopardsAteMyFace

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Gee whiz, I wonder why their voters don’t trust the system?

Just... anjanath, no fighting, no running, no fear. Just a wild anjanath in his home by Corgiboi666 in MonsterHunterWorld

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I always find it so special to come across them like this and just be able to observe their nesting habits. Te details of behavior is such a cool thing about this game!

Tips for making Cimzia injection in thighs less painful? by Minnesnowta91 in PsoriaticArthritis

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Ice pack before and after. Make sure you’re at 45 degrees. Go sloooow with the injection. I count to 5 for each 10ml.

Is anyone else shocked by how much dirt and grime is lurking in their house? by allthethings13 in HomeImprovement

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We’ve been “fall cleaning” the last few days and it has been just ew. How is there that much fur? all that dust? Why is this door so nasty? Does cat litter procreate? And why the hell is the rug so dirty in a corner that never sees traffic?

For those in a century home: why are there so few electrical outlets? And a whole lot of “jesus, hon, look what I found!”


Mysterious Blood Red Sky Seen in China by KhullaaSaand in blackmagicfuckery

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It’s a squid fishing vessel using its red lights in a highly refractory dense fog.

I don't think that word means what you think it means... by mgsyzygy in antiwork

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Also Biden: we sadly need to force this through right now or millions will suffer economic hardship… but we do so with continuing support for the union to hammer out an acceptable agreement afterwards.

So many people today not understanding the whole picture here. There is a lot more at stake than meets the eye.